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Chapter 452 System, Upgrade the Restaurant

As soon as that thought appeared in Gloria’s mind, it refused to go away. She had spent an entire day thinking about how to make the textiles shop a profitable business, and even the vastly knowledgeable and experienced Mars had told her that he would need some time to devise a strategy.

There were very few people on the market that sold ready-made clothes. Most of them sold textiles to customers, who then took the materials to a seamstresses to make clothes. In that case, the clothes would almost always be a perfect fit, but it would take a long time to make one item of clothing.

However, Gloria’s idea was that she could choose a certain style of attire that she thought would be popular, then make different-sized items of clothing in accordance with that style. Customers could try on the clothes to see which size fitted them, thereby eliminating the need for a trip to a seamstress, conserving the customers’ time, and allowing the excess stock in the textiles shop to be put to good use.

Gloria was quite introverted, and hadn’t interacted with many people in the past, but she read many books at home. Not only did she read books from the Moreton Family’s collection, her father also brought her many books from the Chaos School. Those books helped her while away countless boring hours, and at the same time, they bestowed her with a lot of knowledge, as well as broadened her horizons significantly.

Her proclamation to her grandfather that she would surpa.s.s Scheer Buffett one day was not just a hotheaded remark. She simply wanted a chance to use what she had learned. As for whether that was enough for her to surpa.s.s Scheer Buffett, that actually wasn’t very important to her.

Perhaps I can go back and discuss this idea with Mr. Mars. He has a better understanding of Chaos City’s market than I do, and if it’s indeed a viable option, then I can approach Mr. Mag to strike a deal with him. Gloria didn’t jump the gun by approaching Mag immediately. Instead, she looked at Amy, and thought back to all of the items of clothing she had seen Amy wear in the past. As she reminisced, she murmured to herself, “Little Amy has many different styles of clothing, and all of them are very unique and adorable. If Mr. Mag is willing to design clothes for our Blue Suede Textiles Shop, then perhaps we can usher in a new fas.h.i.+on trend in Chaos City.”

Aside from cooking, Mr. Mag also has brilliant skills in many other areas. Gloria was full of admiration for Mag. In her eyes, he was a kind gentleman, a super chef, a master fas.h.i.+on designer… What a mysterious man he was. Was there something that he couldn’t do?

“I want a blueberry ice cream!”

“I want a chocolate ice cream!”

The ice cream was selling extremely well. Due the fact that it was machine-produced, and Mag only had to mix the ingredients in advance, there was no concern of supply being insufficient to cope with demand.

Compared to the conflict between the sweet and savory tofu pudding factions, the conflict between the flavors of ice cream wasn’t anywhere near as intense. The ice cream cones were limited to two per person per meal, so a lot of customers chose two different flavors of ice cream at once. The different flavors of ice cream each had their merits, so everyone was looking forward to being able to taste the other two flavors.

Earlier, Mag had taken some time to inquire about the match tomorrow, and confirmed that the challengers were young disciples from the Magus Tower.

“Don’t worry, Boss Mag. With me there, no one would be able to harm Little Amy. Even if they could, they wouldn’t dare harm my precious disciple.” waved his hands in a confident manner.

that.” Mag nodd

“I feel much more a.s.sured after hearing you say

nodded with a smile. He hesitated momentarily before asking, “Would I be able to spectate the match tomorrow?”

“You say you’re not worried, but you’re still concerned after all. So be it. If you insist on coming, then you can come to watch Little Amy pummel all of those little brats tomorrow.” shook his head with a slightly resigned smile.

“Thank you.” Mag smiled in response. It was true that he was still concerned about Amy’s safety, but his second objective was to see the people from the Magus Tower for himself. With’s permission, he would be granted entry into Chaos School the next day.

Following the conclusion of the dinner service, Sally and Yabemiya cleaned up the restaurant before departing. Mag closed the door of the restaurant, and prepared to tuck Amy and Ugly Duckling into bed.

“Father, I still want another ice cream. Can I please have one?” Amy would normally be nodding off on the counter this late, but she was wide awake on this occasion, and she pouted her little lips with a pitiable expression as she looked at Mag.

“Meow~” Ugly Duckling’s eyes also lit up, and it extended its two little white paws toward Mag as if it would also like some ice cream.

Mag felt as if his heart was about to melt at the sight of Amy’s adorable face, and he almost caved in and nodded. However, he thought about it for a moment before shaking his head as he said, “It’s already late, and you have to go to sleep soon. If you eat an ice cream now, you could get a tummy ache.”

“But I really, really want an ice cream. I want a vanilla ice cream, just one. Pleeeease, Father.” Amy slowly made her way toward him before latching onto his hand and looking up at him with a pleading expression in her bright blue eyes. Her little pointy ears drooped as if she would burst into tears if Mag were to refuse her.

“Meow~” Ugly Duckling also laid its front paws on Mag’s ap.r.o.n in a beseeching manner.

Mag looked down at the two adorable little babies, and he simply couldn’t bring himself to refuse them. He hesitated momentarily before asking internally, “System, if I give Amy an ice cream now, will it negatively impact her body?”

“According to the system’s a.s.sessment, Amy’s body is quite strong, so under normal circ.u.mstances, consuming ice cream won’t cause any negative effects. However, she has already had three ice creams today, so the system advises against eating any more. Otherwise, it could be bad for her health.” The system gave a prompt reply.

“So that means she can have another one with no issues, right?” Mag asked.

“Consumption of any food presents risks. According to incomplete statistical a.n.a.lysis, there are more than 1,000 people who die from eating fruit jelly per year, and many people per year also perish from drinking water. Hence, the system cannot guarantee her safety.” The system gave a very serious reply.

“Going by that logic, you could die from being struck by a falling meteorite.” Mag rolled his eyes internally. Thus, Mag patted Amy’s little head in a doting manner, and conceded, “Alright, but the two of you can only have one ice cream. You can have one ball each, and Amy gets the cone.”

“Yay! Thank you, Father!” Amy was overjoyed, and her pointy little ears wiggled in elation.

“Meow~” Ugly Duckling also chimed in with excitement. After tasting some ice cream the day before, it had also fallen in love with the delicious icy flavor.

Thus, Mag made a one ball vanilla ice cream cone for Amy, and placed the other ball on a plate. Amy and Ugly Duckling had a mini-feast before going upstairs to be tucked into bed.

After the two of them were sound asleep, Mag said internally, “System, upgrade the restaurant!”


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