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Chapter 602 System, Time to Recycle The Trash

“That’s right, but I’m not opening another Mamy Restaurant. I’m opening a specialized ice cream shop instead.” Mag shook his head in response.

“So it’s only going to sell ice cream?” Yabemiya looked at Mag with an uncertain expression.

“Yes, only ice cream.” Mag nodded. He then turned to Yabemiya with a smile, and said, “Also, I plan on making you the manager of the ice cream shop.”

“Th… Th… No, Boss, I… I can’t…” A panicked look appeared on Yabemiya’s face as she hurriedly waved her hands, and even her voice was trembling slightly.

She was already very satisfied with being a waitress. A half-breed like her was once renounced and relegated to the shadows, so she was already extremely happy and content that she could provide genuine service to customers every day.

However, Mag was asking her to become the manager of an ice cream shop. That was too tall an order for her! She couldn’t imagine what kind of stir she would cause if she were to become the first half-dragon restaurant manager in the Aden Square. She had once been someone who wasn’t even allowed to come out from the back room of a restaurant!

“Who said you can’t? I say you can, so you definitely can.” Mag looked into Yabemiya’s eyes with a warm expression, and said, “This is not an order; it’s a job offer. As the owner of Mamy Restaurant, I’m officially extending an offer to you in the hope that you will become the manager of the new ice cream shop. No one else aside from the two of us knows how to operate the ice cream machine, so you are the best and only choice.”

Yabemiya looked at Mag’s genuine expression and calmed down a little. However, she still wore a conflicted look on her face as she said, “I feel like Aisha is more suitable for the job. She’s so smart and beautiful; she’d be able to master the ice cream machine easily. A lot of people will also visit the store because of her, so she’s more suited to become the manager.”

“I can’t even operate the dishwasher, let alone an ice cream machine. If you ask me to make two s…o…b..a.l.l.s, I’d have no issue doing that, but if you ask me to make delicious ice cream, then I definitely wouldn’t do as good a job as you would.” Sally looked at Yabemiya with a genuine expression, and said, “Boss is right, Miya. No one else is more suited to becoming the manager of the ice cream shop than you, and customers clearly like you more as well; no one can resist your smile.”

Yabemiya looked into Mag’s and Sally’s warm encouraging eyes, and pursed her lips as she lowered her head. After a brief silence, she said, “But I want to continue working at the restaurant, I want to continue serving our customers…”

Mag looked at the vulnerable and dejected Yabemiya, and a hint of sympathy welled up in his heart. He thought back to their first meeting, when he had found her both amusing and pitiable.

After interacting with her for this recent period of time, his mood was always lifted at the sight of her bubbly smile. Looking at her conflicted display now, he felt as if he had done something wrong.

After all, she was a young woman who was sorely lacking in self-confidence. Even now, her self-esteem was still quite low, and all of that stemmed from her ident.i.ty as a half-dragon.

Sally looked at Yabemiya and gently patted her shoulder, but didn’t continue to try and persuade her.

After contemplating momentarily, Mag said, “If that’s the only reason, then I actually have a solution. It’s just going to be a lot more tiring for you, Miya.”

“I can deal with that!” Yabemiya’s eyes immediately lit up.

“The ice cream shop and Mamy Restaurant will be operating intermittently. When the restaurant is open, the ice cream will be closed, and vice versa. That way, you’d be able to keep working at the restaurant, but between the services, you’d have to rush over to the ice cream shop. That means you’ll be doing two jobs at once, and it’ll be very tiring.” Mag presented his solution.

“In that case… Will I still have to be the manager?” Yabemiya was still a little hesitant.

Mag looked into Yabemiya’s eyes, and said, “Miya, I’ve constantly been telling Amy that she’s no different from everyone else. Half-elves, humans, elves, all of us are equal; that is how the world should be. You are the closest role model that Amy has. If you can’t even overcome your own self-pity, then you won’t be able to overcome anything in life.”

Yabemiya slowly raised her head again, and her eyes gradually lit up as she looked at Mag. She clenched her fists and nodded firmly as she said, “Alright, I’ll excel in all my roles, including that as a manager, and set a good example for Amy.”

“I believe in you.” A smile appeared on Mag’s face even as a twinge of guilt throbbed in his heart. His conscience was scolding him for extorting an employee and overworking her like this, but this was clearly the best arrangement.

A smile also appeared on Sally’s face.

“Prepare for the breakfast service. I’ll sort out everything to do with the branch.” Mag smiled and walked out the door.

“Aisha, will I be able to do it?” Yabemiya turned to Sally with a vulnerable and uncertain expression.

“Of course. Boss has a really good eye for people, and if he says you can, then you definitely can.” Sally nodded firmly.

“Alright, then you have to help me.” A smile appeared on Yabemiya’s face.

“If you’re willing to pay me, I’d be happy to work for you, Manager Miya.” Sally nodded, and both of them burst into laughter.

Following the breakfast service, Mag made a trip to the city lord’s castle. The Aden Square management center had already verified everything surrounding the transference of Ricky’s Rotisserie, and after a few simple procedures, Ricky’s Rotisserie had been transferred under his name.

“Tsk, tsk, gambling really is an evil invention.” Mag looked at Ricky’s Rotisserie, and heaved a faint sigh. In his past life, the closest he had come to gambling was placing a few bets on some sports teams, but that was purely for recreational purposes, and the money he lost was negligible.

The rotisserie had been shut down by the city lord’s castle, and there was a large lock hanging from the door.

Mag pulled out the key that he had received from the city lord’s castle and unlocked the door before walking into the restaurant. Aside from the fact that the tables and chairs were in disarray, no actual damage had been done to the restaurant. However, the kitchen had been completely cleared out, leaving behind absolutely nothing for him.

This was a large restaurant over 200 square meters in area. Mag could imagine how lively and bustling it would have been during its heyday. If that fatso hadn’t lost the restaurant to him in a bet, it would have easily generated enough revenue to feed him for the rest of his life.

Mag sat down in a chair, and said internally, “System, time to recycle the trash.”


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