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Fang Yanying acknowledged what Fahai just said, and Fahai returned to stare at the elegiac couplet for a long time.

It was only after she drank three cups of magical tea that Fahai came back to his senses and told the little monk to see her off. It was clear that he was not interested in having a conversation with her.

She came in a hurry and left in a hurry, serving as nothing more than a messenger for Shen Lian and Fahai. What she did not understand was, with their supernatural powers, her Uncle-Master and Fahai would be able to speak to each other even when they were thousand and ten thousand miles apart. There was no need for her to act as a messenger and pa.s.s on the message at all.

Since she could not understand it, she decided not to think about it altogether.

Unlike her outbound journey, no one came in her way during her homebound journey. The sun had barely risen from the east, and there were still plenty of morning dews. The early morning rays fell onto the plants and were refracted to create dreamy lights. The chirping of the birds suggested hints of life.

Fang Yanying decided to return the sword talisman to her Uncle-Master when she was back in the Temple of Killings.

After making such a decision, she deterred herself from thinking about its power.

If she could rely on the power of the sword talisman, she could easily live a comfortable life in this mortal world. The thought occurred to her, but she forced herself not to think about it. She was afraid that the more she entertained the notion, the more reluctant she would be to return the sword talisman back to her Uncle-Master.

Shen Lian was at the Temple of Killings, and before him was the formation made of five elements of Qi of essence. The surrounding Qi of Earth converged towards the Temple of Killings.

The convergence was a slow and quiet process. It would take ten, twenty, or even a hundred years for the effect to manifest itself. When that happened, the Temple of Killings would truly be the blessed place for cultivation.

Despite that, it might not rival the Five Peaks of Qing Xuan, but it would be sufficient for the formation of a sect.

Shen Lian’s formation was unnoticeable to most. For one, Fang Yanying who just came in did not realize the formation. She only felt that the Qi of vitality was stronger than before, and it was comforting.

Respectfully, she told Shen Lian everything about Jinguang Temple. To be fair, there was not much to talk about, to begin with. In short, Fahai would pay him a visit soon.

Shen Lian was not surprised by what he heard. In the past, his level of cultivation was incomparable to Mister Sea, who had since changed his name to Fahai. However, they were equals now. Just as how he needed help from Fahai, Fahai needed his help too.

Both of them knew it all too well.

When it came to things like these, there was no need to hide purposefully. To them, feeling the elegance conveyed by a melodious tune was a natural process.

At a more advanced state, one would realize how little words can do. This was especially true when one was in the presence of an equally advanced person. The other party would be able to understand one’s intention without even needing one to put it into words.

Though, their cultivation was not about extradicating human nature. It merely allowed them to exert better control over themselves.

Shen Lian knew there was nothing advanced about this. In fact, it hindered his cultivation process. It stopped him from attaining complete success in the state of holy deities.

“To follow one’s inclinations but with perfect propriety”, that would truly show one’s state.

To him, it would only be impressive when he was able to express his emotions naturally while acting in harmony with Dao.

This was not a state that one could attain by purposeful pursuit.

Shen Lian smiled as he spoke to Fang Yanying, “Good work, I was watching you when you slayed the White Moon Demon Clan. It is truly remarkable that you could eliminate your fears at that moment. No wonder that your Master holds you in such high regard. One’s potential is determined when they are born, however, one’s attainment is contingent upon one’s determination and hard work. It might take ten over years, or even a few hundred years; however, so long as you do not give up, you will be able to reach my level of cultivation. Hence, you can keep the sword talisman. Need not to worry that you will become reliant on it. When you have thoughts like these, you are already reliant on it.”

As Shen Lian spoke calmly, Fang Yanying was surprised. She did not expect her Uncle-Master to know what she was thinking about. Moreover, what Shen Lian said at the end inspired deeper thoughts.

Fang Yanying pondered upon it for awhile, and she handed over the sword talisman. With a determined gaze, she spoke to Shen Lian, “Uncle-Master, you are trying to test my heart of Dao by leaving the sword talisman with me. However, I am learning the Shapeless Sword Incantation. Since it is shapeless, what is the point to leave something that has the same shape with me. I may not be aware of the future, but I know that if I were to keep it, it would leave a mark on my heart. Hence, I beg for your permission to return this.”

After thinking about it, she decided to return it.

The reason why Shen Lian told her to keep the sword talisman was to teach her the principle, “Do not be stagnated by material”. However, after dissecting her thoughts, Fang Yanying knew that she was not someone who was born with Dao nature. Each step she took must be grounded. Her Honored Master told her to focus on cultivating the Shapeless Sword Incantations without being distracted, and she had been following his instructions.

Hence, she decided to cultivate accordingly. She knew where she stood, and she did not bother to be ambitious.

Shen Lian took over the sword talisman. He looked at her in awe and replied, “I have underestimated you. You are Senior Apprentice-Brother Chen’s stallion, and the Temple of Killings will be made prosperous by you.”

Fang Yanying did not have great potential for cultivation, and she did not have a natural heart of Dao. On top of that, she also lacked great spiritual sense. However, underneath her unremarkable appearance, she had an a.s.sertive heart.

Chen Jianmei was able to identify someone as such and had pa.s.sed on his techniques to her. In time, she would definitely s.h.i.+ne.

It might take ten over years, or even a few hundred years, but as long as she managed to survive, she had a bright future waiting ahead.

Fang Yanying was surprised. She did not understand why did the Uncle-Master think of her so highly.

She was aware of the extent of her own capabilities. Even amongst the group of disciples in the Temple of Killings, her speed of cultivation was not the fastest. She was only the most experienced out of them because of her hard work and the good foundation she had laid down since young.

When compared to the Uncle-Master and the Honored master, she was as insignificant as a flicker of light.

Shen Lian noticed her expression, but he did not elaborate further. He spoke, “I am going to leave now. Though the mustard in the mountains looks fresh and I feel like having it. I will be back later, and it will be great if you can prepare some of them for me.”

Fang Yanying was surprised. She did not expect the Uncle-Master to have an appet.i.te today. Her culinary skills were not remarkable. However, since it was an instruction from the Uncle-Master, she had no choice but to obey. There was a cold spring in the mountain. It was full of Qi of vitality and was surrounded by wild mustard. It had a great taste and was full of soulful aura. As a food source, it could help with cultivation. Hence, she would pluck them occasionally.

As she was going through her thoughts, she raised her head. A pair of purple and green wings appeared on Shen Lian’s back. With a gentle flap, he created wind and thunder. He disappeared the next second.

The only thing she could think of was, how could there be such speedy s.h.i.+fting method in the world.

As she was following Shen Lian the last time, she did not realize how fast the Raging Storm s.h.i.+fting Method was. It was only now that she realized that the Raging Storm s.h.i.+fting Method was beyond her imagination.

Nanhai, Zizai Temple.

Zizai Temple was located at Nanhai, and its location was not common knowledge. Even if one was privy to its location, it would not be easy to get there.

Occasionally, some fishermen would notice the purple Qi shrouding the island in which Zizai Temple was situated. The sound of Buddhist chants could be heard. However, as they got closer, they found themselves being further away from the island.

Sooner or later, the fishermen realized the magical aspects of the island and stopped trying to go near it.

Because of the purple Qi and the Buddhist chants, some called it “Ziyin Island”.

As the thunder roared, someone entered the island.


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