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Hanhai was indeed a sea, but it was a dead sea. The sea water was bitter and salty, not even seaweed could grow in there.

It seemed that all the water sources of the Hanhai Kingdom were gathered at the sea. As a result, other areas lacked water. Previously the Kingdom of Hanhai not only lacked water, there were lots of demons around until Chen Jianmei appeared. He chose a bare mountain near the sea. He then killed all the demons there and set up the Temple of Killings.

Ten plus years had gone by, within a perimeter of a thousand miles, demons were a rare sight.

The night had not arrived. Sunset mists were everywhere. Shen Lian was at the foot of the mountain, where the Temple of Killings was situated.

His Qi was almost perfect. There were a lot of cultivators from all family, even demons were waiting for Chen Jianmei to break out of solitary.

Monk Baoguang was second to Monk Baoyue, who earned the t.i.tle of honor within five thousand miles. The t.i.tle of honor was only awarded to those who succeeded in achieving the golden body of Arhat. Yue Tuo was clear of demons. It bore some relation to the fact that he was going around thirty mountains previously to get rid of them.

He had built his reputation earlier than Chen Jianmei. Most thought that his ability was above Chen Jianmei who was only twenty something.

From ten days ago, a rumor was heard that Baoguang would be departing the Jingguang Temple, but until now, no one knew where he was.

Chen Jianmei would descend from the mountain soon. His tremendous sword aura was not hidden at all from the Temple of Killings. For cultivators with less experience, they did not dare to go too close.

The sword aura slowly contracted, and the tense atmosphere above the Temple of Killings was weakened.

The Qi of vitality from all four corners was allowed to circulate on top of the Temple of Killings.

The closed doors of the Temple of Killings finally opened. Chen Jianmei had previously dismissed his students as they would simply be a burden to him.

His current battle was not just for vanquis.h.i.+ng deity, it was a proof for his swordcraft.

There were people who were stronger than him, but for someone to be at a similar level to him, it was a rare opportunity.

Baoguang’s Dao discussion with him that day was not merely a battle between the different families, but an opportunity – an opportunity for them both to break the barrier - and to explore their true selves in a dead or alive situation.

Did they not spend half their lives cultivating for this moment?

Chen Jianmei was dressed in a white robe and his sleeves were flowing, like clouds in the sky. His brows were not as tensed as before. He looked relaxed, as if he was not going to a battle, but a date.

He walked slowly on the mountain path, and a lot of eyes were on him.

From here to Hanhai only took about ten miles, but it was a dangerous path. There were lots of people along the way to hinder his journey. They would all try to make him burn out.

They might not all be the friends of the Jingguang Temple, but they all for sure did not wish well on Chen Jianmei.

Chen Jianmei’s shadow was dragged under the sunset. He had long limbs. There was not a sight of his sword as it carried no shape.

The sword was not there, but the sword will was.

Someone stood in front of him. He was wearing a Daoist robe and a stern expression.

Everyone present knew who he was. He was a non-formal cultivator, whose real name was not known to most. Most people would just refer to him as Daoist s.h.i.+.

He was a famous Huandan cultivator. He found a spot in Xi Huang, which was previously an abode for some land immortals. From there, he acquired a celestial elixir, where he used it as the basis of Huandan.

Daoist s.h.i.+ was apparently a sword cultivator. As self Huandan was too difficult, hence he pursued the celestial elixir and succeeded. He still had a chance to achieve Dao.

He should not come, as a non-formal cultivator, but there he was.

n.o.body thought he could be an opponent of Chen Jianmei as he did not stand a chance at all. It was more likely that he had a death wish. Even if he survived, he would need to rebuild his cultivation basics. n.o.body doubted Chen Jianmei’s ability to do that.

For those who had a doubt, there were already gra.s.s growing at their grave yards.

For those who were hidden, or just there to observe, or even those who had an ulterior motive, they all began to sympathize Chen Jianmei. However, if he killed Daoist s.h.i.+, it would be disadvantageous to him for his next fight as he would have to use up some of the c.u.mulated sword force.

While sword aura increased along with power, it took time to recover the sword will.

Monk Baoguang would not wait for him, even if he valued him as an opponent.

It was not a private matter, but as it was related to Jingguang Temple, he had to do it. Chen Jianmei was still young and had lots of potential. There would not be any better opportunity to defeat him than now.

Daoist s.h.i.+ fist saluted his opponent and asked politely, “Please draw your sword.”

He looked sincere and determined. His Qi was firm, and he did not show any weakness. There was not a trace of fear on his face. One could see the glistering underneath his robe. It was a sign of power gathering. He was prepared to strike any moment.

The sword in his hand was vibrating with a low sound.

The sword carried some humanity with it, and as he trained with it with his life, they were inseparable.

Even before he took any action, the sword aura was released.

With that level of cultivation experience, even among the crowd, he would be considered as one of the best.

Chen Jianmei sighed and asked, “Do you really think you can threaten me?”

Daoist s.h.i.+ did not change his expression, and said, “This I don’t know. Perhaps I can’t hurt you even a little bit, but in a death or alive situation, it will be hard to tell. If you can’t decide how much power you need to beat me, well, if it exceeds what is needed, you will have an issue later; and if it is lacking, you will not be able to kill me. Furthermore, I did not come with the thought that I will survive.”

He came with an extreme determination. He wanted to see if someone little like him could shake the trees, but at the very least, he was more powerful than that. The gap between Chen Jianmei and him was not unbridgeable.

Chen Jianmei said, “You are someone that’s worth respecting and I know you’re only here today because you are asked to. I don’t blame you.”

Daoist s.h.i.+ showed that he was guilty, “Hence I have to die today, or else I can’t live with this.”

Chen Jianmei still looked relax, and said, “Unfortunately your opponent will not be me.”

s.h.i.+ Daoist replied, “Why?”

Someone replied leisurely, “It seemed like I come at the right time. Senior Chen, your cultivation experience has improved a lot.”

A handsome man walked out from the side slowly. He looked more elegant than Chen Jianmei. He carried an air of unpredictability.

You could tell that he was coming, but you could not follow his trails.

Under the sunset, he had no shadow.

It was rather magical. Because of that, Daoist s.h.i.+ dared not to underestimate him, if he could not even trace where a person actually was, how could he even hurt him?

Chen Jianmei had retreated to somewhere far away, to allow s.p.a.ce for the duo to fight it out.

From his point of view, he thought that the victory could be determined in a moment.

“This is my junior, Shen Lian. If you want to fight me, you have to beat him first.” Chen Jianmei let out a rare laugh. What he said had caused Shen Lian to think about something.

As he was successful in Taixu, it was not a big deal for Chen Jianmei to call him a senior, but he just liked to take advantage of him…


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