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Chapter 604: Spell Wine

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Shen Lian did not go to the Yinshang before, so he never knew what the Yinshang was like. Carrying the highest achievement of the world, Taiyi, he felt strange while entering Yinshang.

Yinshang occupied the one-third of Dongyi and extended to the west of the Xia Kingdom. Therefore, he knew that Yinshang territory was equivalent to the Xia Kingdom. However, he found out something worth pondering.

When he set foot in Yinshang, he felt like he was a s.h.i.+p that had entered into the vast sea. The sea was made of the thought of countless Yinshang citizens.

Although Shen Lian’s huge s.h.i.+p was enough to crush any waves in the sea, he had to admit that the broad ocean was remarkable.

In fact, this was to make it clear to the outsiders that Yinshang was united. The thoughts of the citizens were equivalent to one and they were acc.u.mulated, becoming the ocean. This was far more powerful than the holy deities were. If the cultivator was hostile to Yinshang, he would fall into the public opinion of the ocean. Careless, one would be dead.

If he was still in his previous field of vision, he would not realize this. As he approached Taiyi and became the heaven and earth, he had a broader vision. If Yinshang changed its core, it might become the ground heavenly nation. However, Shen Lian could guarantee that n.o.body in Yinshang could win him even though his Tianyi did not reach the state of Taiyi.

Unless someone could destroy the Yinshang heavenly nation, no one could beat Tianyi.

Although Shen Lian reached Taiyi state, he too found it difficult to acc.u.mulate that huge amount of power. This would require over ten thousand years of hard work.

His life could be unlimited at this stage but he had to go through obstacles while living. This was unavoidable.

It may be difficult to die in Taiyi state but his spiritual body might be injured. If that was the case, he would still have to start over his cultivation to recover. That would require another round of many years of Acc.u.mulation.

Moreover, the true cultivation required the essence of the Primordial Spirit. Celestials had transformation techniques but it could not replace cultivation. The only way out could be, obtaining celestial arts like The Three Incarnations by Taishang Laojun. Then, one could produce many forms that could cultivate at the same time.

After his exclamation, his heart remained unmoved. Since Shen Lian reached Taiyi, he had completely cleared the line with the common custom. This was a wonderful state. While he was immersing in Taiyi, he still had his human nature. However, when the emotions arose, it did not obstruct his peaceful heart of Dao.

This was similar to the mirror. As the scene changed, it did not affect the mirror. Dao was ruthless or merciless; Shen Lian understood the substance this time.

Nonetheless, the other Taiyi might be different from him. This was Shen Lian’s Taiyi.

They walked the streets of Yinshang and did not cause any commotion. This was because Ah Lian reserved her glow. Besides that, Yinshang had plenty of people with special powers. There were even ghosts. These mixtures of people managed to get along with harmony even though there were occasional quarrels, they understandingly avoided the mortals.

From here, Shen Lian had to admit that the Yinshang did a very good job. In contrast, Xia Kingdom was more like a primitive tribe. They believed in the law of jungle whereby the strong would conquer and defeat the weak. Even rules were to obey their power.

The law of jungle was not wrong but there was a difference between the beast and the human. The establishment of the rules that could protect more of the same tribe, could unite more power. This was the reason behind Yinshang’s acc.u.mulation of thoughts as one.

If one practiced and cultivated in a hostile view of Yinshang, one would even be possessed by the devil.

Unconsciously, snow started falling and everything became white.

Nine years ago, there was a change in the world. The Yin Qi from the Netherworld was aggravated. When it was snowing, the cold would creep into one’s spirit. For those who made some accomplishment in their cultivation, they did not dare to stay out in the cold too. This might cause their spirits to be injured and then they might fall sick.

To avoid attention, Shen Lian and his company had to find a place to rest from the cold.

However, Shen Lian did not plan to do so. He thought it was an opportunity to train September and Ah Lian. The persevered spirit was grown out of from tribulation. There was no Dao formula that could produce a persevered spirit but endurance of hards.h.i.+p could.

Although Ah Lian was a mortal, she went through much hards.h.i.+p. She also had a strong side that managed to endure the coldness.

September was behind her. Although he was talented, he did not have a persevered heart of Dao. This could be seen by him seeking shortcuts from Shen Lian.

Finally, the trouble came. A Daoist with gourds on his waist and sword on his back came forward.

He stood in front of them and looked at them. The man looked like he was in his thirties. In fact, he could be more than three hundred years old. He had high attainment with Xuanmen technique and his eyes seemed to be able to penetrate anything.

He said, “My three friends, are you all tainted something unclean?”

September answered preemptively, “No.”

The Daoist stared at them sternly, “Excuse me for being blunt. Are any of you inhuman?”

Shen Lian smiled and replied, “Daoist priest, are you suspecting one of us is an evil spirit?”

The Daoist focused on Shen Lian. This little Daoist priest seemed normal but he gave him an unpleasant feeling. He pulled out a mirror and said, “It was hard to identify the evil spirit. But, if you did not mind, I could use this mirror to figure who was the culprit.”

“What if I do mind?” Shen Lian responded.

The Daoist answered respectfully, “I am not a bad person. You don’t need to worry. “

Shen Lian questioned, “What if you can’t see anything with the mirror?”

The Daoist was surprised. He thought that his act was with good intentions. Hence, if there was nothing, it would just be a false alarm. Shen Lian sounded as though he did something wrong.

Although he thought that way, he was still kind in nature. He did not want any demons to blend in the mortals, so he replied, “What do you plan to do?”

Shen Lian pointed the gourd and answered, “The weather is cold. If the mirror did not show anything, you can give us the gourd filled with wine.”

The Daoist secretly cursed the little Daoist priest as he had a good taste to pick the spell wine.


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