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Chapter 673: Secret Rumor

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

In the Golden Pitcher, divine lights erupted. Clearly, Lady Mother of the Chariot did not sit and wait for her death. However, all kinds of laws of nature started to appear inside the pitcher. The divine power which Lady Mother of the Chariot used to retaliate Shen Lian’s attack melted instantaneously like snow under the heat of spring.

Promptly, Lady Mother of the Chariot’s retaliatory attacks became increasingly weak. Ultimately, the golden pitcher stopped its quirky movements.

Jing Shu and Kui Li knew that Shen Lian had succeeded when they felt their energy recovering speedily. Hand in hand, they entered the main hall and saw that reverted Golden Pitcher fluxing on the floor like streaming water. Eventually, it transformed into human form. That was Shen Lian and he sat on the floor as if he was paralyzed. He looked extremely lethargic.

Repressing Lady Mother of the Chariot was not as easy as he portrayed it to be.

Jing Shu extolled, “If this fight is rumored, you would be considered as one great figure in the Three Realms.”

As Shen Lian was about to reply her, roaring sounds erupted in his body. In an instant, he was segregated into pieces and exploded into thousands of light beams. Fortunately, Jing Shu and Kui Li’s strength had been recovered. They performed the protective barriers divine light swiftly and were not harmed.

Stunned, Jing Shu asked, “Is he dead?”

Kui Li shook her head. It seemed that the light beams in the main hall were affected by a force. Ultimately, the formed a whirlpool somewhere in the hall. A human form was shaped subsequently and Shen Lian reappeared. Nonetheless, his spiritual shape became more illusionary.

He said, “Lady Mother of the Chariot was decisive enough. Even she had abandoned her Daoist body, there are still other available incarnations. I believe she had nothing to fear.”

Kui Li asked, “Are you alright?”

Jing Shu said mischievously, “My good sister, you did not even bother asking me about my condition. Bearing in mind that you have not recovered fully from your previous injuries, I have resisted a handful of attacks on your behalf.”

Kui Li rolled her eyes against Jing Shu and said, “Based on your current condition, you could even capture and devour a few divine dragons.”

Kunpeng clan was also known as the Dragon-devouring clan. They were a mortal enemy of the dragon clan. However, divine dragons are no longer a common sight. Herds of dragons have resided in a world created by the almighty of the dragon clan. Therefore, ever since Jing Shu was born in the bottomless valley in the sea, she had only tasted of dragon meat when she was young.

When Jing Shu thought of the scrumptious dragon meat, she said uncontrollably, “I heard that there is a Yinglong in the Xia Kingdom. Would you capture it and share it with me?”

Shen Lian chuckled and said, “Do not even bother going after it. There are two powerful figures in the Xia Kingdom. Yinglong is not an ordinary figure as well. If you were to go, you might be barbecued and eaten instead.”

Jing Shu rolled her eyes and said casually, “Why not lend me a helping hand? If three of us cooperated in this devastated Nine Underworlds, everything could be eaten.”

Irresistibly, Kui Li smacked her a.r.s.e and said, “Shen Lian is a connoisseur of Daoism. He does not only think about eating like you do.”

Jing Shu flushed in response to Kui Li’s actions. She gripped her hand and said, “My good sister, do not smack that part of mine.”

She breathed out some air beside Kui Li’s ears. It was mesmerizing and had aroused a peculiar feeling in Kui Li. Jing Shu then glanced towards Shen Lian. It seemed that she was declaring to him that she was closer to Kui Li than he was.

Shen Lian found this small Kunpeng rather entertaining. His bias against her which was borne from the incident involving Bei Mingzi had vanished after this matter. He told Kui Li, “I am fine. How did you reach Netherworld?”

After experiencing such a tough battle, his attainment had improved greatly. When Lady Mother of the Chariot performed the separation technique, he was already alarmed beforehand. Hence, he transformed into thousands of light beams in order to segregate his spirit. His own form was thus unharmed.

However, his mana had to be regained through practice. This was not a difficult task for Shen Lian had already thought of a solution.

Kui Li said, “These are the beacon of time and s.p.a.ce of the world and some constellations. They were gathered in the Palace of the Undead over countless years. It is better if you choose not to travel to faraway and enigmatic places for enormous Qi of vitality is needed. Some are also places of enlightenment created from the void by the almighties. Do not enter these places by mistake.”

Shen Lian replied, “Thank you. The information about the beacons of time and s.p.a.ce you have given me is rather complete. However, what is the Palace of the Undead?”

Jing Shu answered before Kui Li did, “The Palace of the Undead was originally a volcano of the ancient primitive world when this world was first created. The first Phoenix of the heaven and earth was born in this volcano. When the phoenix attained Dao, it refined the volcano. Hence, it created a Daoist Palace in the void and named it the Palace of the Undead. All descendants of the Phoenix could enter this palace. Throughout the years, the Palace of the Undead had undergone numerous rise and fall. Ultimately, the line of inheritance was lost. In this world and universe, it is considered as one of the few great powers.”

Kui Li said, “It is not as terrifying as she mentioned. Based on your current cultivation experience, not many from the Palace of the Undead can supersede you.”

Jing Shu grinned and said, “Sister Kui Li is right. Although the Palace of the Undead is powerful, it was still not compatible with places such as Bi You Palace, Yuxu Palace, and Bajing Palace even when it reached its pinnacle phase. Though Bi You Palace had fallen, Bajing Palace and Yuxu Palace are still being inherited by their descendants. The Shangdong Eight Celestials of Bajing Palace have almost reached the level of Daluo and have countless incarnations. The hall master of Bajing Palace, Xuandu Lord of Dao is one who had genuinely reached the state of Daluo. Even Mahā-mayūrī-vidyā-rājñī may not be able to defeat him successfully. As for Yuxu Palace, Celestial Yuding is the current hall master. He is an ill-tempered celestial who extremely protects his own people. His Celestial-slaying sword has been stained by the blood of countless deities and demons. His disciple, Perfected Lord of Qingyuan Miaodao’s fame is even on par with the Winning Buddha of the Western Paradise. With the presence of these two great figures, no one would dare to intrude Yuxu Palace. If you were to take over Bi You Palace, you would be inevitably karma incriminated by Bajing Palace and Yuxu Palace. You must deliberate over this matter.”

When Shen Lian finished listening, he smiled and said, “I am left with no choice but to take over Bi You Palace. Daoist Master Shangqing once told me, ‘If you do not undergo hards.h.i.+ps nor experience misfortunate trails, you would never become a Daoist Master.’ I am able to be so powerful today because I have attained his Shangqing’s art of Spiritual Enhancement. Hence, I am long related to Bi You Palace prior to this. If Bajing Palace and Yuxu Palace want to seek karma incrimination, they would come to me even if I had not taken charge of Bi You Palace.”

Jing Shu spoke with an unusual mein, “You actually attained Shangqing’s art of Spiritual Enhancement. Is that art also termed as the ‘Mastery of Senses’?”

Ever since Shen Lian cultivated this art, he had never heard others naming this art correctly. He asked curiously, “How did you know about this so clearly?”

Jing Shu looked around her, sighed and said, “Fortunately, this is Bi You Palace. You could have caused me major trouble.”

She seemed rather unsettled. Clearly, ‘the Mastery of Senses’ had involved an appalling secret rumor. Even Jing Shu who had such an established origin was terrified by of it.


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