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Chapter 378 – Who Would Dare To Be Unconvinced Of Her?

Bai Yingzhu was stunned on the spot for a few seconds and couldn’t react.

Her face had been slapped too ruthlessly. It could be said that it had been cruelly slapped until it was plastered to the wall.

She simply couldn’t believe that a second ago, she was still bragging that Gu Qiqi was a useless person who was ditched by the clinical medicine school.

In the very next second, Shen Ping actually lowered himself to invite Gu Qiqi back to the clinical medicine school personally?

Please, that was the arrogant Dean Shen Ping!

Shen Ping never took his peers seriously and was even very picky with his students.

Unless one had an especially awesome family background or extremely good student’s results, otherwise they wouldn’t be able to gain his favor.

What was so great about Gu Qiqi?

A country b.u.mpkin from Qing Cheng didn’t have any status in the Gu family at all. She was also a bookworm with high scores and low capabilities… On what basis did she deserve to be treated so cordially by Head Shen Ping?

Director Shen Ping had never been so polite to her before!

“Director, are you mistaken? Gu Qiqi is a nerd who only knows how to study hard. How is she fit to enter our clinical medicine school?”

Shen Ping was worrying about how to complete the task given by the when he saw that Gu Qiqi was ignoring him. However, Bai Yingzhu couldn’t stop bickering.

He said in annoyance, “Who said that Gu Qiqi is a bookworm? She’s the top student in the entire school. Of course, our clinical medicine school has to accept such a top student genius!”

Bai Yingzhu refused to give up. “But she only knows how to take examinations…”

Shen Ping said, “Who said that she only knows how to take examinations? She interned in the hospital during the summer vacation and is good at nursing. She can even partic.i.p.ate in the anesthesia work for major operations. If you aren’t convinced by her, then tell me, have any of you been near a real operating table before?”

In order to invite Gu Qiqi back, Shen Ping went all out and spared no effort in finding excuses.

He remembered that Gu Meifeng and her daughter had once desperately slandered Gu Qiqi for making a mistake regarding anesthesia during an operation. They had nearly gone to court and used this to defame her.

However, he didn’t know that these casual words had stirred up such a storm in the hearts of his cla.s.smates.


Gu Qiqi had actually been at an operating table before?

She was just a student!

Did she have to be so heaven-defying?

For a moment, those people from the clinical medicine school looked at Gu Qiqi differently.

A person who knew how to dissect a frog in three seconds might be a good chef, but for a 19-year-old to be able to perform anesthesia at an operating table for a patient, she was definitely a top student among medical students!

Who would dare to be unconvinced?

There was even less of a need to talk about the freshmen from the veterinary school. They—who already admired Gu Qiqi—didn’t hide their admiration and pride.

Under Xiao Ning’s lead, they even booed Bai Yinghu.

“Bai Yingzhu, did you hear that? Your director already admits that our Qiqi is formidable!”

“Bai Yingzhu, why aren’t you giving up? Are you blind?”

“Bai Yingzhu, I heard that women get uglier when they’re jealous…”

With a G.o.ddess like Gu Qiqi around, everyone dared to mock the little princess, Bai Yingzhu, whom they had never dared to provoke.

Bai Ying was so angry that smoke rose from her face and her eyes burned with anger. “Director, I implore you to check that country b.u.mpkin carefully again. She definitely won’t be able to be near any operating table. How can she have that ability?!”

Shen Ping was already completely impatient. “Enough, shut up! Are you the director or am I the director?!”

Bai Yingzhu was speechless.

In the very next second, Shen Ping turned to Gu Qiqi. His att.i.tude immediately changed.

His impatient expression immediately turned amicable and benevolent. Even his tone inexplicably carried a hint of flattery. “Cla.s.smate Qiqi, there’s many things said. Don’t take other people’s gossip to heart. Let’s go. Come back to the clinical medicine school with me. I’ll hold a grand introduction meeting for you so that everyone can get to know you, the little genius and top student. There won’t be anyone with unclear brains who dares to say anything to you, okay?”

Once Shen Ping’s words fell, everyone drew a cold breath in unison.


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