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Chapter 385 – Bai Mori’s Scheme

Bai Mori’s tone was very certain. “Because this is Chu Junmo’s doing! He’s best at vicious business wars, but he’s pretending to be n.o.ble and virtuous. Using the frog bile will cause a bad effect for us, but it’s not to the extent of really poisoning someone to death. He must be secretly laughing behind our backs at this moment!”

Thousands of miles away, Chu Junmo—who was on a business trip in Paris—inexplicably sneezed.

Bai Lang was stunned when he heard this. “Mori’s a.n.a.lysis seems to be… Ahem… That makes sense…”

Bai Mori smiled confidently. “Brother, why don’t you let Second Brother comfort the patients again? Tell them that we specially gave the frog bile to everyone in order to strengthen the medicine’s effect. It’s beneficial and not detrimental. I’m in charge of comforting the media.”

Bai Yeyuan replied absent-mindedly, but his gaze was still locked onto the back view of Grandma Ye on the monitoring screen.

Chu Junmo’s men?

He didn’t think so.

If Chu Junmo had such a talent, would he have had to fight equally with him all these years?

Bai Lang was designated to handle the patients.

But Bai Mori wasn’t in a hurry to leave yet. She suggested. “Brother, although we have explained this matter today, it’s unavoidable that some customers will complain in private. I’m just afraid that once the news spread, people will lose confidence in the quality of our Medical Hall…”

“What do you want to say? Tell me.” Bai Yeyuan’s voice was lazy.

“Yes. Recently, a jewelry brand wanted to cooperate with us and open an exhibition counter in each branch of the Medical Hall. To us, it can be considered a diversified operation. It can also improve the quality of our pharmacy.”

“Our Bai clan needs someone to raise our standards?” Bai Yeyuan’s voice turned cold.

Bai Mori hurriedly explained. “Ahem, I didn’t use the right words. I meant cooperation. Brother, that brand isn’t ordinary. It’s an old brand called Qing Yuxuan. It was customized by a handmade craftsman and the company sells pure handmade natural jade jewelry. The jewelry is designed in an ancient style in Qinhan. High-end customers will like it. Furthermore, it happens to be related to our natural herbs. It can help in promoting our natural, high-end, and n.o.ble shop style…”

Bai Yeyuan said, “Qing Yuxuan? Yang Iron Fist is willing to take out his private goods to sell at an exhibition? Isn’t he said to only produce one piece of jewelry a year? Isn’t he very arrogant?”

Bai Mori smiled mysteriously. “Yang Iron Fist can’t take it anymore. Qing Yuxuan has already been acquired by Gu Enlong. The rights to his stockpiled works are in Gu Enlong’s hands now. He can commercialize them in batches… Brother, this is a good opportunity! If we don’t cooperate with Gu Enlong and he goes to the Chu clan, we’ll miss out!”

Bai Yeyuan pinched the s.p.a.ce between his eyebrows. Seeing that it was already late and that little thing at home was on his mind, he casually waved his hand. “You can handle this matter.”

“Okay, Brother. Don’t worry. I’ll definitely let Qing Yuxuan increase our sales by more than ten percentage points!”

Bai Mori curved her lips happily.

When Gu Enlong found her, she felt that this was a heaven-sent opportunity.

Although Qing Yuxuan belonged to Gu Enlong in name, it was actually the eldest daughter of the Gu family, Gu Yuanyuan, who was in charge of business operations.

She only needed to add fuel to the fire so that Gu Yuanyuan could operate smoothly, stand out, and bring benefits to the Gu family. Then, Gu Qiqi’s status in the Gu family would be ruthlessly suppressed and she would never be able to amount to anything.

How could a country girl who had been abandoned by her family enter the Gong family?

Furthermore, after Gu Yuanyuan’s strength surged, she would definitely take the initiative to lay a hand on Gu Qiqi. All kinds of methods could be used to force Gu Qiqi to leave the Gu family in the Imperial Capital.

When the time came, she, Bai Mori, would just benefit from it without a trace.

How could Bai Yeyuan have expected her roundabout plans and thoughts of using someone else to kill someone else?!

He would only think that she was curious about the Medical Hall’s business.


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