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Chapter 249 – Ten Thousand Bones Demon

The skeleton had a shockingly tattered look.

“This item is……” Upon seeing the skeleton, Liu Ming’s face changed.

Although obstructed by a screen of light, when he saw the skeleton, he sensed a suffocatingly scary aura that made him feel that made him almost suffocate.

If not for the fact he had reached Liquid Level, he would be pushed back two steps by the Spirit Pressure upon getting close to the stone altar.

“That year, the founder, Grandmaster Six Yin had both a ghost and a demon as his Spirit Servants. With their a.s.sistance, he swept through the sects in the Kingdom of Xuan and was undefeatable. One of the servants was Barbarian Ghost King, which kept waiting until he died before disappearing mysteriously. As for the demon servant, it was this White Demon Skeleton which has reached the ‘Ten Thousand Demon’ level, it was also the only demon to be refined to this level in the sect.” The leader of Barbarian Ghost Sect looked at the skeleton on the stone altar as he said in a serious tone.

“Ten Thousand Demon Skeleton!” Upon hearing this, Liu Ming sucked in a cold breath.

One must know that although White Demon Skeleton is a ghost puppet that many disciples of Barbarian Ghost Sect refine, most of them were regular demons, even those that had been refined to “hundred bones” level were extremely less. As for White Demon Skeleton at “thousand bones” level, Liu Ming had some suspicion about whether anyone had succeeded in refining one.

To refine a high-level ghost puppet, much time and resources are needed. Most people of high cultivation already had trouble gathering resources for themselves, how would they bear to spend so much on a puppet.

Yet in front of Liu Ming right now was a demon that had been refined to ‘Ten Thousand Bones’ stage. How could he not get overwhelmed by this?

If legend says that White Demon Skeleton of ‘Thousand Bones’ level have strength equal that of a Spirit Master, then to what extent would the power of a White Demon Skeleton of ‘Ten Thousand Bones’ level be?

After a thought flashed through his mind, he did not dare to think any further.

“This Ten Thousand Bones Demon helped Ancestor Six Yin kill many enemies in his early years, its reputation was not any lower than the Barbarian Ghost King. The reason why not many know of its reputation now was because while facing a strong enemy, it suffered heavy damages. Although our ancestor repaired the damages, it was no longer powerful like before and was not of much use. Currently, it’s power is only half of its original self, however, from what was said, it is still able to barely fight someone at Beginning Crystal Level. Of course, this had not been proven and no one knows whether it is true or not.” The leader of Barbarian Ghost Sect continued.

“Half its strength is equivalent to Beginning Crystal Level! This Ten Thousand Bones Demon was actually much scarier than legend says.” Liu Ming fixed his gaze on the mini-skeleton, his heart shivered as he said.

“This is not the case. According to legends, the materials Ancestor Six Yin used to create this Ten Thousand Bones Demon was of a large background, therefore, its power was much more powerful than normal ‘Ten Thousand Bones Demon’. It was also because of this when it got damaged, other Spirit Bones were unable to repair the damages and could only be put into a certain Yin Cave to allow the Yin Aura to nourish. However, after a thousand years of mending, it can not be repaired any further. And the top tier Battle Spirit that was attached to this demon has also died a long time ago. Although quite a few ancestors have tried to attach other Battle Spirits to the demon, none of them succeeded. It wasn’t until an ancestor who had practiced the Bone Controlling Method didn’t use a Battle Spirit, instead opting for using the Bone Controlling Technique did he succeed.” The Barbarian Ghost Sect Leader explained.

“I understand now, Senior Brother Sect Leader believes that if I am able to control this Ten Thousand Bones Demon, I would be of more help in defending against the Sea Race than using the Soul Devouring Hammer. However, without the Battle Spirit possessing it, I am afraid the power of this Ten Thousand Bones Demon would decrease by a lot.” Liu Ming’s eyes flashed a few times as he said thoughtfully.

“I naturally know about this matter. However, from the message pa.s.sed down by our ancestors, even without a top grade Battle Spirit, the Ten Thousand Bones Demon is still incomparable to the Soul Devouring Hammer. With Junior Brother’s skills, you can only control one of the two. However, the latter is definitely much harder to control than the former. So would Junior Brother Liu like to make a decision now, or would you like to try out the treasures before coming to a decision. Aside from Bone Controlling Technique, I have another method to forcibly control the Soul Devouring Hammer, however, there is a huge price to pay and unless there are no other ways, I would prefer not to use this method.” The Barbarian Ghost Sect Leader gave a bitter laugh as he said.

“I understand Sect Leader’s meaning. I shall try out the treasures before coming to a conclusion.” Listening up to here, Liu Ming decided to not say anymore and nodded his head in agreement.

“Very good, I shall lift the restrictions now.” The Sect Leader said happily after hearing what was said.

Turning his hand, the golden disc on his hand appeared once again, with a tremble of his wrist, it pasted itself on the five-colored light.

“Peng”, the disc flashed a few times and the five-colored light disintegrated.

The Barbarian Ghost Sect Leader then stepped aside, as though allowing Liu Ming to cast his technique.

Liu Ming squinted his eyes as he stared at the mini-skeleton on the stone altar. He then unhurriedly formed a seal with both hands while chanting a spell in a low voice.

Having cultivated the Dark Bone Method to the fourth level, he was naturally able to sense himself having a strange ability to control any kind of Spirit Bone.

During the four years in the Kingdom of Xuan, Liu Ming had nothing to do and used a little of the time to cultivate this skill. However, it was the first time he used it in front of others.

As Liu Ming chanted the spell, his body started emitting black smoke and crazily rotated around his body. In the next second, a ghost howl could be heard coming from the smoke.

The Barbarian Ghost Sect Leader who was smiling at the side saw this situation and his face involuntarily had a shocked expression.

The purity of Junior Brother Liu’s Fa Li was much greater than estimated.

At this moment, Liu Ming stopped his chant and a finger shot out of his raised hand towards the stone altar,

Spirit light shone!

A white colored spell shot out and promptly disappeared into the skull.

Liu Ming then formed another seal with his hand.


The body of the tattered skeleton trembled and the black Spirit Markings on its body shone, then using its hands, it propped itself up.

Seeing this scene, excitement showed on the Sect Leader’s face.

With a tremble of his finger, Liu Ming started piercing the s.p.a.ce around the skeleton.

Following this, the mini-skeleton legs started moving, jumping off the stone altar, onto the ground. However, during the landing, due to an unnatural trembled from its legs, it almost fell.

Liu Ming’s raised his eyebrows a little as he started chanting faster. At the same time, he started pouring all his power into the skeleton as all his fingers started moving simultaneously, shooting out multiple techniques.

In the next moment, the two empty sockets in the skeleton suddenly let out a “teng” sound. Two pale golden fire lit up in them and after rotating for a while, it started burning aggressively.

The Spirit Markings on the body of the skeleton turned into sigils as they floated out. The markings exploded in the next moment, turning into clouds of dust before slowly dissipating.

In a second, the skeleton got enveloped by the black fog, leaving only a faint shadow visible.

A foreign majestic howl was then heard from within the fog.

Within the madly gushing black fog, the shadow of the skeleton started growing larger, turning into a large being over ten feet tall.


A white gigantic skeletal foot the size of a basin strode out from the fog, giving off a feeling that a gigantic ghost is going to appear from the black fog.

Seeing this scene, Liu Ming’s heart jumped.

At this moment, a wail came from the skeleton within the fog, its body rapidly shrinking. Afterwards, the black fog started dispersing, showing a tattered skeleton standing rooted like a log, the fire in its eyes turning bleak, as though nothing happened at all.

“Although I could control this demon, it is a little too taxing on me, I am afraid I am unable to take it into a real battle. Liu Ming creased his eyebrow, his face full of shock, he then whirled around, detailing his experience to the Sect Leader.

“Haha, Junior Brother need not be disappointed. Just being able to control this Ten Thousand Bones Demon through s.p.a.ce, your performance is already better than I expect. Here, I have long prepared something else.” After listening to Liu Ming, the Sect Leader did not show any disappointment but instead laughed.

As he was speaking, he drew out a White Bone Token from his sleeves. On its surface, there were black markings which looked similar to the ones on the Ten Thousand Bones Demon carved on it and it was sparkling.

“This is…….” Liu Ming subconsciously took over the token, he asked in confusion.

“This Restriction Token is refined using a small piece of the ribcage from the Ten Thousand Bones Demon. It is also a method to control this demon which our ancestors rack their brains over for very long. With it, you will be able to control it much more smoothly.” the Sect Leader smiled as he replied.

“Since this treasure is so useful, let me give it a try.” Hearing this, Liu Ming’s face was filled with astonishment.

He gaze then landed on the skeleton not far away once again while injecting Fa Li into the token in his hand, swaying it in front of the skeleton.

A dull sound rang out!

The black markings on the White Bones Token starting sparkling brightly while densely packed Markings shot out aggressively.

The skeleton trembled before absorbing the black markings into its body. Following the sound of Liu Ming’s chants, the golden flame within its socket started burning aggressively, rolls of dark fog billowing out from its body.

In the next moment, the skeleton was once again enveloped by the dark fog, giving off the same low howl while at the same time, an aura several times more powerful rolled out from within.

Liu Ming’s pupils abruptly shrunk as a skeleton 70 to 80 feet tall walked out from the dark fog.


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