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Ye Tianmei was stunned, but she immediately responded with a quick action. She actually retreated more than one hundred meter, barely dodging the sword shadows which were going to penetrate her. She frowned.

The goshawk transformed by this diamond crystal was quite strange and unpredictable. Its strength didn’t seem like lower than the early stage Crystallization Period.

“Hmph, it is your pleasure to be able to die under my ‘blood beast crystal’.” Ma Shu glared coldly at Ye Tianmei in the distance and said eerily.

When Ye Tianmei heard the words ‘blood beast crystal’, Ye Tianmei couldn’t help but be slightly shocked even with her character.

The so-called blood beast crystal was refined from the blood essence of the dead Crystallization Period level beastkin and a special material called ‘beast crystal’. The beast phantasm that it transfigured had the strength that was slightly lower than when the beast was alive. However, most of its strength before death could be reserved. It was really a rare treasure.

Fortunately, this blood beast crystal was also a consumable, and the beast it transfigured could only be maintained for a very short time. Coupled with its preciousness, the holder would never use it easily unless he encounters a life and death situation or a strong enemy.

But in this way, Ye Tianmei was equal to dealing with two Crystallization Period opponents at the same time. Even if her strength was intact, she wouldn’t be able to cope with it.

Ye Tianmei didn’t say anything nonsense. After biting the silver teeth, she took out a silver-white talisman and shredded it, then her ten fingers were forming different gestures constantly.

Countless lines of silver spirit patterns surged into the silver flying sword of Ye Tianmei. The previously dimmed sword ray flashed and grew bigger again. A sword shadow of one hundred meters was condensed. It formed a connection with the surrounding countless sword shadows, faintly forming a sword array.

Ye Tianmei’s gesture changed. The image of the giant flying sword immediately solidified, and it quickly dived down at Ma Shu. At the same time, the surrounding sword shadows changed their direction again, blasting out together at him!

As Ma Shu saw this, he looked ruthless. He made a one-hand gesture, and his another hand pointed at the goshawk as he chanted.

The goshawk’s wings fluttered suddenly, and countless red feathers immediately turned into red rays which burst out, attacking the surrounding sword shadows. After that, the goshawk opened its mouth and shot out a one hundred meters tall red hurricane at the falling giant sword.

The countless red rays contacted with the sword shadows. It actually made a weird sound of metal colliding at each other, then it turned into dimmed light which disappeared slowly.

Immediately after the ear-piercing burst of noise!

The silver giant sword and the red hurricane also hit together.

The silver sword light penetrated straight into the wildly whirling hurricane, and the silver light suddenly burst into countless silver sword rays. However, they were swallowed by the hurricane the next moment. It shook the nearby air that it buzzed.

Although the two were fighting fiercely and abnormally, if one looked closely, he could see that Ye Tianmei’s face was already very pale. She definitely could not last long.

How smart Ma Shu was? He couldn’t help but rejoice in his heart when he saw this. He couldn’t bother much at the moment. He just wanted to kill this woman as soon as possible. Therefore, after he hurriedly cast a layer of shield using a defensive talisman, he controlled the goshawk to charge at Ye Tianmei. His left hand kept forming gestures as a crimson punch ray charged straight toward Ye Tianmei!

Goshawk was extremely fast. It instantly rushed to the front of Ye Tianmei. It opened its mouth and bit cruelty.

But the woman had no fear. She showed a hint of sneer instead.

When Ma Shu saw this, his heart stopped for a moment. As he wanted to do something, he suddenly heard a “puff” sound. Although it wasn’t loud, it was like a thunderstorm as Ma Shu heard it.

A blue ray blasted behind him without any warning. After a flash, it even ignored and went through the layers of golden disc phantasms and protection shield beside Ma Shu, piercing right into his chest.

His body trembled, then he staggered a few steps. Blood immediately spouted out from his chest like a blood fountain. His four limbs became powerless. The feeling of dizziness rose from his heart; an enfeebled feeling was surging out from inside his body.

“It’s poisonous?”

Ma Shu yelled in panic. He quickly tapped a few times near the wound, reached out to a purple medicine bottle in the storage amulet, poured a handful of pale green elixir out of it, and put them into his mouth.

At the same time, the goshawk, who had received his order, but it could return in time, had lost the spiritual connection with him, turning back into the diamond-shaped crystal again.

After a light breeze, a gray figure flashed and appeared around the crystal with no signs. He instantly grabbed the blood beast crystal in his hand.

After the person sneered, he shook his five fingers, and the crystals in his hands turned into powder and flew away with the wind.

Blood beast crystal was a one-time consumption. Once activated, even if the energy inside was not exhausted, it could no longer transfigure a beast phantasm. At this moment, this crystal had no value anymore.

The man who appeared out of nowhere was also an old man with an ordinary face, but the long green eyebrows on the small eyes gave people a deep impression.

Feeling that this person’s strength was not under him, Ma Shu’s heart sank to the bottom.

He ignored the injury and toxicity in his body and forcefully channeled the remaining spiritual power in his body. He grabbed with one hand, and a pale green talisman appeared.

But before waiting for him to smash the talisman, the old man with blue eyebrows only waved one hand to stun Ma Shu’s fingers.

The blue talisman was immediately sucked away by a great force, and it flew into the hands of the old man with green eyebrows.

“I’m Crystal Valley deputy valley master, Ma Shu, I don’t know Sir. As long as Sir can let me…” Ma Shu’s words shuddered slightly.

The old man with green eyebrows didn’t bother Ma Shu, but he just slightly bowed to Ye Tianmei aside, “I have encountered a little trouble on the way, so I came a little late. I hoped the fairy won’t blame me.”

“You don’t have to be polite. You came at the right time, but now let’s finish off this person first. After that, we will talk about other things.” Ye Tianmei obviously knew Elder Liu for a long time, so she wasn’t polite in speaking to him.

“Oh, I’m really old and confused. You can meditate to rest first. I will deal with him.” The old man with green eyebrows smiled at Ye Tianmei apologetically. Ye Tianmei knew his temperament, so she didn’t bother about him. She took out a few pills of medicine, and she immediately sat cross-legged to adjust her breath.

The old man with green eyebrows turned to the other side and said faintly to Ma Shu, “Sir Ma Shu, what is the taste of my Prismatic Ice Soul Cone? Unfortunately, after fully using this treasure this time, I’m afraid I need to train for one or two years before I can use the same attack just now… ”

As he said, he waved his right hand. The s.p.a.ce in front of him had a fluctuation. A blue prismatic cone floated in the air quietly. There was even a trace of blood on it

It was this thing that had just penetrated Ma Shu’s defense and injured him severely. Listening to his tone, he had performed some kind of powerful mystic arts to get through Ma Shu’s defense as a Crystallization Period powerhouse.

However, at this time, Ma Shu couldn’t care more about that. After seeing no expression in the eyes of the old man with green eyebrows, he knew that the other party would never let him go. The words that he wanted to say were held back by him again.

At this moment, he had been seriously injured and poisoned, but this person was still with his full strength. He was most likely not going to get out of here alive.

As soon as he thought about it, a trace of despair flashed on his face. There was a burst of redness in his eyes. He apparently planned to cast a kind of life sacrificing forbidden art to try to bring the person in front of him to h.e.l.l.

But before he finished his gesture, he felt that a coldness spread like an ant from the heart to the limbs and bones. His Spiritual Sea instantly fell like it had fallen into an ice cave, then his body slowly formed a layer frost. He felt strangely numb all over his body!

Ma Shu’s face suddenly looked blue, and his eyes were full of despair.

“Hehe, I see your face flushing, it seems that your spiritual power is disrupted. It is contrary to my cultivator’s dedication. This prismatic cone was tempered in the Cold Ice Real Flame which is good in reducing your heat. Isn’t it wonderful? “The old man with green eyebrows didn’t take it seriously, and he laughed softly.

Ye Tianmei on the side frowned slightly after hearing the words, but she did not speak.

“Okay, you are good. Today, it’s either you die or I die!” Ma Shu’s eyes were blood red. Before he had completely lost consciousness, he suddenly spat a blood red talisman. After it blurred, it turned into a red small bell phantasm.

As soon as this phantasm appeared, a dazzling blood ray was released from the surface. Countless blood red runes flew out, and at the same time exuded a b.l.o.o.d.y atmosphere.

Ma Shu opened his mouth and spat a blood arrow on it.


As soon as the little bell rang, pieces of blood-colored waves emerged, surging ferociously at the old man with green eyebrows.

Ma Shu desperately used the life-saving ultimate treasure.

Seeing this scene, the old man with green eyebrows changed his face. His figure shook suddenly, and he retreated back for more than one hundred meters. At the same time, his hands were forming gestures quickly. He suddenly spat blood on the prismatic cone that was spinning in front of him. The prismatic cone grew in size for a few times and turned into an afterimage that collided at the approaching crimson red waves.

The crimson red waves were resisted by the blue light, and they couldn’t break the blue light at once. However, under the attack of the crimson waves, the light on the triangular thorn gradually dimmed, showing a state of collapsing.

At this time, Ye Tianmei, who was sitting cross-legged, saw that the situation was not good. After she bit her silver teeth, she jumped and made a gesture to cast her sword skill again. A silver sword ray shot out from her sleeve. After it flew in the air, it had hit Ma Shu who was half frozen in a lightning speed

Ma Shu was caught off guard. His frozen body parts were shattered into pieces, but the another half was still struggling in the silver ray. Ye Tianmei changed her gesture and let the silver sword ray spun. It minced the other half body into pieces. Blood was splashing all over the sky!

A black and red gas flew out from it. Mas Shu was obviously trying to escape from this place, but it was completely extinguished as the sword ray pierced through the gas back and forth.

The blood red bell phantasm, that suspended in mid-air, collapsed bit by bit instantly. It turned into crystal lights that disappeared in the air.


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