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Chapter 785: Actions Everywhere

The alluring woman looked down at the b.l.o.o.d.y blade light on her chest with eyes full of unbelievable.

At this moment, after the blade light flashed. The tip of the blade dissipated strangely as if it had never appeared before.

She snorted. As the tip of the knife disappeared, its vitality quickly pa.s.sed away, and her body collapsed softly to the ground.

Her heart was pierced, and the life of her body came to an end. However, in the purple smoke, she found that her soul could not get out of her body and her consciousness had been blurred.

As the woman in red clothes was dying, she turned her head around with difficulty. She realized that her disciple who had always been obedient to him didn’t even look at her at all. He only focused on channeling his light curtain desperately to resist another clear flying blade, then he tore a talisman and escaped quickly in a yellow escape light.

The others saw the man in red clothes fleeing, although they were frightened and angry, they were even more terrified at the 2 flying blades that appeared out of nowhere just now.

The appearance of these 2 flying blades knives was too strange, they almost popped out by leaping across the s.p.a.ce and unexpectedly killed the alluring woman on the spot.

If the alluring woman’s companion wasn’t careful in preparing defensive means, he would have died on the spot too.

When everyone stopped their attacks one after another, they found that on the spot that they semicircled, Ouyang Qian and her sister had disappeared without a trace.

The original purple mist had spread for acres, shrouding all of them. Only then they realized they were in great danger.

Although they didn’t know what methods the Ouyang Family’s sisters used, they clearly didn’t hurt them. Instead, they hid themselves and killed the alluring woman ruthlessly.

However, no matter how they released Divine Thought to desperately check the surrounding mist, it didn’t work at all.

In addition to disrupting the mind, this purple mist could seem to have the effect of blocking Divine Thought.

As a result, everyone became more panicked. Some people hurriedly channeled their spiritual weapons to attack wildly in the mist and some quickly stuck defensive talismans on themselves,

The middle-aged man with broad eyebrows of the Tian Que Sect, after eye-gesturing left and right, cast a black chakram, turning into a black light circle that protected himself. After that, he flew to the flame pattern marrow stone in the middle.

He wanted to grab this green stone and escape immediately.

The other 2 Tian Que sect disciples leaned forward tacitly, blocking the path of the other 5.


A cold snort suddenly came from somewhere, and the white blade light flashed again, pa.s.sing through the middle-aged man with broad eyebrows.


The middle-aged man forwarding figure stopped abruptly in midair; his face was full of disbelief. His stomach was slashed open with blood gushing out.

The protective black light circle was fragile like a piece of paper facing this white blade.

With a flash of white light, it was silently hidden in the purple mist again.

In 2 seconds, a Crystallization Period later stage cultivator was slain. This sudden change not only put his companions under shock, but the rest also looked desperate.

“Hand over your luck lock, and I will let you live.”

At this moment, in the purple mist, there was a crisp voice. It was Ouyang Qian who spoke.

The remaining 7 people were stunned hearing the words. There was silence for a while.

“Okay, Ouyang Family is worthy of being 1 of the 8 great families. I admit that we aren’t your opponent, so we will leave now.” A muscular man in a short yellow robe finally took down the luck lock and threw it into the mist unwillingly.

2 other people who had similar costumes also did the same.

Then the 3 of them flew away in 3 green lights.

Sure enough, in the purple mist, no one stopped them.

Seeing this, the remaining 2 men in black robes quickly discussed, cast a glance at the flame pattern marrow stone, dropped their luck locks unwillingly and left without saying a word.

In an instant, only the 2 Tian Que Sect’s disciples were left in the basin.

“Why, you 2 want to accompany your companion too?” The crisp voice sounded again, but at this time, there was a hint of sullenness in the tone.

The 2 were shocked. After exchanging a glance, they threw out the soul luck and left, not daring to stay any longer.

After everyone had gone far, the purple mist that filled the basin suddenly tumbled and surged back to one spot in the middle.

The next moment, 2 slender figures flashed out; Ouyang Qian and the woman in the green robe appeared again nearby.

The purple mist all went back to the 2 feet long purple folding fan in the hand of the woman in a green shirt.

When all the mist was absorbed, she immediately closed the folding fan.

“Sister Qian, why did you let those people go?” The woman in a green shirt asked Ouyang Qian with a frown after keeping away the folding fan.

“Patriarch asked us to earn some luck for our family and to find the uncut flame phantom jade contained in the flame pattern marrow stone. Since we have achieved our goals, we don’t have to attract more troubles. After all, it is still uncertain how long we still have to stay in this secret realm, so it’s better to save our spiritual power.” Ouyang Qian said faintly after keeping the 2 clear flying blades into her sleeves.

Upon hearing this, the woman in the green shirt showed a hint of disapproval on her face, but she didn’t say anything more.

The woman flickered and appeared before the green stone. She put her hand on the green stone to check it.

In an underground cave, the inside was very open, about the size of acres. It was surrounded by water on 3 sides, and there was an open s.p.a.ce that was connected to the exit in the middle. It was overgrown with some unknown brown plants.

A young woman who seemed to be only in her twenties was sitting on a large rock in the middle of the open s.p.a.ce. She was wearing the scholar robe of the Haoran Academy. She looked heroic, but her skin was snow-white which showed a different charm.

About 100 meters away from the young woman, there were 3 giant lizard beastkins that were at the intermediate stage of the Crystallization Period.

Each lizard beastkin was 10 meters in size. Their back was covered with porcupine-like spikes that were half a foot long. There were interlaced teeth in their mouths. Under the sun’s reflection, the dazzling cold light could make people shudder at first glance.

The 3 beastkins were groaning from time to time, but they were just crawling back and forth more than 100 meters away from the young woman. For some reason, they did not dare to really pounce on her.

Facing these 3 beastkins, the young woman in a scholar robe, instead of showing any fear in her expression, looked up and down with interest.

Suddenly, the woman giggled, and there was a flash of red flame in her pupils.

The next moment, the 3 lizard beastkins suddenly were ignited with a raging red flame, and they immediately wailed and rolled on the ground. After a while, the surrounding plants were burned into ashes.

Seeing this, the young woman in a scholar robe showed a hint of satisfaction on her face. She flicked her sleeve, and a white light rolled out and carried her away.

Over a lush gra.s.sland, a huge four-wheeled flying car whizzed past.

The whole body of the flying car seemed to be made of sterling silver, and the surface was covered with delicate light green spirit patterns. The style was extremely dazzling, but it didn’t look vulgar at all.

What pulled the flying car was 8 golden puppet flying horses, their hooves stepped in the air, making a solid sound.

There was a man in a green robe with dashing eyebrows and big eyes. He looked very spirited. He was holding the reins while his eyes kept scanning downward.

Suddenly, the young man gently pulled the reins. After the 8 puppet horses neighed, they stopped at the same time.

On the gra.s.sland below, there were hundreds of gray wolf beastkins.

Every wolf beastkin had the strength of the Spirit Apostle Stage later stage or even the intermediate stage of the Condensation Period. A few wolf beastkins that looked clearly bigger even had the strength of the Condensation Period later stage.

These wolf beastkin centered on a small piece of deeper jungle in the middle in a circle as if they were guarding something.

“What a strong medicinal fragrance!” The man in a green robe closed his eyes slightly and moved his nose a few times with a hint of intoxication as he muttered to himself.

The wolves below also noticed the flying car stopping in the sky at this time. Under the leader of several gray wolves, they howled toward the sky, seeming to be giving a warning.

The green-robed man opened his eyes with a sneer. He waved 1 hand, and a dozen fist-sized green beads flashed out.

Amidst the flickering green light, the round beads exploded, instantly turning into a dozen tall and huge bronze puppet warriors that looked like giant spirit G.o.ds. They landed heavily on the rumbling sounds.

Many gray wolf beastkins, that couldn’t dodge in time, were trampled into meat paste.

“Kill these wolf beastkins, and be careful not to destroy the jungle in the middle.” The man in the green robe smiled slightly and gave a faint order.

The dozen bronze puppet warriors’ eyes suddenly lit up. With heavy footsteps, they swung their giant fists and charged into the wolf beastkins.

Seeing this, the gray wolf beastkin roared and initiated a round of frantic attacks on the bronze puppet warrior wolves under the lead of a few leaders. However, their offense was crushed easily like waves. .h.i.tting the reef.

This scene seemed as if more than a dozen green boulders had fallen into the gray ocean, splashing countless waves.

TL: These contenders all seem unfathomable, will Liu Ming really get into the top 10?

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