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Chapter 253 Bet

The next day, the semi-final began and the content of the semi-final was a continuation of the preliminary. The 200 partic.i.p.ants must use the magic array recorded in the ancient magic tower to craft a piece of equipment.

10 among the 200 partic.i.p.ants would be selected for finals. If the equipment could reach excellent-grade, the partic.i.p.ant could directly enter finals.

For masters, excellent grades were common, but for a mechanic or even senior mechanic, crafting excellent-grade equipment was as hard as master crafting legendary-grade equipment.

Generally, the top mechanic could produce quasi-excellent grade equipment that was quite close to excellent grade. Those who were in excellent condition or had outstanding performance could make excellent grade equipment. The difficulty was more than that as they still had to enchant with the recorded magic array!

It was quite difficult. Those who could enter the final stage must be the elites among elites.

The location of the contest was the arena. 200 partic.i.p.ants were divided into four groups, each with 50 pax. Each contestant must craft equipment in front of all the audience, and there were special judges and invigilators. Once found to be fraudulent, he or she would be disqualified and publicly announced. Then, he or she would never be able to partic.i.p.ate in any event or contest held by the Mechanic a.s.sociation.

“Arthur, it’s all up to you. Don’t let me down.” Dior said earnestly. Semi-final was the time to compete with true capabilities. Now that his interests were firmly tied with “Arthur”, there was no way back. It was win-win or lose-lose.

Kia also said, “Sir Arthur, all the best!”

“If you’re willing to kiss me, I think I’ll be much stronger.” Chen Rui teased.

Kia pretended that she didn’t hear him. There seemed to be a flush of redness on her face. Chen Rui was a bit surprised. This succusbus will also blush? If that’s acting, it seems that her acting skills have become stronger again. It almost reaches the natural state.

Chen Rui walked down the field and came to the place where they drew lots. He took a “3” and was placed in the third group. “Third group?” A cold voice sounded. It was Savice, who waved the number he drew in his hand. He was also the third group.

“Such coincidence?” Chen Rui grinned, “It really is a small world. Perhaps we can enter the finals together.”

Savice clenched his teeth and said, “Enter finals together? Are you worthy? I’m going to step on you like an ant in front of everyone!”

“Don’t underestimate others. You’re just an overbearing fool. Just a few compliments and you’ve already thought you’re a genius?” Chen Rui looked at Savice scornfully, “Maybe I can make an excellent grade equipment.”

“An ant who has reached here by fluke can make excellent grade equipment?” Savice sneered dismissively, “Are you brave enough to make a bet? Bet on the mechanic’s most important hands. Do you dare?”

Seeing Chen Rui’s hesitation, Savice used his magic power to suddenly increase his volume and attracted everyone’s attention, “Everyone! Now, I ask everyone to testify. I will make a bet with this mechanic, named Arthur. If he can craft excellent grade equipment in the semi-final, I’ll cut off my hands! If he can’t do it, I’ll cut off his hands!”

The people in the Demon Realm were the most combative. Upon hearing that exciting bet, the audience echoed.

Chen Rui frowned, “So cruel?”

“If you don’t dare, quit the contest now. Then, crawl between my legs like a dog!” Savice said fiercely as if he wanted to vent the huge loss of “Chrysanthemum Wrecker” he had that day.

Many people could tell that the capital’s genius had a grudge with this unknown, little mechanic. He must be using this opportunity to take revenge. With Savice’s reputation and popularity, he was clearly bullying.

The fight between the 1st place and 192nd place from the previous round already had its result. Besides, Savice was a popular, talented mechanic in the capital.

“As a mechanic, I won’t quit the game!” Chen Rui clenched his teeth, “Okay, I’ll bet!”

Several masters on the VIP table frowned. One of them, Anderson, the chairman of the Dark Shadow Empire’s Mechanic a.s.sociation, also known as the empire’s top master, said to Master Leo aside, “Savice is, after all, a talent cultivated by the a.s.sociation. Using this public event to avenge their personal grudges will inevitably affect the reputation of the a.s.sociation and himself.”

Master Leo always defended for Savice, so he pleaded, “Youngsters must be impulsive to be energetic. If they’re too restrained, they’ll not have today’s achievements. At most, after he defeated Arthur, we’ll just lighten the punishment of the bet.”

Anderson took a look at Leo, sighed and said nothing more.

Rummenigge aside recognized that “Arthur”, who bet with Savice, was the young man who came to the capital with him and he frowned even tighter. This young man indeed partic.i.p.ated in the contest and even entered the semi-final. No matter what, he is a talent with great potential, and he might be of use for the royal family. I must find a way to defend him later.

On the other hand, Master Xhosa, who was sitting at the back, had his eyes brightened. He took out a bottle regardless of manners, drank a mouthful of wine and showed a look of antic.i.p.ation: This contest is getting more and more interesting.

The contest started. In the huge arena, 50 crafting tables were set up. The rest of the tools were prepared by the partic.i.p.ants. At once, thinkling and thumping sound could be heard continuously. For the audience, they were watching for excitement then for the craftsmans.h.i.+p. However, for the mechanic on the field, it was tantamount to a battle of life and death where blood was invisible.

At this critical moment, they weren’t only competing on their skills but also mentality and will.

The time was up for the first group of contestants. Several people covered their faces in pain; they were apparently the losers. These crafted equipment were sent to the three masters responsible for appraisal according to their numbers.

In the first group, there were two pieces of excellent grade equipment and the highest quality accessory came from Robert, a potential winner. It seemed that the previous champion was indeed extraordinary.

Among the 50 people in the second group, not a single excellent grade equipment appeared, so much so that the quality of equipment was generally low. Actually, they weren’t bad, but under great pressure, many people were unable to perform as usual.

The third group started. Savice grinned nastily at Chen Rui and walked to the crafting desk.

Savice’s genius t.i.tle wasn’t fake. His apt.i.tude was indeed extraordinary. Together with the careful guidance of Master Leo, as soon as he entered the stage, his entire mentality and appearance immediately changed. The bet or hatred were both put aside. All attention was concentrated on the leather in his hands which was his specialization.

Measuring, cutting, gluing, sewing and other processes were completed in one go. Savice felt that he was gradually getting into condition. There were some signs of exceeding his usual performance. He was overjoyed, but he stabilized his mood and a delicate leather armor gradually formed.

Next, it was the most important magic array part. At the ancient magic tower, Savice recorded an enhancement magic array. Although there were some tiny defects in his enchantment, which occured to most mechanics, the enchantment was completed enchanted well.

“Savice’s work. Water magic defense increased by 16%; earth magic defense increased by 17%. Excellent grade!” With the unanimous approval of the three appraisal masters, Savice smiled proudly.

Master Leo at the VIP seat felt proud. Although this leather armor was considered to be of low quality among the excellent grade, yet, it had reached excellent grade anyway, so Savice’s level could be regarded as the top mechanic.

The chairman, Anderson also nodded. Perhaps Leo was right. Young people must be impulsive to be energetic. Although Savice is arrogant, he does have true talents. Since he is a genius, his personality must be unique too.

Savice set his eyes on Chen Rui. He saw Chen Rui hitting with the hammer in his hand absently. Chen Rui even took a look at his direction from time to time, seeming intimidated by the excellent grade equipment he just made. Now, the works from other crafting tables had been completed one after another and time was running out. Even if he could really craft excellent grade equipment, it would be too late.

An ant like him wants to fight with a genius like me?! Savice’s eyes were getting fiercer. I’ll cut off both your hands later. Then, I’ll make someone kidnap you alive. That’s right! Kidnap alive. I can’t let this enemy die too easily. I need to get back at the previous humiliation little by little!

When Savice was imagining how to kill Chen Rui, he suddenly saw Chen Rui smiling at him. The smile was full of contempt, and it felt like… he was like an ant that Chen Rui didn’t bother at all. An uneasiness faintly appeared in his heart.

At that time, the hammer in Chen Rui’s hand suddenly sped up, hitting the sword shape clamped by the iron pliers chaotically and the loud, crisp sound almost covered the rest of the crafting tables.

The sound also attracted several masters at the VIP seat. The top master of Dark Shadow Empire, Anderson, who specialized in metal, stared at the trajectory of Chen Rui’s hammer intently, and he looked moved.

Although Savice’s teacher, Master Leo, who specialized in leather, he knew how to spot talents. The shock on his face was getting stronger and stronger. Master Rummenigge nodded slightly. His previous worries had already been gone.

Master Xhosa gulped a few mouthfuls of alcohol in a row. He couldn’t help coughing. Yet, his eyes were staring excitedly at Chen Rui’s crafting table: What this guy wrote on the form is true! Dual-specialization! Besides, his method is quite close to… master- level!

Savice sneered while he watched Chen Ru “simply knocking”. After forcing the sword into shape, he started enchanting in a flurry. Finally, a dull sword was finally crafted.

Is this his strength? Such a joke! I’m afraid that’s not even a quasi-excellent grade! It seems that my previous concerns were unnecessary.

“Haha!” Savice laughed wildly. When he was about to speak, another voice sounded suddenly, “Bring me that sword for me to have a look.”

It was actually the chairman sitting at the VIP seats, the top mechanic master, Anderson. Savice’s mad laughter came to an abrupt end. How could this guy’s trash sword get Master Anderson’s attention?

The person in charge of invigilating Chen Rui didn’t dare to neglect and immediately sent the sword to Master Anderson at the VIP seat. Anderson gently stroked the sword and nodded slightly, “Good sword.”

Savice, who had been paying attention to the movement at the VIP seat, suddenly changed his facial expression. To make Master Anderson, who has been demanding, to say the phrase “good sword”, could this sword be…


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