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Chapter 434: New Test

Despite the misunderstanding interlude, Chen Rui almost became a public enemy. However, after the storm, the misunderstood “apprentice” finally pa.s.sed through the Town Essidor and got on the carriage to the capital.

The journey along the way was the most boring, but since it was a horse-drawn carriage hired separately at the station, he was the only one in the carriage. Therefore, he could take advantage of this to enter the Super System for training.

To Chen Rui’s surprise, some changes had taken place in the Super System recently.

By just the look of some data, he should be happy.

t.i.tle: Star Lord; Evolution Level: Five-star; Experience Value: 1%

Aura Value: 26.3 million; Comprehensive Strength a.s.sessment: A-

His experience value had risen by 1%. Don’t underestimate this 1% as it had always been zero. This represented that his “Phecda” had truly taken a crucial first step.

This 1% should appear after the battle between Paglio and the crystal dragon which was also after the sea of blood s.p.a.ce incident. He did not train during this period of time. Could it be related to the realization of integrating with the power of destruction?

Not only had his experience changed, the faith crystal in Tower of Faith had soared to more than 2,500. Before coming to the b.l.o.o.d.y Empire, there were only more than 900. This increase was still rising. 1,000 faith crystals was sufficient to activate the five-star strongest combat technique [Royal Star Transformation]. When it reached 10,000, he could also use the spiritual link for permanent [Star-level Enhancement]. The growth of the faith crystals was a very gratifying phenomenon.

The reason for the rapid growth was because the population reproduction speed of the blue planet had been greatly accelerated. As the population had remarkably increased, the believers naturally increased greatly. The time of this solar system was different from the outer part. It felt like multiple times difference. Of course, it was relatively stable under normal circ.u.mstances. Only when Chen Rui’s perceptions and encounters undergo some abnormal changes would there be correspondingly greater changes.

The original 10 faiths were divided into 10 independent Pillars of Faith, but Chen Rui was shocked. Besides the pillar of war that Shura built, the new Pillars of Faith appeared like mushrooms after a rain: Wealth, l.u.s.t, ma.s.sacre, disaster, fear…

“Shura!” Chen Rui shouted angrily.

Shura’s figure was condensed in the Galaxy Divinity Temple. Chen Rui could feel that Shura’s seemed to have become a lot stronger. If there was any difference between that face that was exactly the same as Chen Rui, it was the blood color in the pupils. It was like… the sea of blood.

Chen Rui vaguely remembered when he blended with the “destruction” and absorbed its power in that strange s.p.a.ce, he also seemed to have the similar pupils. This kind of temperament was not “seen” but “felt”.

Could it be…

“Like these Pillars of Faith?” Before he could speak, Shura’s voice had already sounded, “I know what you want to say… but these are not my masterpiece, but yours.”

Chen Rui was taken aback. Shura said, “The cause of the matter was the powerful breath that you swallowed that day. As you can see, my strength has also increased. As for these Pillars of Faith… Their appearance is a matter of time, but it is accelerated by this breath. Just like this planet illuminated by the sun’s rays, the front is bright and the back is dark. No matter which path it rotates to, it cannot avoid this.”

As Shura said, there was a sudden pause with a weird smile, “Do you want to be a G.o.d?”

“What do you mean?” Chen Rui frowned.

“You can eliminate all the faiths you don’t like from the source of faith, and turn these lives into puppets and toys that only live according to your will and provide a source of faith. Just like those living creatures in the [Kingdom of G.o.d]. These are some things I remember recently.” Shura pointed to his head, and his weird smile widened.

Chen Rui thought of the Water Elemental King’s words, “All lives are just toys in the eyes of the G.o.ds” and remained silent. He replied after a long while, “I want to have the power equivalent to G.o.d to protect the things I cherish, not to play with the will of all creatures arbitrarily.”

“According to the words in your memory, if you want to be a b.i.t.c.h, don’t even think about setting up a memorial to your chast.i.ty(meaning that if you want power, then don’t act like a saint!” Shura guffawed with disdain and ridicule.

Chen Rui calmed down. He looked directly at the other “self” and asked, “You seem like… you really want me to erase these sources of belief?”

“Very keen insight.” Shura did not conceal it and nodded, “I’ll simply tell you that the Tower of Faith represents some kind of mysterious supreme rule. Every time you erase a belief, you take a step in the direction I hope. It is equivalent to one step closer in the shortcut to the peak of power. As long as you go step by step like this, it will not take long before you can truly stand on the peak and look down at everything just like how you’re standing like this at the Galaxy Divinity Temple now!”

It turns out that there are such consequences. It seems that I cannot rashly move the faiths in the source of faith, otherwise I will easily lose myself.

Chen Rui shook his head resolutely and said quickly and precisely, “I will definitely stand on top of the real peak stage, but I will go my own way.”

“Stupid! The world’s roads all lead to the same destination. You’re just stubbornly trying to detour like this.”

“It’s useless. No matter how you say it, you can’t shake my heart.” Chen Rui suddenly smiled, “I’m thinking that the only reason you want me to go according to your planned path is to hope that I will lose my heart step by step. If I keep holding on to my heart, does it mean that you will eventually fail and disappear completely?”

“Hmph!” Shura’s facial expression became gloomy, and a cold glow appeared in his red pupils, “Trying to act like a smart guy! Let me tell you, you have no choice. If you erase these dark faiths, then I will use the power of law to occupy your mind and soul step by step; but if you don’t, my power will also become stronger and stronger due to the dark faiths!”

Chen Rui remained silent. Shura’s voice became more and more manic, “It may not be long before the dark power will completely cover the entire solar system, then everything will be wiped out in the destruction.

Just like that Norse myth, “Twilight of the G.o.ds”, in your memory.”

Chen Rui frowned even more. Twilight of the G.o.ds is Norse’s most famous myth. Not only was the human world destroyed, but all the G.o.ds and their homes were also completely destroyed in this tragic and cruel war. The burning of the world tree even destroyed the entire universe.

It was not until a long time later that a new order would begin to reestablish with the rebirth of the world tree. Chen Rui couldn’t help but ask, “Why destroy everything? Isn’t your purpose to occupy my will or the entire Galaxy Divinity Temple?”

“Occupy your will… is also for the destruction of not only this Super System, but also the outside world… This is the meaning of my existence….” In the laughter, Shura’s shadow became thinner and thinner, and he eventually disappeared.

Chen Rui seemed to realize something. He took a deep breath and exhaled slowly… I didn’t expect the experience in the sea of blood s.p.a.ce would actually become a new huge test.

Shura is by no means an alarmist. Furthermore, even if I did not swallow the horrifying breath, this day will come sooner or later as long as Shura does not really disappear.

[Refined Mind]. It’s still [Refined Mind]. It has nothing to do with realm and strength, but my own internal war.

This time Chen Rui did not hesitate or linger… Human growth is originally a process of constantly fighting with oneself.

Maybe this kind of battle with myself will go on for life, but after this “war” is over, there should be a real resolve between Shura and me.

This is also the last battle with Shura.

Chen Rui thought of the strange flower obtained at the sea of blood. With a s.h.i.+ft of mind, he moved into the Galaxy Garden.

This kind of strange flower should have powerful energy. Why don’t I try to plant it in the Galaxy Garden?

However, when Chen Rui put the sea of blood flower (temporary name) into the Galaxy Garden, there was no prompt about the new plant discovery. Instead, another prompt appeared: “Unidentified erosion energy found… If you plant it forcibly, it can cause bad effects to the existing plants in the garden, especially the aura fruit plants… In severe cases, it can cause yield reduction or withering and death.”

Erosion energy? Chen Rui was surprised. This sea of blood flower may be similar to the realm king fruit. It is not a real plant, but its attributes are quite strange. It can actually affect the aura fruit.

Aura was the basic power of the Super System, so it was very important. Besides, if the sea of blood flower couldn’t be planted, there was no point in putting it in the Galaxy Garden. So, Chen Rui put the sea of blood flower back into the storage warehouse immediately. The storage warehouse was amazing; all different types of items were separated by special s.p.a.ces. It couldn’t affect other items.

Chen Rui didn’t care about this mystical strange flower anymore. He entered the training ground and started a long training session.

After several days of rus.h.i.+ng, the carriage reached the destination this time, the b.l.o.o.d.y Empire.

If only 1 word was used to briefly describe the 3 capitals, the Fallen Angel Capital could be described as “solemn”; the Dark Shadow Empire could be described as “prosperous”; then the b.l.o.o.d.y Empire in front was “somber.” Although there were no iconic buildings such as the huge fallen angel statue in the Fallen Angel Capital, one could feel the cold deterring temperament from the blood-red wall alone.

The Criminal Law of the b.l.o.o.d.y Empire was the harshest compared to the other 2 empires: Those who disturb the law and order, die; those who go against superiors, die; those who do not respect superiors, die…

Despite the cruel punishment, except for some previous Samael Royal Family rebellions, the commoners were basically relatively safe and guarded. They dare not make any changes or resistance. After a long time, they became accustomed to it.

The Demon Realm’s respect for power was the deterrence of the top powerhouses.

Since the death of the Lord of Midnight Sun 300 years ago, the original candidate for the top powerhouse was still quite controversial. Raizen summoned various peak stage powerhouses to hold a martial arts conference, and he had 7 consecutive victories. He killed 4 of the same level Demon Overlords, making all the powerhouses feel deterred. Then only he became the top powerhouse of the Demon Realm after Lord of Midnight Sun without any criticism.

Chen Rui asked all the way and found a “Tess Hotel” in the southern part of the city. The proprietress, Tess, was a charming and plump succubus. After receiving the purple crystal coin from Chen Rui and a few chats, she immediately took him to choose a room. She was so close as if her whole person was going to stick to his body.

This hotel was actually the base of the Dark Demon, and the person in charge was this succubus, Tess.

Chen Rui chose a secluded room, and Tess followed him in. However, she put aside her flattery and respectfully saluted. Among the purple crystal coins pa.s.sed by Chen Rui just now, there was a special mark that could only be recognized by the Dark Demon members. In addition to the incision in the dialogue, the succubus had verified the ident.i.ty of this “little apprentice”.

“No news about Mountain Seckred and Fertile Yuan Soil?”

“Yes, sir.” Tess lowered her head in shame as if she was waiting for punishment. Although she didn’t know the ident.i.ty of this person, she could only be “absolute obedience” for someone who could come up with that kind of mark.

Chen Rui was also mentally prepared for this. He shook his head and said, “Don’t be impatient, the Dark Demon is only in the initial stage now. Build a steady foundation first and slowly stand on the heels. By the way, has there been anything special occurring in the capital recently?”

“There are 2 news. The first one was that Second Prince Edmund was the day before yesterday, and the failed and escaped…” Tess saw that the man did not blame her, so she cheered up and spoke gently.

The b.l.o.o.d.y Empire had always admired martial art, advocating the supremacy of the powerhouses. The first heir of the royal family was called the great prince, but it was not fixed. Instead, several princes would fight each other to select a new “great prince” every once in a while.

There were many powerful and talented princes in the b.l.o.o.d.y Empire. The 2 most promising to succeed to the throne were Aleus and Edmund.

Edmund was Aleus’ elder brother according to his age, but the rule of the b.l.o.o.d.y Empire was that the winner takes all. Since Aleus first broke through to the Demon Overlord realm and defeated Edmund in a battle, Edmund had to respect and call Aleus as the great brother.

Just a year ago, Edmund suddenly “strengthened” and advanced to the Demon Overlord in one fell swoop. This narrowed the distance between the 2 once again. Next year was the time to battle again to rearrange the ranking, so Aleus and Edmund had been fighting continuously in secret. When Edmund was suddenly, people couldn’t help but doubt the direct beneficiary, Aleus.

Chen Rui secretly thought: There are not many Demon Overlord powerhouses in the Fallen Angel Empire, but most of them are members of the elder families. Therefore, to a certain extent, the unjustified Regent Obsidian still has to respect the elder families. Although I am not clear about the situation in the Dark Shadow Empire, the Dark Shadow Empire almost completely lost its elite during the royal rebellion. The entire Asmodeus Royal Family is basically supported by Catherine alone now. However in the b.l.o.o.d.y Empire, two princes alone are already at the strength of Demon Overlord level, and the rest of the princes are also very talented, let alone the top powerhouse emperor.

According to the development of this structural level, the b.l.o.o.d.y Empire will be an insurmountable power for quite some time in the future.

Tess’ second news was that the prestigious and respected empire general, Bubowa, had pa.s.sed away. Adelaide from the royal family and Gordon, Bubowa’s lieutenant, would compete for the vacant third general position.

The b.l.o.o.d.y Empire Lord Raizen would witness these 2 people in the center of the capital’s martial arts field tomorrow night. They would compete for the position of general in front of all the audience.

Chen Rui nodded slightly. In any case, I should watch the battle even if it is just to take a look at Raizen who may be my strongest enemy in the future.

Just as Shura said, everything has two sides ?. He will never leave…


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