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Chapter 519: Ancient Alchemy Civilization

The Dark Moon battle was urgent currently. What Chen Rui needed most was to complete the plan for the White Feather Estate as soon as possible. Before that, Sicali’s commission must be settled. Therefore, the migration work of the Cold Mist medusa tribe was not urgent. At present, some preparations should be made first.

Under Chen Rui’s instruction, the medusas plucked half of the snake blood fruits and gave them to the lamp spirits. This kind of “harmonious” scene was absolutely unimaginable previously.

After getting the snake blood fruit, the att.i.tude of the lamp spirits finally eased. They took Chen Rui through the mangrove forest to a cave.

The camouflage of the entrance to this cave was very clever. It looked like a huge sealed rock. If it weren’t for the lamp spirits to penetrate the rock directly, Chen Rui would think that it was an illusion. This camouflage effect could also be achieved with magic circles or Dragon Inscriptions, but Chen Rui didn’t feel any fluctuations in power or elements when he pa.s.sed through it, so he couldn’t help but to secretly wonder.

There were more than 20 lamp spirits in the cave, but the light patterns on their bodies were quite dim, and it was obvious that their energy was severely insufficient to partic.i.p.ate in the battle.

Genie came to a strange object which was about 3 meters high. It seemed to be some kind of delicate instrument.

Genie put the snake blood fruits into the huge container at the top. The glow that came from Gensha’s hand was inputted into an opening of the instrument, then the instrument began to emit a colorful light. Chen Rui noticed that the snake blood fruits in the top container were rapidly disappearing, and 2 palm-sized light blue cubes appeared at the outlet below the instrument.

Chen Rui felt very familiar with the breath of the 2 cubes. When the lamp spirits saw these 2 cubes, their gaze was full of surprise.

Genie put the 2 cubes in front of the lamp spirits. The lamp spirits all stretched out their hands toward the cubes. The dim light patterns on many lamp spirits gradually became clearer. They should be absorbing the energy to restore their bodies.

As the energy depleted, the cubes began to become smaller and smaller before they finally disappeared.

Genie and Gensha did not absorb the energy of the cubes. Genie said to Chen Rui, “Thank you for your help. If possible, I hope to get those strange spring water to make more energy cubes.”

Chen Rui knew that the other party was asking a favor from him now, so naturally, he was not rus.h.i.+ng to take out his bargaining chips, “Let’s discuss this matter later, I want to know something first. It is about the Mountain Loeb Mine. This time, I came to the misty swamp due to a commission. I want to investigate and resolve the collective disappearance of the Mountain Loeb Mine miners. I hope you can give me the answer.”

“You have obtained the qualification for the inheritance test, I am about to take you to the ruins in the mine.” Gensha said, “We have been living in the ruins of an ancient civilization underground, mining the yuan mineral underground to acc.u.mulate the life energy. Normally, we hide in the ruins and rarely show up. We have no conflict with the miners. But not long ago, a powerful enemy appeared underground and occupied all the resources including the yuan mineral. Many of our companions were killed and fell into a deep sleep. We were forced to leave the underground and come to the ground surface. Due to the lack of energy, we can only compete with those snake women for the fruits…”

“What kind of enemy?” Only then Chen Rui knew why the lamp spirits “walked out” from the mine and fought with medusa.

“A very powerful enemy who is not very tall.” Genie couldn’t describe the specific characteristics of the opponent for a while, “He also has many strange servants. They all have transparent bodies, and they are not affected by our debuff magic… This feature is very similar to the goldmen you took out earlier. The miners are controlled and enslaved by them.”

Not tall? Transparent body servants? Not affected by debuff magic? Control miners’ mining?

When these keywords were combined together, an image gradually became clear in Chen Rui’s mind, and he was taken aback: The man behind the Loeb mining area incident is actually that “old friend”!

This was definitely not something to be happy about. The last time he was in the underground crystal mine in the Crystal Valley, this “old friend” was not only severely injured by Paglio and almost lost his life due to Chen Rui’s scheme, but he also lost his great wealth that was acc.u.mulated for thousands of years. It could be described as suffering a double setback. However, Paglio was there previously. If Chen Rui was to face this powerful dragon enemy who was at the peak stage of the Demon Overlord by himself, even if he used all the cards of [Royal Star Transformation], [Scorching Dragon Kill], and quasi-artifacts, there was no possibility of winning.

I initially thought that the task this time should not be difficult to complete. I didn’t expect the difficulty to be far more than I imagined. When Chen Rui was thinking about the countermeasures, Gensha said, “Chen Rui, let’s go to the mine now. The ruins are in the depths of the mine, and there are special protections there, so outsiders cannot enter, even the terrifying powerhouse.”

Chen Rui remembered that the 2 women had said before that if he could pa.s.s the test, he would get unimaginable strength and wealth. With a s.h.i.+ft in his mind, he didn’t mention that he knew the details of the enemy. He asked, “If I can get this ancient civilization inheritance. Is it enough to defeat the terrifying enemy?”

Genie replied, “Before you get the inheritance, I have no authority to disclose any relevant information. If you can get the inheritance, you will naturally understand everything. But before we take you to the mine, please give us fruits or spring water to create some energy cubes so that we can leave them to our companions in case of emergencies.”

Chen Rui noticed that although these lamp spirits were intelligent beings, they did not have too many scheming. The conditions that they put forward were solely because of the desire for energy. He nodded immediately and took out something, “I don’t know if this can be converted into the energy cubes that you need?”

Genie and Gensha looked at it together. There was a fruit in his palm which was about the size of a goose egg. It was completely red, round and translucent like a gem. It exuded a special breath.

This kind of breath was very familiar to Genie and Gensha, and they were pleasantly surprised, “What a rich life energy breath! It must be able to produce a very pure energy cube!”

Gensha took the fruit and immediately came to the instrument as she carefully put the fruit into the top container. The conversion time of this fruit was longer than those dozens of snake blood fruits. In the end, a cube of about the same size as the previous energy cubes appeared below. However, the color was not light blue, but purple-red.

“Top-level energy essence!” The lamp spirits exclaimed and gathered around.

Chen Rui’s guess came true, and he nodded secretly. The common feature of the snake blood fruit and Fountain of Vitality was that there was a hint of aura. The light blue energy cube produced earlier was clearly pure aura, so he gave the lamp spirits an aura fruit. It really produced a top-level energy essence that far exceeded expectations.

Genie took out the purple-red cube and held it in her hand as if it was a treasure. A lamp spirit asked in surprise. “Genie, Gensha, can we absorb this top-level energy essence to fully restore our strength?”

Genie and Gensha shook their heads simultaneously, “This high-purity energy is much more precious than those yuan minerals. It is the most important driving force for the restoration of the ruins’ operation. We cannot use it.”

As soon as this sentence came out, the lamp spirits all showed frustration. Chen Rui realized that the power of these lamp spirits had not really recovered. He thought for a moment, and he took out an aura fruit, “I still have some of these fruits. Let everyone regain their strength first, I hope it can help you.”

The lamp spirits all showed their surprise and grat.i.tude. Even Gensha and Genie were no exception. Gensha said excitedly, “Chen Rui, do you really have that kind of magical fruit with a high concentration of life energy? If there are many, not only the lamp spirits who fell asleep can be resurrected, even the entire ruins may be restored!”

Life energy? These words gave Chen Rui a hint of inspiration that might be related to the Super System, but he couldn’t tell it specifically suddenly.

Facing the expectant looks of the lamp spirits, Chen Rui answered vaguely, “There are some, but not many.”

Of course, he wouldn’t hand over all of it. In fact, although a large amount of aura had been exchanged with the aura fruit previously, there were still hundreds of them after the acc.u.mulation during this period.

However, the answer of just “some” made the lamp spirits cheer in unison.

This time, Genie and Gensha also absorbed the energy as well. Chen Rui was surprised to find that with the absorption of energy, the appearance of the lamp spirits was changing. The bodies that were a bit close to nothingness gradually gave people a real sense of flesh and blood. The light patterns all over their body were also converging and finally disappeared.

Next, one after another completely naked women appeared in front of his eyes. They had pale blue skin, silver hair, scarlet lips, fiery figure. Their lower bodies were bare without any hairs which gave Chen Rui a strong visual impact.

Although Chen Rui was no longer a rookie, he still felt uncomfortable among such a large number of naked women. Fortunately, it only lasted for a few minutes before the clothing and accessories began to appear on the lamp spirits. It was just that the styles of these clothes were quite exposed, and the cleavage was revealed. With the veil covering their delicate appearance, they looked s.e.xy and mysterious.

It was worth noting that the strength of the lamp spirits after the “transformation” had completely changed from before. It seemed that they had been in a state lacking energy previously, resulting in the inability to exert their true strength.

“Chen Rui, no matter whether the inheritance is successful or not, your help to the lamp spirit will never be forgotten!” Genie and Gensha folded their hands on their chests, leading the lamp spirits to salute together. The appearances and body shapes of the lamp spirits were similar. The only difference was the color of the pupil. Genie and Gensha were golden while the rest were silver and light gray. This was related to their own strength levels.

Soon after, in the depths of the main mine entrance of the Mountain Loeb Mine.

“Be careful, the enemy should not be far away. I can already feel the strange seal powers, but the entrance to the ruins is still quite some distance away. If you break in, I’m afraid that the powerhouse will be alarmed. It’s better to try to unlock these seal powers.”

It was Genie who brought Chen Rui to the mine. Gensha and the lamp spirits stayed in the cave just in case.

The terrain of the Mountain Loeb Mine was quite complex, but the scale was much smaller than that of Mountain Xilang. Genie was very familiar with this place, and she had a special sense of the “ruin” that she said. She could freely move quickly in the mine without the need for magic maps or lighting items at all.

“I’ll solve this, don’t move!” Chen Rui also felt the “seal powers” that Gensha mentioned. It was the breath of the Dragon Inscription. As expected, this inscription technique still had a familiar vibe.

Genie was surprised to see Chen Rui activate a method similar to that strange force, leading her carefully through the seal and approaching the destination step by step.

In front of a long pa.s.sage, both of them heard the sound of footsteps coming from a distance. Genie suddenly took Chen Rui’s hand and pressed him against the rock wall. She pressed against his back and said in a low voice, “Don’t move!”

This posture was quite inelegant, especially when Genie’s body was no different from ordinary people. The soft and plump pressure from behind suddenly made Chen Rui’s heart beat a little faster. Fortunately, he quickly stabilized his emotions. Seeing the lights ahead, a group of people came over.

The most eye-catching ones in the team were a few tall and crystal-clear figures which seemed to be supervisors. They were escorting a group of miners who were dragging carts that were full of minerals.

It’s really the crystal men! Chen Rui’s eyes narrowed. Crystal dragon Jacob was severely injured by Paglio in the Crystal Valley last time, and he suffered even more when he activated the peculiar red flower. Now, he must be repeating the old trick by occupying the pit and using minerals to treat his injury. However, Chen Rui did not move rashly. He already understood that Genie used a chameleon-like method to cover up their breath and form of both of them. It was just like the camouflage of the cave where the lamp spirits lived temporarily.

The crystal men and the miners pa.s.sed by them unconsciously. When the footsteps were far away, Genie let go and withdrew the power of camouflage. Chen Rui felt a little awkward, but Genie didn’t realize it at all. She continued to take his hand and walk forward.

After pa.s.sing several Dragon Inscriptions along the way, Genie took Chen Rui out of the guard range of the crystal men and continued deep into the ground. Then Chen Rui only felt the rapid changes in the surrounding scenery. After pa.s.sing through some sections of rock walls and even “diving” into the ground, finally, both of them stopped in front of a huge rock wall.

Genie’s body floated gently, and she pressed on the rock wall in a special pattern. The rock wall glowed with 7 colors which looked particularly dazzling in this dark environment.

This was a door. The appearance was not outstanding, but it gave Chen Rui an indestructible feeling. He had a hunch that even if he had the power of the peak stage of the Demon Overlord, he couldn’t shake the door a bit.

“This is the inheritance gate.” Genie said with a hint of colorful light coming out of the tip of her finger. When she tapped the small cross-shaped keyhole in the center, the keyhole gradually became human-sized which was just like the concave shape of a woman’s body. Genie raised her arms flat and walked into the concave shape. It turned out that the key to open the door was herself.

After Genie walked into the keyhole, the original thick and firm feeling of the door suddenly became thin and transparent gradually, faintly revealing the unpredictable mist behind.

“Quickly go in, the inheritance gate has a limited opening time. My life will disappear immediately. The following matters are up to you. If you can get the inheritance, then you can revive me with the heart lamp…”

Chen Rui realized that the price of opening this inheritance gate was Genie’s life. Fortunately, lamp spirits were immortal. As long as the heart lamp was not destroyed, she could be resurrected repeatedly with sufficient energy. It was somewhat similar to a corpse necromancer.

He immediately walked into the gate without hesitation. The moment he pa.s.sed the gate, the scene changed drastically. The gate and mist disappeared, and his body was suspended in a void.

A voice sounded, “Welcome, comer, are you willing to accept the test of the successor of the alchemy civilization?”

Ancient alchemy civilization? I don’t think I have heard of it before?

Since Chen Rui walked into this door, he didn’t think much about it. He replied without hesitation, “I do!”

An ancient civilization? The ruins sound like a pyramid to me ?. What would Chen Rui get in this inheritance? Knowledge, power, alchemy skills, army of lamp spirits or the control of the whole ruins? Would this inheritance let him step into the boundary of Demi-G.o.d? And… I couldn’t help thinking will the lamp spirit be included into the ‘list’??


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