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Chapter 615: Resentful Souls

In the following time, Chen Rui and the others encountered more and more undead under the sea. Sometimes, even the Dark Elemental King had to attack in person. After the Dark G.o.d s.h.i.+p encountered several close calls, they finally overcame the dangers.

Everyone knew in their hearts that the increase in danger meant that they were getting close to success from a certain perspective.

“We are quite close to the treasure place now. We have reached the border of a certain area. As long as we cross this border, we can reach the final destination shown on the map.” Chen Rui, who was wearing the Purple Flame Heart and Dodo-helmet, said after looking at the labels on the treasure map. He was currently in the treatment room, using the Yuan Recovery Tree and potion to treat the wounded. Hegel was also using the dark origin power to treat the seriously injured elite dark elemental, Helor.

Hegel was silent for a moment, “Now my vague sensing about the origin fragment seems to have increased a lot. It seems that this direction is our common destination, but we can’t let our guard down. The undead manipulator hidden in the dark may also be lurking there.”

At this time, a dark elemental hurriedly came to report, “Your Highness! Please come to the command cabin! A large number of enemies appeared in front of us!”

As soon as Hegel heard the report, he couldn’t be bothered about healing the others and immediately went to the command cabin with Chen Rui.

The crystal ball in front showed dense black figures. From the estimation of previous battles, there would be thousands of enemies in this batch. Chen Rui had gooseb.u.mps while looking at it. With the current combat power of the Dark G.o.d s.h.i.+p, even if the Dark Elemental King went out to fight, he could not clear out so many enemies.

The red light in Hegel’s eyes flickered for a moment as he asked, “You just said that we have reached the border of a certain area?”

Chen Rui nodded, “Yes, this is the label on the treasure map. If we cross this area, we should be able to reach the final location.”

“Since this is the case…” Hegel raised his head, “All sailors will immediately gather in the command cabin now! Including the wounded!”

Chen Rui didn’t ask too much. He asked Strena to pa.s.s down the command quickly. Helor also started to summon the dark elementals quickly.

Hegel did not order the attack, but he made the dark elementals stand in front of the crystal b.a.l.l.s in the 4 directions. After a while, the 4 crystal b.a.l.l.s began to emit a strange light which seemed to produce some kind of resonance. The center of the resonance was the Dark Elemental King at the center crystal ball.

Hegel’s body was surging with strong dark element power. Judging from the “hologram” of the crystal ball in the center, the entire sh.e.l.l of the Dark G.o.d s.h.i.+p was twisting strangely. The shape began to grow gradually from a tortoise to become a kind of fish.

The foremost enemies had approached and launched an attack, but the Dark G.o.d s.h.i.+p ignored it and continued to transform.

“Swordfish?” Now Chen Rui was no longer a rookie who just entered the Dead Sea. At a glance, he recognized the flying swordfish that the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles had transformed into. It was a very aggressive sea creature and looked a bit like a saury in Chen Rui’s memory. This kind of fish was 1 of the predators of the Dead Sea which moved very fast. Its body was as long as a knife, and its head and fins were equipped with sharp bone blades. In fact, those blades were tiny digesters that moved at a high speed with a strong acid hydrolysis effect that could even easily cut metal.

In the difficult situation of withstanding the opponent’s constant attacks, the Dark G.o.d s.h.i.+p finally completed the transformation from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to Saury.

The red light in Dark Elemental King’s eyes was flouris.h.i.+ng. He instructed, “Hold tight!”

The body of “saury” burned with black flames resembling flames which looked particularly dazzling on the dim seabed with no sunlight. Then, the entire Dark G.o.d s.h.i.+p thrust forward at an incomprehensible speed like a sharp arrow that was released from the string. It was as if the originally slow sightseeing s.h.i.+p suddenly activated its nuclear-powered thrusters.

Although Chen Rui and the other sailors were already reminded, they didn’t expect it to be so fast. Many people fell and stumbled. The Dark Elemental King’s roar came, “Aguile! Report the location!”

Chen Rui, who had just stabilized his figure, knew that this was a critical juncture. He looked at the labels on the treasure map and replied aloud, “29 degrees east…, then 12 degrees north!”

The Dark G.o.d s.h.i.+p which transformed into a swordfish directly cut into the group of undead sea beasts like a sharp knife. Whether it was a Demon Emperor or Demon Overlord sea beast, they were torn apart by the terrifying sharp qi before they got close.

This sharp knife thrust forward according to the direction reported by Chen Rui and broke through the encirclement of thousands of undead sea beasts. Behind it were the shattered huge skeletons.

However, when the speed of “saury” slowed down gradually, a lot of cracks appeared on the 4 crystal b.a.l.l.s due to overload. Most of the dark elementals’ bodies were close to translucent. Some of them with serious injuries or weak power were even annihilated. The Dark Elemental King’s body trembled, emitting a lot of black smoke.

Obviously, the price to be paid for this form of brute force attack just now was not small.

When Chen Rui’s thoughts moved slightly, a Yuan Recovery Tree appeared in the center of the crystal ball. The Yuan Recovery Tree emitted a thin green mist which spread out. The fading dark elementals gradually slowed down, and the black smoke coming out of the Dark Elemental King also began to go back into his body.

Hegel glanced at Chen Rui and nodded. The Dark G.o.d s.h.i.+p suddenly shook violently as if it had hit something, then it penetrated through again.

In the broken crystal ball, the light had dimmed. Even the magic crystal light had lost its function.

Soon, the darkness turned into light, and then everyone felt a sense of weightlessness. It seemed that the Dark G.o.d s.h.i.+p had lost the buoyancy of the water and fell from a certain height. Hegel’s eyes flashed in red light, and the Dark G.o.d s.h.i.+p’s falling speed immediately slowed down a lot.

This kind of descent continued for several hours. n.o.body knew how deep it was. Just when everyone was almost used to it, it finally fell to the bottom.

The crystal ball showed a vast expanse of whiteness nearby, but no specific scene could be seen. When Chen Rui came to the battle exit that Hegel opened, the sight in front of him surprised him. It is the long-lost dry ground and light outside. There is actually no more water on the “seabed”!

No, to be precise, the water should be in the sky. The waves of water can be seen faintly in the sky. This is a huge s.p.a.ce isolated from the bottom of the deep sea. On Earth, this scene can only appear in fantasy novels. Even in the Demon Realm, this cannot be done without substantial power.

In the distance, a white tower-shaped building could be seen faintly. It seemed to be the source of the entire light.

The Dark Elemental King, Strena and others who came to the exit also saw this scene. Everyone had an idea in their hearts: The Dark Dragon Emperor treasure! Only the legendary Dark Dragon Emperor has such a powerful ability to build such a strange treasure land on the seabed.

After determining the external dry land environment, the sailors walked out of the Dark G.o.d s.h.i.+p. At this time, one could see that the swordfish of the Dark G.o.d s.h.i.+p had been ruined. The crisscrossed crystal sh.e.l.l looked dull. Many parts were deformed due to melting.

Hegel frowned. There was a crystal ball in his hand which was the “holographic” center crystal ball.

Chen Rui saw that the Dark Elemental King had the intention of discarding this big saury, so he asked, “Is Your Highness Hegel leaving the Dark G.o.d s.h.i.+p here?”

Hegel shook his head, “The Dark G.o.d s.h.i.+p has been severely damaged and has basically lost the value of repair. It is better to recreate one with the crystallization of dark elements at the Dark Furnace.”

Dark Furnace? Chen Rui felt a bit familiar with this name, but it was not the time to figure it out now, “Then…Your Highness wouldn’t mind giving this sc.r.a.pped guy to me, right?”

“These dark element crystals should be a huge wealth for demons.” Hegel glanced at him with disdain, “Greedy and shallow young man, you still don’t understand what real wealth is after experiencing so many life and death battles?”

“No, 1 of my teachers who is also the maker of the Devil’s Snare s.h.i.+p…”

“I don’t have time to listen to your nonsense, that treasure map is enough to explain everything.” Hegel said contemptuously, “Since you’ve been saving the dark elementals on the way, this abandoned s.h.i.+p will be given to you.”

“So… please accept my shallow grat.i.tude.” Chen Rui was quite speechless for the Dark Elemental King being so presumptuous. He just said something, lest Master Hegel changed his mind again.

I’ll just be a shallow guy then. I’ve always thought of myself as an ordinary otaku who is greedy for money and l.u.s.t rather than a hypocrite who pretends to be a gentleman. Especially when I have an empire and my own team behind me now. The reconstruction of ancient civilization alone requires a lot of money.

Money is not omnipotent, but nothing is possible without money. This sentence is also applicable in the Demon Realm. Although the Dark Dragon Emperor treasure is secondary to saving Isabella, I must definitely not miss it since I am here already. Not to mention the most important origin fragment is also inside.

After the shallow guy accepted the Dark G.o.d s.h.i.+p which was nearly sc.r.a.pped, they began to move toward the white tower.

The white tower didn’t seem to be far away, but when they walked, they realized that it was only a little closer after walking for nearly half a day.

Chen Rui took out the treasure map and the Purple Flame Heart The light of these 2 items had turned into pale golden. The golden dot shown on the map was obviously the location of the White Tower! Just when he took out the treasure map and Purple Flame Heart, the surrounding waves suddenly began to change. A large number of strange ripples appeared in the distant air, extending rapidly toward this side like ocean waves.

When Chen Rui looked at it, his expression suddenly changed. This is not a ‘wave.’ It is a flying translucent phantom!

Phantom is an undead transformed from a deceased who had a strong amount of spirit power during his lifetime. It has a strong immunity to physical damage, but it is very rare. Even Guradam has only a phantom brigade of thousands. The number of these phantoms in front is astonis.h.i.+ng. They are swarming densely like waves. According to the preliminary visual observation, there are at least 1 million people! This is the real sea of the ​​undead! In comparison, Guradam’s army of undead is only a drop in the ocean. This means how many creatures must be sacrificed to create it?

The sea of ​​phantoms had come to the front in an instant, surrounding Chen Rui and others. The sky was full of translucent undead soul creatures flying around intertwined with ghastly sounds. This atmosphere was quite terrifying and creepy. Even the dark elementals who were immune to magic like [Terror] couldn’t help but show a nervous expression.

As for Dodo, he had already turned into a puddle of transparent slime, trembling on the ground. He was just praying that he would not be discovered by the enemy.

Chen Rui’s [a.n.a.lytical Eyes] was densely packed with the enemies’ information, but the “race” column showed not the phantom he imagined, but…

“Resentful souls?” Chen Rui blurted out.

“Yes, it is resentful souls!” Hegel’s eyes showed solemnity, “Resentful souls are undead that cannot rest in peace for some reason. Pain and hatred breed a powerful power which is difficult to be killed. Their strength is far greater than the phantom. There is no shelter here. Everyone, immediately forms a circle. Don’t take the initiative to attack first. Watch out!”

It was the first time Chen Rui heard of the resentful souls. He asked hurriedly, “How can we deal with them?”

The Dark Elemental King sneered, “The best way to deal with these things is the d.a.m.n light element magic. Oh right, you can take out your d.a.m.n sword.

Chen Rui was quite speechless when he heard the adjective that the Dark Elemental King used consecutively with a strong subjective derogatory tone. Now that the enemy was present, he had no time to be bothered about it. The Northsea Sword suddenly appeared in his hand. The Northsea’s trump card of energy acc.u.mulation, [Flow Back to Origin], was a light element and water element attack. With the power of Thunderous Sound, it should have a pretty good effect on these resentful souls, but the number of resentful souls is too much. How long can I hold on in this sea of ​​resentful souls without activating the [Royal Star Transformation], even with the help of Strena and Hegel?

These resentful souls gave Strena a different feeling. Her green eyes were intertwined with horror, shock, and anger. She was sobbing unknowingly.

“At least one-third of this place is the resentful souls of the nagas! Even though I don’t have the sensing power of Adeline, I can still clearly feel the inextricable sorrow and pain.” Strena grasped Chen Rui’s shoulder tremblingly, “I know that you have a special power that is different from the others. Please find a way to help liberate them. As long as you can do it, I can promise you any request!

“I’ll do my best.” Chen Rui smiled bitterly. The last sentence of the female naga warrior made him sweat a little. Let alone help these resentful souls, it is still a problem whether I can protect myself.

At this moment, the front of the resentful souls suddenly separated, and a black figure appeared. The blurry image gradually became clearer.

“Hehe! You have some insight to be able to recognize the resentful souls at a glance.” The figure made a chilling voice, “Welcome to the Land of Hatred. Guests from afar, are you satisfied with my welcome ceremony?”

TL: Is it the Dark Dragon Emperor himself?


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