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Chapter 76: Encounter at the Princess Retail Store

When he finally woke up, it was already noon the next day. Chen Rui felt that his spirit had restored about 30%, then he drank another bottle of exchanged Spirit Recovery Potion. Although he found out the wonder of , he had paid a certain price for his eagerness. Spirit was not only the fuel of magic casting, but it was also the source of will and senses. Under spirit deficiency, forced training would be counterproductive. Therefore, Chen Rui planned to wait until he fully recovered before he started training again.

He once experimented in the ordinary training ground with time rule. However, the time rule was not helpful with the recovery of spirit in this situation. He quitted helplessly and wasted 2000 auras. It seemed that he could only rely on potions and sleep to recover. was really powerful, but in the future, this skill should be used cautiously after a.s.sessing the situation.

It would take approximately 2 more days to fully recover his spirit. In terms of time, it could be supplemented by the training ground’s rules. However, it seemed that a lot of auras were needed. Drinking the black potions back then was indeed impulsive. Yet, facing the temptation of permanently increasing strength by drinking potions, leaving 120,000 auras was good enough.

After taking into account the True Spirit Potion and the 20,000 auras consumed last night on , he only had 90,000 auras left. Aura was like money as it was lost as fast as it came. However, within these gains and losses, his personal strength was increased, so there was nothing to regret.

Among the black potions, Eternal Body and Eternal Spirit potions were yet to exchanged and their budget was 200,000 auras. 8-fold gravity, 10-fold time rules or even 100-fold time rule required more auras. The 160,000 black crystal coins he got from Silva previously had about 80,000 left now. Yet, there wasn’t much aura material left in the market after being scoured by the old dwarf lately.

However, Chen Rui already had an idea long ago. Otherwise, he wouldn’t exchange for the black potions recklessly.

That was Mountain Xilang. Mountain Xilang’s “abandoned mines” were a useless waste for ordinary people; for Chen Rui, it was a much-needed source of aura, and there were a lot of them! Based on the information, these abandoned mines appeared four hundred years ago. It was probably produced by a special “pollution” of the underground demonic beast. In other words,, Mountain Xilang had acc.u.mulated these “abandoned mines” for a few hundred years. Although one piece could only provide two digits worth of aura which was far worse than the magic materials in terms of “quality”, it had a rather scary number in terms of “quant.i.ty”.

Danger and opportunity always come hand in hand. Chen Rui decided to go to Mountain Xilang before the duel with Arux. Yet, but before that, he had to get a map. Otherwise, flying aimlessly would only be a waste on time even if he had the wyverns.

When Chen Rui was thinking, the imp knocked on the door, “Master, are you there?”

Under normal circ.u.mstances, Slee wouldn’t disturb, so Chen Rui got up and opened the door, “What’s the matter, Slee?”

“Princess Royal asked for your presence at the council hall.”

Chen Rui knew that Shea wouldn’t interrupt his “inheritance test” for no reason, so there must be something important. Besides, his spirit hadn’t recovered, and it wasn’t appropriate to train. Thus, he immediately rushed to the council hall.

In the council hall, other than Shea, there was also a beautiful figure that Chen Rui hadn’t seen for a long time. Considering the time spent in the training ground, it had been several months. To be honest, he kind of missed her. Especially at the moment of life and death, this figure was one of the reasons that triggered him to breakthrough.

“Chen Rui!” The familiar voice sounded with surprises. It was the familiar short, purple hair and red eyes. However, the blush that flashed past her face seemed a little strange.

“Athena!” Chen Rui was also very happy, “Have you fully adapted to your Higher Demon’s strength?”

“Yes! However, I could barely reach the level of Early Higher Demon. It will become increasingly difficult after this.” Athena nodded strongly. The moment that she looked at him, her face suddenly became worried, “What happened to you? Are you unwell? Have you taken any treatment?”

Due to the sequelae of , Chen Rui’s current spirit state was very bad; Athena noticed it in a glance.

“Yes. Something happened, but it doesn’t matter. I just have to take a few days off.”

Feeling Athena’s undisguised concern, Chen Rui’s heart was warm. He then heard Shea also said, “In terms of the mission, you don’t have to force yourself. The Cloak Gang that you mentioned last time has become one of the reserve forces of the imperial guards.”

“I understand, Princess Royal.”

Chen Rui realized Shea’s first half of the sentence was a hidden concern; she was talking about the “inheritance test”. Although she seemed cold in front of Athena, it was still warm in his heart. The latter half of the sentence indicated Shea’s att.i.tude toward “Aguile” that she had undoubtedly recognized Chen Rui’s trust in Aguile.

However, if it’s just about Athena and the Cloak Gang, Shea wouldn’t specifically summon him to the council hall, so he was waiting for Shea to continue.

“The quarterly meeting will be held tomorrow morning; you have to be present.”

Meeting? Royce seems to have mentioned it before. It’s so rare for me to rest for two days, but I still have to work overtime. I don’t even know if I can fight for employee’s benefit…

“I didn’t want you to attend this meeting, but Joseph and the representatives of several families wanted to see you as the new secretary, so it’s hard to refuse. Usually, such a request is reasonable, but Joseph will not speak without thinking. At the meeting, be wary of him making a fuss with your human ident.i.ty. If you really can’t do it, you can quit your position as a secretary.”

Chen Rui then realized that it was the nasty-nice Joseph playing tricks at the back; he absolutely had no good intentions. It seemed he had to be very careful during tomorrow’s meeting. Yet, as Shea said, if he really couldn’t do it, then he could just quit his position as a secretary. If he had no desire for power and wealth, Joseph wouldn’t have a chance to make a fuss. With Shea’s trust in him, he would still do whatever he needed to do.

Shea saw him nodded and knew that Chen Rui knew what he should do. She didn’t say anything else and placed a s.p.a.ce bracelet on the table, “This is the superior vine stones that Joseph brought back from the Red Spirit Estate. Alice told me that she promised to give her 6 pieces to you. So, the 100 pieces inside and the s.p.a.ce bracelet are yours.”

100 pieces! Shouldn’t it be 66 pieces?

Chen Ruil looked surprised; he almost imitated the old dwarf to say “Princess Royal’s generosity is comparable to the Demon Realm’s two moons”. However, he knew that Shea didn’t like to listen to such flattery so he simply said, “Thank you, Your Royal Highness!”

For Chen Rui who possessed the storage warehouse currently, that s.p.a.ce bracelet had little value. Besides, he already had Silva’s s.p.a.ce ring. Moreover, after achieving the Mizar state, the capacity of the storage warehouse had expanded a lot. Now, there were a lot of s.p.a.ces but little things. However, s.p.a.ce equipment in the Demon Realm was relatively rare. That was also her beauty boss’ kindness, so he had to accept it.

Shea nodded slightly. She took a look at Chen Rui then took at Athena. She suddenly lowered her head and looked at the file in her hands. She said without lifting her head, “Athena just finished her training, and she hasn’t seen Alice. You guys should visit the Princess Retail Store. I believe Alice will be really happy to see both of you.”

Athena also wanted to see Alice, so she left the palace with Chen Rui.

“Chen Rui, didn’t Princess Royal a.s.sign you with a two-months mission? How’s it going?”

“There’s still half left.” Chen Rui thought of one thing, “By the way, Athena, have you been to Mountain Xilang?”

“Yes! The first year when I just came to the Dark Moon, I once went there to train.” Athena nodded, “It’s just that the bandits hadn’t spread their wings to the mines back then.”

“So… how long will it take to reach by riding a wyvern?” Seeing there weren’t many people around, Chen Rui whispered.

“Do you want to train long-distance flying with the beasts?” Athena’s eyes lit up.

Chen Rui clearly wouldn’t tell the truth, so he went along and asked, “Actually, it’s just a rough idea. Can you answer me?”

Athena blinked and replied, “The wyvern’s flying ability is strong, but there is a limit. You must choose a place to rest and feed wyvern along the way. Also, you have to choose a safe place to rest at night. If you go alone, it will probably take around 6 days even with a map. So, if you decide to do this kind of training, you can save at least half the time if you have an experienced guide.”

Athena wasn’t a deceitful person after all. The eager expression on her pretty face had clearly written the words “I am the guide”. Chen Rui smiled slightly, but his mind was calculating: 6 days. The journey back and forth will be 12 days. I have to fight Arux in less than a month’s time. I’m definitely in a hurry. Do I really need to bring this guide along?

As they spoke, the two had already arrived at the Princess Retail Store. They saw customers leaving the store one after another, and they constantly looked back. It seemed that something had happened in the store.

Chen Rui and Athena walked in and saw that only the succubus and the imp responsible for serving were left on the first floor. Kaguli, who was in charge of the “security” was gone. A group of people were blocking and confronting at the end of the stairs to the second floor. So, the two quickly approached.


A greeting from the entrance on the second floor made Athena frowned, and her good mood suddenly became bad. When everyone heard it, they moved and made way.

It was Athena’s most disliked person, the sheriff and general of the guards, Alan. Karon.

“It turns out to be Athena and our new Dark Moon secretary, Sir Chen Rui.”

Another voice with a hidden dagger behind a smile sounded which also made Chen Rui felt uncomfortable. Yet, he still politely bowed, “Sir Joseph.”

It turned out that the two parties that were confronting were Joseph’s and Alan’s men. Joseph was still smiling, but Royce and Vasasha behind him had a strong hostility toward Alan’s men.

Although Alan had more subordinates, none of them were Higher Demon. Under the intimidation, they seemed afraid; it had the taste of trying hard to look imposing. It was mainly because Karon Family’s strongest Higher Demon, Sarado was badly injured fighting with Arux. Also, Mikas was dead. Alan didn’t have any powerhouse to put up a front, so he could only rely on the quant.i.ty to barely intimidate.

“Sir Secretary seems to be unwell?” Joseph noticed Chen Rui’s dispirited state, and he asked with concern.

Chen Rui knew that Joseph didn’t have a good intention, so he replied, “I’m sorry for showing this side of me to sir. I have a weak body since I was a child. I have been seriously ill recently, and I didn’t come out much.”

Joseph looked at Athena and smiled meaningfully, “So that’s the case. No wonder our Great Demon race’s genius girl hasn’t shown herself lately.”

When he said that sentence, Chen Rui could feel a pair of smoldering eyes staring at his face. It was Alan. Chen Rui had gotten used to this kind of look, so he couldn’t care less. However, with one sentence, Joseph deflected Alan’s anger toward Chen Rui. Joseph was indeed sinister.

“Athena! Is your training finally over?” The two parties were separated, and Alice’s surprised voice sounded.

Now, everyone had gathered.


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