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第8話 借金
Chapter 8 – Loan

MTL: uniquegasuki
Editor/ Proofreader: (not proofread)

「Haruto-san, please get up.」 (Lora)
Haruto awoken to the sound of Lora’s voice as her body weight was pressed against him. When he opened his eyes, Haruto saw that Lora was sitting on top of his stomach.

「What are you doing?」 (Haruto)
「I’m waking you up. Is it not every man’s dream to have a beautiful girl wake them up this way?」 (Lora)
「Beautiful girl? That is something a mischief child does. Now hurry and get off me.」 (Haruto)
「Alright.」 (Lora)
She jumps off Haruto’s stomach. As Haruto gets up, he notices there was a broom & dustpan nearby where the bucket & dust cloth was.
「Were you cleaning?」 (Haruto)
「Yes, please entrust the cleaning to me.」 (Lora)
Haruto silently walked over to the window and traced his finger around the window frame. He showed the dust that was attached to his finger to Lora.
「This is clean?」 (Haruto)
「What, are you a mother-in-law!! I understand, I will redo it.」 (Lora)
Lora sighs. Once more, she goes to squeeze out the dust cloth in the bucket.
「When you finish cleaning, go wash your face. We will go have breakfast when you have everything done. Afterward, we will are making the soap.」 (Haruto)
「Roger!」 (Lora)
Lora gave a lively reply.

「Next you put in lye.」 (Haruto)
「I see, after the oil, lye is added…… it sure is strange.」 (Lora)

Outside the castle wall, Haruto is heating up a pot with oil and lye mixed in.

「Haruto-san, does everyone in your country make soap?」 (Lora)
「It is nothing like that. When I was 4 years old, I made it with my parents and from then onwards, it became a hobby of mine. This type of soap is far from the kind that is sold on the market. In truth, sodium hydroxide would do better than lye.」 (Haruto)
「In other words, it would make a better quality soap……」 (Lora)

He puts firewood into the fire as to not let the flames extinguish. It gets rather hot when working around a fire for a long time.

「Haruto-san, here is some water.」 (Lora)
「Thanks. How thoughtful of you.」 (Haruto)

Haruto drinks from the flask that was handed to him. While he drinks from the flask, Haruto recalled that Lora had drank from it also. Finding the matter to be trivial, he wasn’t bothered by it.

As he waited for the soap to be completed, Haruto chats with Lora.

「The last step is to add salt.」 (Haruto)
After saying so, Haruto added salt into the pot.
「Haruto-san, is it alright if I ask a question?」 (Lora)
「Sure, I will try to answer your question the best I can.」 (Haruto)
Haruto replied. Although he doesn’t know the fine details, since it is his hobby, Haruto has a rough understanding of the topic.

「Why add salt? Is it for seasoning or something?」 (Lora)
Haruto was outright surprised. Naturally, the salt wasn’t being used as a seasoning.
「That isn’t it!! This isn’t cooking! Simply put, making the water salty will cause the soap to separate. That is why the soap floats to the top.」 (Haruto)
Upon Haruto’s explanation, Lora tilted her head in puzzlement.
「I somewhat get it and I somewhat don’t……」 (Lora)
「Which is it! Whatever. It is fine even if you don’t understand.」 (Haruto)

Afterward, the separated soap is collected into 5 bottles and 10 bars. The 10 are left to dry into solid bars of soap. As the area around here is similar to j.a.pan’s dry season, it will take about 3 weeks for the soap to fully dry.

When the work ended, Haruto looked up towards the sky. The sun was shining brightly above him.
「Haruto-san, here is a lunch box.」 (Lora)
Lora got close to Haruto and handed him a sandwich that was made by Marceau.

「At any rate, even though we spent all that time working, there is only this much…… as expected, to run thw business we are going to need a bigger pot and more helpers.」 (Haruto)
Being ignorant of how to run a business, Haruto has no choice but to rely on Lora’s guidance.
「How much do you think the soap should be sold for?」 (Haruto)
Lora showed a slightly troubled expression upon hearing Haruto’s question.
「Considering the price of bubble-berry, we should market the soap at an affordable price of around 500.」 (Lora)
Upon hearing Lora’s opinion, Haruto decided to set the price at 500 Doraria. He found it rea.s.suring to hear the opinion of a specialist.
「Well, shall we return to the inn.」 (Lora)
As she said this, Lora stood up.

「Haruto-san please wait here. I will put the soap in our room.」 (Lora)
Haruto hands Lora 4 bottles and kept 1 bottle of soap. Lora was puzzled by his actions.
「I promised to sell a bottle to Hannah-san. I must express my grat.i.tude to her.」 (Haruto)
Lora consented to what Haruto had said.
「Haruto-san, it seems you know your way around. I get it.」 (Lora)

Having separated from Lora, Haruto goes to search for Hannah. Maria and Hannah were out back doing laundry.
「Hannah-san, this is soap. Here you go.」 (Haruto)
When Haruto handed over the soap, Hannah made a delighted expression.
「Thank you. I just happen to be in the middle of doing laundry. How much will it be?」 (Haruto)
「I plan to market the soap for 500 Doraria, but this time around, I would like you to accept this as a gift to show my grat.i.tude.」 (Haruto)
She makes a broad smile.
「Well, thank you. Do take care now.」 (Hannah)
「Yes, likewise.」 (Haruto)
Haruto smiled as Hannah expressed her grat.i.tude.

「Lora, why are you carrying soap with you?」 (Lora)
After separating from Hannah, this was the first thing Haruto said to Lora. Although she had gone to put the soap away, Lora was carrying 1 bottle of soap.
「I thought that by bringing this to show them, it would be easier to get a loan.」 (Lora)
Says Lora. Haruto consented and they begin to get moving.

After walking for a short while, he doesn’t recall having asked from where they are getting a loan.
「Lora, who are we going to borrow money from?」 (Haruto)
Lora made a mischief smile upon hearing Haruto’s question.
「Haruto-san, it will be from someone you have met once before.」 (Lora)
He doesn’t recall having met any moneylender. While being puzzled over the matter, they arrive in front of the slave trading company building.

「Hey, Lora. You don’t mean to borrow money from……」 (Haruto)
「Yes, from Wujek・Malthus.」 (Lora)
Certainly, that person does have the eyes of a debt collector. However, Wujek is a person who manages a slave trading company. Although, it is true that the slave trade company is run by the government. In other words, Wujek is a civil servant. It is not certain that he will lend them money. Haruto listens to what Lora has to say.

「Haruto-san, are you aware of how this county’s system is run; you see, the input of influential merchants weighs heavily on politic’s in Clarice. That is why public services in Clarice are run by merchants and shopkeepers. Wujek・Malthus is among the top 5 wealthiest merchants in Clarice. This is only natural as he manages a slave trading business.」 (Lora)

It seems that it isn’t strange for a slave trading company to also deal with loans and debt collection. But still, corruption and politics seem to walk side-by-side.

Somewhat consenting to it, Haruto enters the slave trading company building with Lora. They look around but Wujek is nowhere in sight. Haruto goes over to the clerk and requests to speak with Wujek.

「Ah, Haruto-san. Can you do the negotiations? I am not good at these kinds of things.」 (Lora)
Haruto thought it was strange that a merchant’s daughter was bad at negotiation’s; however, in truth, Haruto’s blessing is better suited from such things.

A short while later, Wujek emerged from the interior.

「What, I thought it might be someone, but it just you? So, what is it you need from me?」 (Wujek)
While talking business, Haruto uses his blessing.
「I would like you to lend me some money. This person will be the collateral.」 (Haruto)
Haruto points to Lora. Wujek responses with a frown.
「Well, you plan to use this person as your collateral at your own convenience…… will there be any prospect of repayment?」(Wujek: What is this person saying; why use the slave he went to great trouble to help as collateral on a loan? Whatever, I will make a profit anyways.)
Wujek doesn’t seem to have a problem with the idea but he does find Haruto’s behavior to be unusual.

「There is a means to repay the loan. Lora, can you hand that to him.」 (Haruto)
Lora hands the bottle of soap over to Wujek.
「This is called soap. It has a similar effect to bubble-berry. I made this. It cost about 300 to create.」 (Haruto)

When Haruto said this, Wujek showed a surprised expression for a brief moment but his expression quickly returned back to his poker-face.
「Hmm, may I try it out?」 (Wujek: Similar to bubble-berry…… this certainly could be a profitable money-making idea.)
「Ah, consider that my present to you.」 (Haruto)

Upon hearing Haruto’s reply, Wujek disappears inside the interior of the building. A short while later, Wujek returns with a grin on his face.

「I see. Although it is not bubble-berry, the quality is quite high. Is this really 300?」 (Wujek: What in the world is this thing? I have never heard of this before.)
Wujek appeared to be considerably surprised. Haruto is thankful for having this blessing as being able to understand what the other person is thinking gives him an advantage in negotiations.
「She and I made this together. It cost about 300 to make 1 bottle. The money I borrow from you will be used to prepare a facility to cheaply ma.s.s produce the soap. So how about it, will you lend me the money?」 (Haruto)
Haruto was direct with his question. Wujek’s eyes lit up as when he heard Haruto say this.

「Ah, I see. You don’t seem to be lying. Alright, I will finance you the money. How about…… 5 million, will that be enough?」 (I don’t mind lending you 7 or even 10 million.)
Next, Haruto and Lora were the ones who were surprised. Lora at best thought they would get at least 2.5 million; however, they got double what she has antic.i.p.ated.

「Hey, are you sane? I’ll say it again, Lora will be the collateral.」 (Haruto)
Haruto repeats his previous statement, but Wujek merely laughs and say,
「Haha, of course I’m sane. With what you are planning to sell, the debt can be paid back. Oh yeah, I could lend you some land. You will have to build a factory, right. Ah! In exchange, you could use yourself as collateral. How about it?」 (Wujek: This guy seems to have merit. At worst, information can always be extracted from a slave.)
This person seems to be sinister to the core.

「Why are you so willing to finance me the loan? What are your intentions?」 (Haruto)
Haruto directly asks this of Wujek. Even if the person doesn’t speak, Haruto’s blessing will provide an answer.

「Simple. It is in the interest of the nation of Clarice. Recently, there has been excessive amounts of goods being imported from the east and as a result, too much money is leaving the City-State Union and Clarice. With the soap you are planning on selling, the amount of money leaving the country would decrease. That is why I am willing to finance your business. As such, my backing you will strengthen my position in Clarice.」 (Wujek: furthermore, this person’s business will eventually be successful. The more this he borrows, the better, whether is be 2.5 million or 5 million.)

Either way, it doesn’t seem to be a trick. Anyhow, Wujek seems to have a high opinion of him.
Behind him, Lora pulls on Haruto’s sleeve. She whispers something into his ear.

「It is alright, I don’t smell anything bad. I believe it is alright to receive money from here.」 (Lora)
Lora’s profit (money) sensing blessing doesn’t detect anything wrong. It seems alright to brazenly accept Wujek’s offer. At any rate, it won’t make a difference as to whether Haruto borrows 2.5 million or 5 million.

「Understood. I will accept your offer.」 (Haruto)
When Haruto say this, Wujek took out a pen and paper from inside his clothes.
「I thought you would say that. This here will be the loan contract. I recommend you look over it carefully.」 (Wujek)

Haruto carefully reads over the contract before letting Lora read over it.
「Haruto-san, it doesn’t particularly seem suspicious.」 (Lora)
Wujek showed a strained smile. It is quite pitiful that they still doubt him.

Haruto signs the loan contract. Wujek safely places the signed paper inside his cloth, close to his bosom.
「Tomorrow, stop by here in the morning. I will show you the plot of land that will be lend to you and I ‘ll give you some advice. Now, take care.」 (Wujek)
「I didn’t think you would be this generous. Likewise, take care.」 (Haruto)
Haruto shakes hands with Wujek. This was the time that the two became business a.s.sociates.

「Hey, how are you holding up?」 (Lora)
After having left the slave trading building, Lora mutters this.
「Well, it isn’t like you did anything.」 (Haruto)
Haruto says this with a bitter smile on this face.
「Umm, are you not the person who is trying to sell me off, you must have been nervous or stressed.」 (Lora)
Certainly, if she puts it that way, it would seem so. Haruto had bought Lora yesterday. Because of how hectic these past few days have been, Haruto’s perception of reality had become unusual.

「That reminds me, do you know the location of the bathhouses in this country?」 (Haruto)
「Yes, there is a total of 5 bathhouses here. What about it?」 (Lora)
Without interest, Lora replied to Haruto’s question.
「In my country, it was normal to take a bath every day. These days I have merely been wiping my body with hot water and my patience has reached it limit.」 (Haruto)
「Everday? The people who live in Clarice (and other City-States, as well as the kingdom to the south), only rich people can bath every day. Haruto-san, your country is amazing. 」 (Lora)

Lora looks up at Haruto as she said this. Haruto nods.
「That is right. Do you know of the cheapest place? I would also like you to teach me the bathing etiquette.」 (Haruto)
「Okay. For now, let us put away the loan contract. I’m am concerned so, can we purchase a safe? I know just the right shop to get one from.」 (Lora)

She is right, they will need a place to store their future valuables. Haruto gives his approval and they buy a small yet st.u.r.dy safe.

「Come on, we have purchased the safe, let’s hurry to a bathhouse.」 (Haruto)

Haruto urges Lora to get going. They return to the inn to get a towel and change of clothes before going to the bath house.

The bathhouse was quite s.p.a.cious. Perhaps he was early as Haruto was the only guest present. It costed Haruto 10,000 Doraria to use the bath.

Lora informed Haruto about this world’s bath etiquette. It wasn’t much different from the j.a.panese bath etiquette. Basically, they are not allowed to bring in their own items, and they must purchase 1 bubble-berry.

Haruto whisks the bubble-berry and rubs it on his body.
「Haruto-san, shall I wash your back for you?」 (Lora)

He turns his head and sees Lora standing there in the nude. As soon as he saw her naked body, Haruto’s face turned red.
「H-hey! Why are you here!!」 (Haruto)
「What do you mean? This is a mixed bath. Did I forget to mention it?」 (Lora)
Of corse, she never told him. Lora had set Haruto up.

With a broad grin on her face, Lora approached Haruto. Seeing his perplexed expression, Lora wanted to tease him more.

「Besides, it is a slave’s duty to wash their owner’s body. Hey, give me your towel.」 (Lora)
Lora s.n.a.t.c.hes away Haruto’s towel and then begins to wash his back.
「Does it feel good?」 (Lora)
By chance, Lora’s remark startled Haruto. He was reminded of the fact that Lora is female.

「Haha, thanks. I can wash the rest myself.」 (Haruto)
Upon him saying so, Lora obediently returns his towel. As expected, she wasn’t going to go that far.

Having finished washing their body, Haruto and Lora go to soak in the bathtub. Although Haruto tries to put some distance between himself and Lora, Lora immediately closed the s.p.a.ce between them.

「Hey now, if you keep this up, I really will attack.」 (Haruto)
Haruto silently whispers.
「Oh no, I’ll be a.s.saulted……」 (Lora)

Lora’s face became bright red and she falls silent. As Haruto has learned, being on the offensive is better than running away.

「At any rate, I have borrowed money. A large amount at that. It will be terrible if I can’t pay it back.」 (Haruto)
Haruto laughs as Lora silently sat there.
「Yep. But it will be alright. You will surely be able to return it.」 (Lora)
The topic changed. Although her face was still red, she gave a response to Haruto.

「Your face is beet red. Perhaps, you should get up?」 (Haruto)
Haruto grins as he points out the fact to Lora.
「N-no, it isn’t that.」 (Lora)
Lora had dug her own grave.
「I’m mistaken? So, you’re not feeling faint because of the bath?」 (Haruto)
「……Haruto-san, you meanie.」 (Lora)
As they bathe in the tub, Haruto continues to tease Lora.

Income: 5 Million

Expense: 20,000 (purchase of safebox)
Debt: 5 Million

Total Remaining Balance: 5.79 Million
(Actual) a.s.sets: 790,000


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