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Chapter 136: Besiege the Silver-Winged Lion King and Wipe It Out in One Move!

When Black Shark appeared, everyone present was shocked.

“Isn’t this the Black Shark on the leaderboard? He’s ranked 20th!”

“It’s actually the Black Shark Guild. Could it be that they’re planning to kill the boss?”

For a moment, the crowd became noisy.

At this moment.

“Black shark, this isn’t your territory. You said that this boss was discovered by you first. Is this boss yours?”

At this moment, a savage-looking man with a gigantic ax in each of his hands walked out from the crowd and said.

“Wait, this person is the guild leader of the Battle Ax Guild, the fifth strongest player on the leaderboard?”

“That’s right, it’s him. Look, there are many guild members behind him!”

“Oh my G.o.d, I never thought that two such large guilds would actually appear here!”

For a moment, the crowd was in an uproar.

“Humph! Battle Ax, are you looking for trouble?” Guild leader Black Shark’s face revealed a hint of hatred.

“Hehe, I’m not looking for trouble. I just want to say that the boss doesn’t belong to you alone!

“So many people have seen it. Do you want to keep it all for yourself?”

A hint of a smile appeared on guild leader Battle Ax’s face.

This move of his had pulled in all the players that had swarmed in.

One had to know that other than the tens of thousands of players from these two guilds, there were also more than 40,000 Transcendent humans who had heard the news!

The strength of this boss was something that everyone had witnessed!

If Black Shark wanted to keep it all for himself, it would naturally incur the wrath of everyone.

When that time came, as long as Battle Ax took the lead, this group of players would naturally be able to devour Black Shark.

“What do you mean?” Guild leader Black Shark was not an idiot. Naturally, he knew what Battle Ax meant.

“I don’t mean anything. Move your people aside so that we have a chance to attack the boss.

“You have to know that as long as we attack the boss, everyone will share the experience.

“Moreover, those who land the last hit will receive the exclusive boss reward. So, as long as you give us a chance, we will naturally not make things difficult for you,” Battle Ax said with a smile on his face.

“You guys!” Guild master Black Shark’s eyes were filled with rage.

But he had no choice. In the end, he could only open his mouth and say, “Hmph, then let’s rely on our own abilities.

“Brothers of Black Shark, give it your all! Kill the boss first!”

Right after guild master Black Shark agreed, the members of the guild immediately began to prepare to attack!

Meanwhile, the loose players and the members of Battle Ax Guild naturally did not give in as they ran to the front of the Silver-winged Lion King and began their offensive.

At this moment, in a corner of the crowd, Stark had just arrived here when he heard that they had already discussed everything.

These guys were planning to attack the Silver-winged Lion King

One had to know that even Stark himself was not confident that he could kill the current Silver-winged Lion King.

Such a boss-level character was at least level 100 and above.

This character was comparable to Mercenary King Phelps!

And Mercenary King Phelps had a quest that involved the diamond treasure chest.

One could imagine the difference in strength.

His combat strength was not something that current humans could compare to.

Even if he was injured!

If he really went crazy, no one would be able to survive this battle.

“Haha, Fireball.”

“Heart Attack.”

“Rotten Curse.”

Within this crowd of players, a group of fearless players had already taken the lead and rushed to the front of the man and started to cast their skills.

Instantly, all of the attacks landed on his body.

For a moment, the Silver-winged Lion King’s position was filled with flames. All sorts of attacks of different colors were unleashed on the Silver-winged Lion King!

Just when everyone was smiling and imagining killing the boss…

A terrifying aura spread out.

The Silver-winged Lion King that was originally kneeling suddenly stood up.

“It’s over!” Stark had a bad feeling!

The sixth sense of danger that he had never felt before filled his heart.

“Since you are humans, I did not attack you. But you actually attacked me! I, the Silver-winged Lion King Gail, will grant you death!”

A furious roar came out of his mouth!

A long silver blade appeared in his hand, and his aura skyrocketed.

It rose until it made people feel despair.

“How is this possible!”

“The boss has so much power!”

“It’s over. We’re dead!”

“Run, the boss is going crazy.”

For a moment, everyone did not even have the courage to fight under his aura.

Everyone began to run.

“A bunch of idiots,” Stark could not help but complain and began to retreat.

No one could withstand the wrath of the Silver-winged Lion King.

“Die!” An angry roar sounded.

The Silver-winged Lion King swung his sword!

In an instant, a huge beam of light was slashed out.

This was the Silver-winged Lion King’s angry attack. The power of the sword aura was terrifying.

The people who were closest to the Silver-winged Lion King watched as this beam of light shot out in front of them.

They shouted angrily, “No!”

Their eyes were filled with despair.

Then, they turned into ashes and became a part of the ground.

Then, the beam of light began to spread.

Anyone who came into contact with this attack became a part of the ground!

Everything disintegrated!

Just when the light beam was about to touch Stark, at this time, a notification sound rang in his mind. [The t.i.tle ‘Forest of Wildlands—Explorer King’ is in effect. As long as you do not take the initiative to attack, you will be immune to all damage.]

The light beam pa.s.sed through Stark’s body.

After a few minutes… the light beam disappeared.

The scene turned quiet.

It was as if no one had been here before.

The originally noisy crowd disappeared as if they had never been here in the first place.

Only the thick smell of blood filled the air!

Under this attack, everyone on the field turned into blood foam floating in the air.

Of course, there was one person who was an exception.

That was Stark.

Stark thought he was dead for sure.

He instinctively forgot that he had the t.i.tle of Forest King.

It was not until the attack pa.s.sed through his body that he remembered that he had this t.i.tle.

“If I didn’t have this t.i.tle, I would have been killed by those idiots.

“Even I can’t avoid it,” Stark said happily.

At this moment.

“Who are you? You didn’t die under my attack!”

A dignified voice sounded from behind Stark.

“Gail, the Silver-winged Lion King!”

Stark turned around and saw a tall man standing behind him.

Without waiting for him to speak, the Silver-winged Lion King said, “Do you want to attack me like them?”

After the Silver-winged Lion King finished speaking, he crossed his arms and stood in front of Stark, quietly gazing at him.

Stark suppressed the waves in his heart and said calmly, “I’m not like those people.

“I have no evil intentions. I’m just here at your sister’s request. I don’t have any other thoughts.”


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