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Chapter 2: SSS-Cla.s.s Pet, Fallen Angel!

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Listening to the voice that suddenly sounded in his mind, Stark was stunned.

At first, he thought that he had heard wrong.

But after asking again, the system repeated the notification.

Until now, facing this world that had suddenly descended into an apocalypse, something strange had appeared again.

Stark had no choice but to believe it.

Now, he felt as if he had suddenly gained an additional ability.

“G.o.d-tier Check-in system. If you are a system, what functions do you have?”

“Ding! Answering Host, the system’s functions are simple. Host only needs to check in on time every day to receive different G.o.d-tier rewards!

“Such as combat equipment, magic tools, fire control, s.p.a.ce control, and other special abilities!

“Also, let me give you a hint: this system is unique to the host!”


After listening to the system’s explanation, Stark immediately understood.

It seemed that during the apocalypse, he had awakened a magical ability.

As long as he checked-in to this system every day, he would receive all kinds of rewards.

Moreover, if he heard correctly, this G.o.d-tier Check-in System was unique to him!

Didn’t that mean that he was the only person in the entire world who had such an ability?

Then, wasn’t this too amazing!?

If he really followed the system’s instructions, as long as he checked-in every day, he would be able to continuously evolve and become stronger.

As for the others, they were still bitterly fighting with their fists and pistols against the zombies.

In this way, if he continued to live in this apocalyptic world, would he still need to worry about his safety?

Stark’s fighting spirit instantly ignited. He was looking forward to the apocalyptic world in the future!

The apocalyptic world was a world that belonged to the strong.

No matter what, he had to stand firm in the future world and survive steadily.

His life belonged to himself!

No one could take it away!

He had already made up his mind.

“Host, would you like to open today’s check-in?”

“Check-in immediately!”

After hearing the system’s voice, Stark immediately opened his mouth and clicked on the check-in b.u.t.ton.

[Ding, congratulations to Host for completing the first day of check-in. You have received an SSS-cla.s.s pet: Fallen Angel!]

Listening to the system’s reward, Stark was a little confused.

“SSS cla.s.s pet? Fallen Angel?

“What does this mean? Is the pet I just received very strong?”

Although he had already received a reward for signing up, there was no explanation.

Therefore, Stark had no understanding of the pet that he had obtained.

At this time, the system’s voice rang out very appropriately.

[Ding, replying to Host, in the apocalyptic era, extraordinary items will gradually appear. All such items are divided into nine or levels: SSS, SS, S, A, B, C, D, E, F.]

[The higher the level, the rarer the item and the stronger it will be!]

[Host has drawn an SSS cla.s.s pet. It is the highest level, the strongest quality pet!]

[You have to know that a B-cla.s.s pet can protect Host against zombies, while an A-cla.s.s pet can use its own strength to kill hundreds of zombies in just a few minutes to protect its master!]


After listening to the system’s explanation, Stark immediately understood how terrifying the pet he had just obtained was!

Although he had never seen any extraordinary items before, the system’s comparison provided a clear view.

Stark was dumbfounded.

As expected of the G.o.d-tier Check-in System.

It was indeed awesome!

[Would the host like to immediately summon the pet: Fallen Angel? ]


Stark did not hesitate and immediately chose to summon.

A pure and dense black light suddenly appeared in front of him and finally converged into a thick swirling black fog.

The black fog continued to rotate and eventually dissipated. A humanoid creature with a pair of wings appeared in front of him.

It was a woman in purple, impeccable in both height and figure.

She was extremely handsome. She had a face as beautiful as an angel’s, but there was a dark and dignified aura about her.

As for her figure…

Her purple wings were folded under purple-black clothes

Her bust size was a “D,” and the clothes in front of her chest were pulled all this time, almost unable to hold it in. Below was her flat and smooth belly revealed to the eyes. There was a faint lingering dark purple smoke, but it was very beautiful.

Then came the long and perfect legs. Just these legs alone could ignite the flames of desire in countless people.

At the bottom were the feet. She was wearing high heels.

There was an incomparably exquisite pair of tender feet in a pair of sparkling purple crystal high heels. The open-toed high heels revealed five pure white and delicate toes. They were painted with purple-black nail polish, arousing one’s desire.

Fallen Angel.

Such a woman, who could be called a top-notch beauty, stood in front of him. Who knew how many men would instinctively have a physiological reaction when they saw her?

Then, not knowing how to control themselves, they would mercilessly press this woman under their bodies, venting their desires and play with her at will!

However, in this entire world, perhaps only Stark would be able to witness such a sight.

Just as Stark’s uncontrollable gaze was fixed on the Fallen Angel, a screen suddenly appeared before his eyes.

[Name: Luciana

Race: Fallen Angel

Level: 1

Description: Luciana was originally a member of the G.o.ds in the sky, but she was ostracized by the Angels and banished into the demon world. Eventually, she gained control of the evil dark intelligence and gradually degenerated into a Fallen Angel.

Current skills:

Skill 1, Evil Mist: control the power of darkness and release a ball of black mist. The black mist will continuously corrode the life within, unless one uses a high-level purification ability!

Skill 2. Devour, control the power of darkness and crush the target’s corpse into pure dark energy. Devour it and turn it into nutrients for her to continuously strengthen and evolve!

Master: Stark

Compliance: 100% loyalty]

After reading Fallen Angel Luciana’s description, Stark was at a loss for words.

Not only for Luciana’s angel-like beautiful appearance but also for her ability.

So this was what the system meant by extraordinary creatures and items would appear in the apocalyptic era.

She had such a unique ability. Moreover, according to the system’s words, other than Luciana in front of him, there seemed to be all sorts of other extraordinary creatures in this world.

Just reading the introduction was definitely not enough.

What was the strength of an extraordinary creature like?

Just as Stark was reeling in curiosity and kept staring at Luciana’s face…


Luciana, who had her eyes slightly closed, opened them with angelic charm.

She opened them!


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