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Chapter 177: That’s What Sons Were For


That was nothing. It was just that she felt sorry for Aunt Wen.

Of course, Wen Jie also understood the girl’s thoughts. She smiled and comforted,

“It’s okay. The past is in the past. You need to adjust your mindset. After all, he’s the deputy director of your department. You two will need to work together for many surgeries!

If your mindset is incorrect, then the risk of the surgery would increase.”

“I understand. Aunt Wen, you don’t worry about that. I’m not a child.”

“Oh please, in my eyes, you are still the little girl from back then.”

What little girl? She’s already a mother!

“Since he helped you, then it’s necessary to thank him. If you don’t want to, let Ranzhi go.”

What are sons for?

To take care of businesses the mother didn’t want to do.

Fortunately, Gu Ranzhi had no idea. However, even if he did, he could only obey.

Things like this happened to Gu ZHiran many times since he was young.

However, since Jiang Tingxu now knew that Aunt Wen and her son had a bad relationship with the Pei family, she would rather go herself than let Gu Ranzhi do it.

“No need. He’s so busy. I can take care of such a trivial matter. I’ll treat director Pei to a meal tonight to get it over with.”

Wen Jie didn’t say anything else. The little girl had grown up and could make her own decisions. As an elder, she could just give some advice.

“Alright, you can decide for yourself.”

The two of them didn’t get many dishes. One meat dish, one vegetable dish, and one soup. However, they were all dishes that Jiang Tingxu liked since she was young.

After eating, Jiang Tingxu left first.

“Aunt Wen, I’ll go to the department first.”

“Okay, focus on your work. Remember what I said.”

The two young people had been married for so many years, but Wen Jie had never seen that kid from the Mo family.

So, no matter how the two will end up in the future, Wen Jie would like to meet the guy at least once.

“Got it.”

Jiang Tingxu said as she made her way out.

At the ER department.

After Jiang Tingxu arrived, she went straight to one office. She knocked on the door.

“Come in.”

Pei Rusi was looking at the medical records. When he raised his head and saw that it was Jiang Tingxu, he quickly put down the medical records.

“Dr. Jiang?”

Jiang Tingxu nodded, and a conflicted look flashed across her face. Director Pei didn’t do anything wrong. He even helped Jiang Tingxu.

“Ahem, does Director Pei have plans for tonight?”

“What?” Pei Rusi was clearly confused.

“Because Director Pei helped me before, so I want to treat you to a meal to express my grat.i.tude.”

Pei Rusi smiled and shook his head.

“Didn’t you already treat me?”

“Umm, that doesn’t count. I have to properly treat you.”

How could a casual supper count as a meal?

Pei Rusi thought for a while before saying,


Actually, Pei Rusi had an appointment with Gu Yichen for dinner tonight. However, Pei Rusi could have dinner with Gu Yichen anytime. As for Dr. Jiang… after she learned about the relationship between Gu Ranzhi and Wen Jie… Pei Rusi was not stupid, he thought of certain past events.

It was a good opportunity for him to properly converse with Jiang Tingxu. Since everything had happened a long time ago, it was better if Jiang Tingxu didn’t bring any resentment into the workplace.

When it came to relationships, other than the parties involved, no one could judge.

Gu Ranzhi’s father and Aunt Pei never did anything immoral.

Aunt Pei got married overseas many years ago. And Gu Ranzhi’s father had been single ever since the divorce and had dedicated his life to his job.

Some people in the Gu family regretted their decision. That was why they made such a move before they died.


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