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Chapter 43: Movie King Mo is Angry

Naturally, Jiang Tingxu had no idea what was happening on the set.

The taxi had already arrived at the entrance of the shop. Mother and son got off the car one after the other, and saw the long line at the entrance.

This was the first time the little one had seen such a situation. He could not help but ask:

“Jiang Tingxu, are they all here to eat fish? ”

“Yes, that’s right. ”

Immediately, the little man’s face scrunched up:

“There are so many people. It must be very delicious. But Ningning’s stomach would be flat from hunger by the time it’s our turn. ”

Jiang Tingxu was amused by her son’s childish words. Grabbing the little man’s hand, she then joined the line.

“Don’t worry. We won’t wait for long. For the sake of eating delicious food, we’ll put in some effort. That’s fair, isn’t it? ”

Was it?

Although he was a little doubtful, he decided to believe Jiang’s words, since she was the one saying them.

The mother and son had been in the line for a while, when the girl in front suddenly exclaimed:

“Quick, quick, look, Movie King Mo has posted on Weibo! ”

Movie King Mo?

Upon hearing this, the first reaction of 90% of the people around them was one of astonishment. They then took out their phones to launch Weibo.

“It’s true, it’s true. Oh my G.o.d, I can’t believe I managed to witness Movie King Mo post on Weibo in my lifetime! ”

“Are you sure it was Movie King Mo himself and not his manager? ” Someone asked.

“Don’t be silly. If Movie King Mo’s manager had been in control of his Weibo, how could he have not posted anything for so many years? ”

That did make a whole lot of sense!

But why did he suddenly post on Weibo?

This was the question on everyone’s mind now.

The little man tugged on Jiang Tingxu’s clothes quietly, then whispered into her ear.

“The Movie King Mo that they’re talking about, is it Daddy? ”


Jiang Tingxu covered the little man’s mouth.

Son, if you were to be exposed here, do you believe that we, mother and son, would be torn to shreds by the fans present!

“Shh, just listen. Don’t say anything. ”

The little man pouted and acquiesced:

“Okay. ”

Jiang Tingxu finally let go and pulled her son to stand to the side, trying to stay as far away from the crowd as possible.

However, no matter how much Jiang Tingxu rejected everything about Mo Boyuan, she was forced to hear everything.

It turned out that Mo Boyuan had just posted a very philosophical post on Weibo, answering his own question:

Q: What makes up your core?

A: Good character!

Suddenly, everyone was a little confused: What did this mean?

Of course, there were a few smart fans who seemed to have guessed something:

“Why do I feel that Movie King Mo is angry? ”

“You’re not the only one. That was also the first impression I got from looking at Weibo. ”

Listening to the fans’ words, Jiang Tingxu’s face twitched. However, the little man beside her actually agreed:

“Jiang Tingxu, I feel the same way. ”

“What’s the reason? ”

The little man shook his head:

“Ningning doesn’t know either. It’s just a feeling. But he’s so powerful. Who would dare provoke him? ”

Oh my!

It seemed that this kid still knew quite a bit.

Jiang Tingxu lowered her head and looked at the little guy in front of her who was frowning:

“Pfft. Alright. It’s our turn soon. If you really want to know, why don’t you ask him yourself when you have the time? ”

The little man looked up and saw that many of the people who had been in the front row had gathered to the side. As a result, waiting time for the mother and son had been cut short.

In a certain artist’s lounge, the door was being opened from the outside. Then, with a loud “pa”, a thick stack of things were thrown onto the dressing table.

“Did you get someone to create a scandal with Mo Boyuan last night? ”


“Ha, Lu Yanlan, who gave you the courage to go against Mo Boyuan? Do you really think that you have what it takes just because you got Best Actress from Cannes? Do you know how stupid what you did was? ”


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