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Chapter 58: Ningning’s Money

Looking at the time on her watch, she stood up and prepared to leave.

However, the little guy came back hurriedly just as she stepped out:

“Jiang Tingxu, didn’t I tell you not to move? ”


With this roar, the foot that had just been lifted instantly retracted, and an ingratiating expression appeared on her face.

Something didn’t feel quite right. Had the order been reversed?

It didn’t just seem like it. It was exactly what was happening!

The little guy walked in with a huff. He was holding his piggy bank:

“Come over here,” he said bluntly.

The corners of Jiang Tingxu’s mouth curled in embarra.s.sment as she went up to him.

He placed the piggy bank on the table and unlocked it. The colorful RMB notes, with the portrait of an old man printed on them, fell out before her.

At the bottom, there were a few bank cards and two bankbooks.

“These are all my private savings. Father doesn’t know about them, I’m giving them to you now. ”

Looking at this scene, Jiang Tingxu didn’t know whether to laugh or cry again:

“Why are you giving them to me? I already said that I don’t owe anyone money!”

However, a certain little guy said seriously,

“Take them since I’m giving them to you. Don’t refuse! Ningning will give all his money to you! Remember to eat more delicious food. Don’t hold back on your spending! ”

The little guy knew clearly what divorce entailed. Once his father, that bad man, got divorced, he would definitely not give his mother any more money!

Now, since he could no longer stop his parents from getting divorced, he could only help his mother live a better life.

Jiang Tingxu was amused by her son. She squatted down and said,

“Ningning, your mother has a job and she gets paid every month.

“Besides, we eat in the canteen three times a day. I don’t have to spend any money. You should keep this money for your future wife.

“Also, no one else can find out about what mom told you just now. Don’t tell anyone else, okay? ”

After all, she didn’t know who was lurking in the shadows

It was better to play safe and not alert the enemy.

“Yes, I won’t tell anyone, but you can’t refuse this money! ” The expression on his face was resolute. In any case, she had to accept it!

“Alright, I’ll accept it. Okay? ”

As expected, the little guy smiled happily:

“Okay! ”

Jiang Tingxu ruffled her son’s hair again:

“Then I’ll clean up this place. You can go out and play first. ”

“Okay. ”

After the little guy left the room, Jiang Tingxu stored her son’s savings in the piggy bank, locked it, and put it in the cabinet.

She couldn’t help but laugh again: “You’re really good at planning ahead! ”

That was a special trait of the Mo family!

Elsewhere in the mansion, Mo Xu happened to run into the little guy when he was going upstairs:

“Little Ningning, where’s your mother? ” He asked.

Ever since he heard his mother say that there were dangerous people lurking around, the little guy would scrutinize Mo Xu whenever he saw him:

“Uncle, why are you looking for Jiang Tingxu? ”

Mo Xu wasn’t blind, how could he not see it?

“Wait, what’s that look in your eyes? ”

Why did it feel like he was staring at an enemy?

The little guy snorted. He didn’t bother explaining, instead blocking Mo Xu’s way:

“Uncle, if you don’t explain clearly, Ningning won’t let you look for Jiang Tingxu. ”

Mo Xu was so angry that he raised his eyebrows and said snappily, “Tsk, Mo Zhining, what’s wrong with you? It was your mother who asked me to help, okay? ”

As he said that, he waved the investigation report that had just been released.

The little guy who was blocking his way checked it carefully before acceding:

“You can go up now, Uncle. ”


Mo Xu snorted coldly. When he pa.s.sed by, he was still p.i.s.sed off at the little guy, so he quickly pinched his chubby little face.


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