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Chapter 586 – When Facing A Love Rival, One Must Not Be Afraid

Actually, at this moment, there was only one thought in Mo Boyuan’s mind, and that was – you dare to take what belongs to me?

I would kill you, you pig!

As the saying goes, when love rivals met, they were especially jealous.

Both sides knew what each other was thinking, and naturally, neither side wanted to show weakness.

Luo Xi watched Mo Boyuan finished the gla.s.s of white wine in one gulp, and his eyes darkened, and then he also finished the gla.s.s in his own gla.s.s.

Then, he resumed his smile and said, “I’ve long heard that Mr. Mo is such an expansive person. As expected, I’ve watched all your movies over the years. I’m really impressed. I must toast you again.”

Well, again and again, he just wanted to force him to drink!


Fine, he would accompany him to the end!

Mo Boyuan didn’t refuse at all and directly started drinking.

At this moment, the people around started to toast each other. Of course, other than these two, everyone else was drinking beer.

Luo Xi’s abnormality was probably only noticed by Mo Boyuan. The rest of the people basically did not notice anything. At this moment, Lin Bei and Li Han also came over. The two of them raised their to Mo Boyuan at the same time.

“Since it’s junior sister’s husband, then we’re family. Come, come, come, let’s toast.”

Mo Boyuan gladly accepted. “Thank you all for taking care of my wife all these years. Here’s a toast to everyone. I’ll drink. Please make yourselves at home.”

How could they make themselves at home?

All of them were bored.

Following that, Mo Boyuan was indeed a little miserable.

Apart from Luo Xi, the love rival, who deliberately persuaded him to drink, the other senior brothers also had a share.

After all, who asked this man to take away the youngest junior sister in the laboratory early on?

Seven or eight senior brothers came twice each, and Mo Boyuan was completely defeated by the senior brothers.

Of course, these senior brothers all drank beer, so it was still okay. The alcohol content of beer was much lower than white wine.

No matter how much Mo Boyuan could drink, his tongue was numb, his legs went weak, and his head was dizzy.

He drank four or five of white wine which was equivalent to at least a dozen bottles of beer.

The man usually didn’t drink so much. He would occasionally drink two with Tan Yiming and the others. Most of the time was red wine or beer, which was not as much as that day.

Jiang Tingxu was sitting next to the man. How could she not know how much the man had drunk?

She was worried and nervous.

When all the senior brothers had returned to their seats, she asked in a low voice, “Are you okay?”

Mo Boyuan leaned back on the chair and rubbed his forehead with his hand. He listened to his wife’s concerned words and replied in a low voice, “I’m fine. Your man is not that bad.”

Was this a question of whether he was lousy or not?

Jiang Tingxu secretly pinched the man’s thigh.

“Don’t drink anymore!” she warned him.

However, the man blew a few mouthfuls of hot air into his wife’s ear.

“It’s not up to me. It’s up to your senior brothers.”

If they didn’t toast anymore, then there was no need to drink anymore.

But if they wanted to continue, Mo Boyuan couldn’t refuse!

It was his wife’s first time bringing him to such a gathering. Moreover, most importantly, there was still a love rival!

He couldn’t back down!

He definitely couldn’t back down!

Jiang Tingxu suddenly felt that her senior brothers wouldn’t let him go so easily.

It was the halftime break now. He needed to keep his stomach in check so that his stomach wouldn’t get upset after drinking too much.

They were all in the medical department, so they knew what was best for their bodies.


Jiang Tingxu hurriedly picked up a few dishes and put them into the man’s bowl to warm up his stomach.

“You eat quickly.”


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