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Chapter 638: Heart-wrenching


So, you are blaming a one-year-old child for not remembering you?

How could you be so shameless?

You knew that your child is only a little over a year old, why did you leave the child when she needs her mother the most?

You even left so thoroughly and resolutely!

With the upbringing of the Mo family, they couldn’t say those nasty words. Mr. Mo’s previous actions were already the limit.

Mrs. Mo finally managed to speak, “Madam Jun, I’m sorry. We can’t just listen to you alone on this matter. When we have time, we’ll ask Tingxu about it. But right now, we can’t give you an answer.”

If you want to acknowledge this marriage, then bring evidence!

However, if Madam Jun truly wanted to present evidence, it wouldn’t be that easy.

Mrs. Mo’s words could have stopped Madam Jun’s little schemes.

Lu Yunhua knew that the Mo family did not acknowledge her at all. She was very unhappy, but she could not say anything.

After all, that la.s.s had never acknowledged her. Instead, she was close to that woman surnamed Wen!

Thinking of this, Lu Yunhua was enraged.

An ingrate was an ingrate. Even her biological mother who gave birth to her was being treated like this!

She broke into a stiff smile again.

“Alright, then I won’t disturb you all for now.”

Mrs. Mo couldn’t wait any longer and immediately instructed Uncle Jin.

“Uncle Jin, send the guest off.”

If it was anyone else, Mrs. Mo wouldn’t chase them away without caring about her upbringing. It was this woman’s fault for abandoning her daughter-in-law back then.

This person was bad-hearted. After knowing that her daughter-in-law was in the Mo family, she wanted to acknowledge this marriage.

The Mo family’s boat was not something that anyone could get on. Even if they were related by blood, it would not work! The people from the second Mo family had never gained anything in the past few decades.

After Lu Yunhua left the Mo family’s old residence, her face instantly darkened.

“The Mo family is a bully!”

The driver didn’t dare to say anything and silently drove the car.

As for the Mo family’s old residence, after Lu Yunhua left, the air seemed to have become much fresher.

Old Master Mo chuckled.

“Did you notice anything?” Old Master Mo asked.

“It’s so obvious, how could I not know?” Mrs. Mo replied.

Mr. Mo didn’t say anything, but from the expression on his face, he seemed to agree with his wife’s words.

However, after taking a sip of tea, Old Master Mo said again, “It’s not that simple.”


“Dad, did you see anything else?”

“Do you think that she’s here to acknowledge her family?”

“Isn’t that so?”

Mr. Mo and Mrs. Mo looked at each other suspiciously.

How many people and events had Old Master Mo seen in his life? What storms and waves, what schemes had he not experienced?

The old man still had some doubts about the Jun family.

Moreover, he was even more suspicious about the incident 20 years ago!

“Madam Jun is backed by the Jun family, and the actions of the Jun family over the years are clearly aimed at suppressing the Mo family on purpose.

“Or, when did you have enmity with the Jun family?”

Mr. Mo had been in charge of the Mo Group for a few years, so he was clear about whether or not he had enmity with the Jun family in Jin City.

“There isn’t! Father, have you noticed anything?”

The old man nodded his head lightly.

“Just wait and see.”


Mrs. Mo was extremely curious.

“Father, just tell me. This is heart-wrenching.”

Was it that serious?

The old man was being pressed by his daughter-in-law, so he would definitely tell her something.

“There’s something wrong with the Jun Family! From the moment Madam Jun entered the house, her eyes did not reveal the slightest bit of guilt towards Tingxu. Instead, she had been sizing up our family.”


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