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Immortal Venerable too had his end

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When it came to the experts of Nanbei Family, Jiang Chen wouldn’t show any mercy. What he needed to do now was to kill. The stronger the cultivators he killed and their hatred, the better. Now that so many Immortal Venerables had emerged in Eastern Profound Domain wanting to hunt and kill him, he naturally wouldn’t be polite to them, which was also in line with the Dao of Slaughter.

The Sun Divine Feather was too terrifying. Flames spread across, instantly sealing the void and turning the hundreds of miles of the void into a sea of fire. Portions of the void were ripped apart by the ferocious flames. The divine feather appeared above the head of the elder like a sharp sword.

“What?!” the elder cried out in alarm.

His facial expression changed greatly. An extremely dangerous qi rose from his heart. That was the qi of death. As a powerful Immortal Venerable expert, this was his first time being so close to death.


A saber immediately appeared in his hand. He dared not to show any neglect in the face of the powerful Sun Divine Feather. All of his energy converged on the top of the saber as it was swung to meet the divine feather.

*Hong Long……*

The saber collided with the Sun Divine Feather. However, they weren’t on the same level. The elder let out a shrill cry as he was sent flying, the blade slipped out of his grip. Jiang Chen then grasped the elder’s weapon. This Venerable Weapon was worth a fortune. Naturally, this was a booty that Jiang Chen would want to keep.


The elder was sent about a thousand meters away. There were wounds all over his flesh, his mouth spurting out blood crazily like a fountain.

One had to admit the strength of an Immortal Venerable as he still survived after receiving a strike from the Sun Divine Feather.

The elder was utterly shocked and petrified. No one knew how scary the Sun Divine Feather was until one confronted it, unfortunately it was already too late when the elder came to realize it.


The elder gave out a shrill wail. It was sad when a dignified Immortal Venerable had no chance of escaping.

*Pu Chi!*

The Sun Divine Feather severed his head, but the instant before he died, he had summoned and crushed some sort of talisman in his hand.

“Signalling spiritual talisman?” The corners of Jiang Chen’s mouth stretched upwards into a smile. Then, he grabbed the head of the elder and left nonchalantly and naturally.

“Jiang Chen has emerged!”

Tens of thousands of miles away, an Immortal Venerable expert’s qi fluctuated as he felt the broken talisman and immediately flew towards a certain direction. At the same time, at least a dozen Immortal Venerables followed suit. To the mighty Immortal Venerables, hundreds of thousands of miles could be reached in an instant.

Almost as soon as Jiang Chen left, numerous experts appeared on the scene. Most of them were experts from Nanbei Family. After all, that spiritual talisman was created by Nanbei Family.

It was a pity that they were a step late despite their incredible speed. They only saw a headless body on the mountain when they arrived. There was no sign and trace of Jiang Chen.

“Big Brother!”

When one of the elders saw the headless body, he burst into tears. Both of his eyes turned red, his teeth gnashed as he bellowed at the sky, “Jiang Chen, I’ll shred you to a million pieces!”

“Jiang Chen must have not gone too far. Everyone, continue to chase after him.”

“Be careful everyone. It seems Jiang Chen’s Sun Divine Feather has the power to kill early Immortal Venerables. We have already connected all of our signaling spiritual talismans. Once traces of Jiang Chen is discovered, do not confront him, but crush the talisman instead,” someone shouted.

Everyone’s heart felt heavy when they saw the headless corpse. They knew that they had underestimated Jiang Chen’s strength, or it should be the power of the Sun Divine Feather. In other words, Jiang Chen now had the ability to kill early Immortal Venerables. All of them needed to be extra careful.

The news of an Immortal Venerable being killed had been spread pretty quickly, which had increased the tension of the atmosphere. No one had ever thought that Jiang Chen would dare to take the initiative to kill at this moment, and the one he killed was an Immortal Venerable. This had set off a huge wave in Eastern Profound Domain.

“Jiang Chen has emerged! That son of a b*tch is truly audacious. He should be hiding when so many experts are looking for him. Instead, he initiated an attack. I’m afraid no one else has this audacity besides him.”

“This Jiang Chen is too terrifying. He actually dared to kill an Immortal Venerable of Nanbei Family? That’s an Immortal Venerable that we are talking about, dammit! He’s ridiculously heaven-defying!”

“It isn’t because Jiang Chen is very terrifying, it’s the Sun Divine Feather! Even a mighty Immortal Venerable couldn’t bear the power of the feather plucked from the Gold Feather Fan. However, I don’t understand why Jiang Chen is able to display its power while being only at the half-step Immortal Emperor realm; I wouldn’t believe it if I didn’t see it happen for real.”

“Terrible things are going to happen soon. Even an Immortal Venerable has been killed. I heard that Jiang Chen had also mastered the Great Void Technique that allowed him to move around unnoticeably. No Immortal Venerables seem to be able to find him even though there are loads of them. I guess Jiang Chen will kill again, and Eastern Profound Domain will be plunge into chaos.”


No one wasn’t shocked. No one thought that Jiang Chen would kill an Immortal Venerable at this time. The situation in Eastern Profound Domain was going to be chaotic.

Jiang Chen was now in the depths of the s.p.a.ce. After killing one Immortal Venerable, the killing intent in his body intensified. The illusion of Ancestral Dragon of Slaughter emerged in the depths of his soul once again, urging him to continue killing.

“Kill them! It can’t be stopped! I must get the dragon transformation skill to evolve in one vigorous effort!”

Jiang Chen gritted his teeth. He knew that he was under a very dangerous and also very exciting situation now. Nevertheless, he was going to kill again.

Above a stretch of wilderness, four half-step Immortal Venerables from Northern Profound Domain stood in the sky. Their facial expressions were incomparably grim. Their eyes were constantly keeping a lookout.

“Keep your eyes open everyone. That Jiang Chen has the ability to kill an early Immortal Venerable. Never fight him, signal the experts with the talisman if you ever see him,” one of them barked.

*Hua La!*

It was just that as soon as his voice fell, a dazzling golden light coated with flames zipped past his neck even before he had the chance to react.

“Not good. Jiang Chen has come. Send the signal quick!” The one who was the first to react prompted. Simultaneously, the three of them crushed the talisman in their hand.

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