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The Might of Taijitu*

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The light glinting from Tian Yue’s eyes was as sharp as a blade. He stretched out both palms. Golden light constantly flickered and formed within his palm and then spread, fully covering his palm. The fingers of his hands were bouncing violently. Each ray of golden light was like an icy cold sword.

“Astral Qi.”

Jiang Chen’s eyes twitched. Immediately, he detected that the golden light in Tian Yue’s palms wasn’t ordinary. It was the strongest astral qi in the Heavens and Earth and it was extremely sharp. When integrated with a powerful combat technique, its power would be much greater compared to immortal weapons, unimaginable.

One had to admit that Tian Yue had the right to be arrogant because the astral qi he had was enough for him to disdain the entire young generation.

“Look, Brother Tian is going to display the Nine Heavenly Astral Slashes.”

“Incredible. This is the unparalleled technique of Brother Tian Yue. I heard that his mastery of the technique has reached the most terrifying stage. His attack is as unpredictable as the wind and can deal unimaginable damage. A slash from the heavenly astral qi is sufficient to sever the void in half.”

“That’s right. It’s the Nine Heavenly Astral Slashes. There are nine moves in total. Each move is stronger compared to the previous one, especially the last move, it’s unfathomable and untraceable. This has been Brother Tian Yue’s trump card. I never expect him to use it now. It seems Jiang Chen has truly infuriated Brother Tian Yue, making him want to kill Jiang Chen with one blow.”

“No doubt about it. Brother Tian Yue is a supreme genius of the Immortal Court, after all. It will be humiliating if he is entangled with a puny Jiang Chen for too long. Which is why he has displayed his supreme killing move to eradicate Jiang Chen for good, to establish his own prestige and strengthen the prestige of our dynasty.”


The disciples of the Heavenly Jade Dynasty were stirred when they saw the unique technique of Tian Yue. They were extremely confident that Jiang Chen would die under this technique.

Of course, this was just their opinion. If Jiang Chen could really be killed so easily, he would have already died several hundred times over.

The faces of the cultivators of Great Qian Empire changed slightly. All of them were aware that this strike of Tian Yue would be incomparably terrifying. Although they had high confidence in Jiang Chen, they were still worried.

“Jiang Chen, if you are able to survive the attack of my Nine Heavenly Astral Slashes, I, Tian Yue, will spare your life,” he declared.

He was incomparably confident in his technique. In his point of view, no matter how heaven-defying Jiang Chen was, he was merely an early Immortal Emperor and could never withstand the Nine Heavenly Astral Slashes.

“Like I said, you really talk too much.”

Jiang Chen shook his head. A map immediately emerged in his sea of consciousness. It was a large Taijitu rotating continuously. He was going to test the power of the Great Divination Art. He would like to know if he could use Taijitu to replicate the Nine Heavenly Astral Slashes, and the cultivation method of this technique.


Tian Yue moved. It was a very simple move. One of his hand slashed forward, seemingly like a blade. To Jiang Chen, the attack was incomparably profound. It might seem simple, but within it consisted of many complicated trails.

Jiang Chen’s eyes sparkled. He circulated the Great Divination Art to the limit. The Taijitu’s rotation speed too had been increased. On the surface of the diagram, complex marks began to form, eventually forming a brilliant blade-like hand at the centre of the diagram. The taijitu had replicated the first slash of the technique in such a short period of time, including the trails of the technique. Those trails were the true method in cultivating it.


Jiang Chen couldn’t help but curse as he was overwhelmed by excitement. A Taijitu had been formed in his sea of consciousness after his Great Divination Art reached the Heavenly Will realm. He never expected it to be this heaven-defying before using it.

Of course, he understood that this was because the first slash of the technique was the simplest of all. Which was why it was replicated so quickly. He was afraid that it might take more time to replicate a more complex combat technique. Even so, this result was enough to astonish him.

Besides, Taijitu was connected with Jiang Chen’s origin. It had become an item that belonged only to him ever since he comprehended the Heavenly Will realm. Therefore, anything that was replicated on the Taijitu would immediately enter his brain, ready for him to use at any time.

Try imagining this scene: if a powerful enemy has a combat technique that was unparalleled in the world found out that you could display the same technique as him, it would certainly give him a huge huge blow.

The condition of the mind was undoubtedly the most important element in fighting. Once the mind was disrupted, it will foreshadow defeat.


Tian Yue struck out the first slash which contained the terrifying heavenly astral qi that could cut a world in half. It let out incessant howls and appeared above Jiang Chen’s head in the blink of an eye.

The corners of Tian Yue’s mouth plastered a cold smile. He would like to see what kind of means Jiang Chen would use to deal this strike of his.


Jiang Chen also moved. Just like Tian Yue, he stretched out his palm and slashed forward. A terrifying heavenly astral qi instantly spread across. The same attack and qi crashed into one another.

*Hong Long……*

The void was completely shattered. The two rays of heavenly astral qi collided with each other and then disintegrated, leaving behind the tragic battlefield.

“No-no! This is impossible!”

Tian Yue was jumping with irritation as though he had received some sort of tremendous stimulation, as if his tail had been stepped on by someone. His facial expression changed greatly, full of disbelief as he looked at Jiang Chen. Such a scene was totally too absurd for him.

“What happened? What was that? Did you all see it clearly?”

“It looked like…it looked like the Nine Heavenly Astral Slashes…it’s exactly the same.”

“Impossible! That is the unique technique of Tian Yue. How could Jiang Chen know how to cast that technique? Dammit! Could it be that there’s something wrong in my eyes? However that attack of Jiang Chen was really the same as Tian Yue’s. I couldn’t even find the difference between them. How could this happen?”

“Abnormal! This Jiang Chen is really abnormal! It seems like he had used some kind of terrifying secret art to replicate the technique of his opponent while his opponent is casting the spell, and then use the exact same move of his opponent. My G.o.d! I can’t believe this. I hope this is just a coincidence, otherwise, such an ability is just too abnormal!”


Everyone was too stunned to comment after witnessing the scene. The shock they received was much greater compared to the shock that they will receive if Jiang Chen defeated Tian Yue directly.

Tian Yue’s emotions were fluctuating unceasingly. He still couldn’t accept the reality. If Jiang Chen had used some sort of powerful combat technique to destroy his attack, he wouldn’t give a d.a.m.n about it because he still had even more powerful techniques after that.

However, Jiang Chen has replicated his own technique. More importantly, he saw clearly that the trails of Jiang Chen’s strike were just the same as his.

“How could this happen? I’m the only one in the entire Immortal World who cultivated the Nine Heavenly Astral Slashes. Jiang Chen certainly has no knowledge about it. Could it be that he has learned it when I was launching my attack?”

This thought made his face look even more unpleasant. If his guess was right, he dared not to think about it anymore. Using only one second to learn the Nine Heavenly Astral Slashes? What nonsense was this? He knew how gifted he was. He also knew how much effort and time he had spent to cultivate the Nine Heavenly Astral Slashes.

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*Taijitu – A symbol or diagram in Chinese philosophy representing Taiji (supreme ultimate) and both its monist and dualist (yin and yang) aspects.

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