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Chapter 1774

The Storm in Yu Family

Third Steward felt a s.h.i.+ver. The first thing that came to his mind when Jiang Chen asked him to return to Yu Family was to flee, but that idea had been quashed just as it appeared. He was well aware of the horror of this youth. He would be under the constant surveillance of this young man as Fengli City have limited s.p.a.ce. As long as he made any suspicious move, he would be exterminated. Not just that, his entire family would also be annihilated right after him.

If it was before, perhaps he wouldn’t believe that someone would dare to annihilate the entire Yu Family. After witnessing the ruthlessness of Jiang Chen, he wouldn’t doubt the murderous nature of this youth. He was sure that this young man could really make their family go extinct. The words that Jiang Chen said weren’t a joke.

What the Third Steward needed to do now was to follow the youth’s orders – return to Yu Family and bring all the experts who were above the Immortal King realm here. As to what would await them, he wouldn’t dare to imagine it.

“Go now,” Jiang Chen prompted.

“Yes, Young Master. I will leave now.”

The Third Steward got to his feet shakily and flew towards the sky without forgetting to glance back at the scene. The pitiful sight of the square made him feel giddy, almost causing him to fall from the sky.

Gritting his teeth, he flew towards the direction of Yu Family, which was located not far away from the store. Given his Immortal King realm cultivation base, he could reach the destination in an instant.

“Chen Er, let’s just let this matter rest.” Jiang Zhenhai looked over at Jiang Chen and spoke.

“Father, we can’t. I can allow myself to be humiliated but not my father,” said Jiang Chen in an incomparably resolute tone.

Sometimes, one had to fight for dignity. Jiang Zhenhai was Jiang Chen’s important line of defence. Anyone who crossed it would have to pay a hefty price. This was what Jiang Chen was going to make them do.

Jiang Zhenhai nodded and stopped talking. He knew his son all too well. No one could ever stop what his son had decided to do. Furthermore, what Jiang Chen said was reasonable. One must have dignity and claim back the things one had lost.

All of a sudden, he realised that he was no longer an insignificant figure. His reputation would be related to Jiang Chen’s. Silently, he swore that he would never allow himself to be humiliated anymore as that was equivalent to humiliating Jiang Chen and death.

Yu Family was in a state of shock, because the movements that came from the pill store had alarmed everyone here. Numerous experts were ready to head over and find out, but the patriarch was still in seclusion and most of them thought that the Chief Steward could handle whatever that happened there, so there was no need for them to be overly anxious.

The Third Steward had arrived with a panic-stricken face that caught many attention, however he flew all the way towards where the patriarch was secluded, ignoring everyone around.

“What’s going on? Why is the Third Steward being so fl.u.s.tered?”

“Something must have happened in the pill store. Otherwise, the Third Steward wouldn’t have come back looking so fl.u.s.tered. His face is full of dread. Also, he immediately headed to the place of the patriarch. He should know that the patriarch can’t be disturbed during this period of time, but he still headed there anyway.”

“What’s going on in the pill store? Could someone be causing trouble there? Isn’t that equivalent to seeking death?”


The people of Yu Family began to panic. They didn’t know what had happened, but judging from the fl.u.s.tered look on the Third Steward’s face, which they had never seen before, they guessed that something big must have happened in the pill store, otherwise the Third Steward wouldn’t be audacious enough to break into the seclusion place of the patriarch.

The place where the patriarch secluded himself was located at the most centre of Yu Family. It was the forbidden place of the family. Only the five Immortal Emperors were allowed to step into it. Apart from the patriarch, who was an intermediate Immortal Emperor, the rest were early Immortal Emperors which included the Chief Steward of the pill store, and the three elders who were also in seclusion outside the place of the patriarch.

“Patriarch, something horrible has happened…something horrible has happened…”

The Third Steward shouted urgently as soon as he reached the forbidden zone. Although he didn’t suffer any injuries like the Fourth Steward, he had been frightened to death.

*Whoos.h.!.+* *Whoos.h.!.+* *Whoos.h.!.+*

Three silhouettes zoomed out of seclusion. They were the elders of Yu Family.

“What happened? Why are you acting so anxiously? Don’t know you that this is a forbidden area?”

“Third Steward, the patriarch is in seclusion, also you have broken the law by entering this area. If you can’t provide a good explanation, you are dead.” The two elders spoke.

“Second Elder, Third Elder, Fourth Elder, the pill store is in deep trouble.”

The Third Steward couldn’t control his own emotions.

“Tell me, what kind of deep trouble?”

The Second Elder asked impatiently as there was nothing in Fengli City that could threaten Yu Family.

“They were all killed. All the people in the pill store were killed. A person named Jiang Chen has come and slaughtered all of our people. One of the Great Elder’s arms has been severed. He’s currently kneeling there.”

The Third Steward spoke in a quavering tone, his eyes seemed flurried.

Upon hearing this, the Second Elder grabbed the neck of the Third Steward, pulled him towards him and asked loudly:

“What did you just say?”

“It’s the truth. Jiang Chen is too scary. He’s just like a devil king. Everyone in the pill store has been slaughtered,” replied the Third Steward.

“Jiang Chen? Where did this Jiang Chen come from? You said that not even the Chief Steward was a match for him?” The Third Elder was finally surprised. Only now did he realize the severity of the matter.

“That’s right. Even the early Immortal Emperor Chief Steward is no match for Jiang Chen, he even cut off one of the Chief Steward’s arms with ease. The Second Steward was killed by him. The rest are kneeling there. He now wants all the higher-ups of Yu Family to head over there and make an apology, or else, he will……” the Third Steward spoke, but no words seemed to come out when he reached the last part.


The Fourth Elder’s expression became tensed. He certainly had no idea that such a huge matter has happened in the pill store. The fact that not even the Chief Steward was a match for the enemy showed how strong the enemy was.

“He will annihilate our entire family,” the Third Steward repeated what Jiang Chen said.

“Outrageous! No one has been this wild in Fengli City. How dare he say that he will wipe out our entire family?! He’s the first to make such a claim.” The Second Elder became infuriated.

*Ka Cha!*

At this time, the doors where the patriarch was secluded opened. A middle-aged man in brocade robe walked out of it. He was precisely the patriarch of Yu Family.

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