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Zero Hour

Using a special technique of the Barbarian Race, Jiateng Ying and the other half-step Sovereigns imprinted the formation and sent it back to their world. All of them came from different major powers in the Barbarian World and wanted their higher-ups to be the first to know about the news.

Jiang Chen and Dragon s.h.i.+san were astonished by their swiftness which gave them a slight advantage over the Immortal World.

Soon, they could sense the qi of four or five individuals coming from different directions. Then simultaneously, they appeared. The five of them were incredibly powerful elders with Great Sovereign Law rippling around their bodies. Their qi was so much stronger compared to Yuan Xiaolei. Both Jiang Chen and Dragon s.h.i.+san turned to Yang Junlong as they were clueless about the Great Sovereign realm.

“All of them are Fourth Grade Great Sovereigns.”

Yang Junlong spoke in a plain tone. He was able to see through the cultivation base of the five experts with his eyesight.

Jiang Chen and Dragon s.h.i.+san seemed astounded. Although the five were merely Fourth Grade Great Sovereigns, their power was beyond imagination. They were lucky to have Yang Junlong with them because they were absolute insects in front of Fourth Grade Great Sovereigns no matter how heaven-defying or talented they were.

The crowd of barbarian geniuses fell silent. None of them dared to be disrespectful in the presence of the Great Sovereigns.

Of course, such hierarchy also existed in the Immortal World. The Great Sovereigns of the Immortal World would also be regarded as supreme existences.

The five Great Sovereigns approached the mysterious formation and saw through its mystery and terror at first glance.

“What a powerful formation! It has existed for many years. It must have been left behind after the war.”

“The one who deployed this must be a peerless Great Sovereign from the Immortal World, but due to this formation having existed for too long, it’s no longer as strong as it was. Our strength will be sufficient to break it open.”

“That’s right. Let’s break open this formation and see if there are any secrets inside. It would be a great thing for us if we can find a treasure left behind by a peerless Great Sovereign.”


The five Great Sovereigns discussed amongst each other, and readied themselves to attack the formation.

“Let me do it.”

The Fourth Grade Great Sovereign of Jiateng Family walked towards the formation, crackling energy formed in his hand.

“Step back everyone!”

The other Great Sovereigns shouted urgently, knowing that it would be the end of those geniuses if the power of a Great Sovereign was rebounded by the formation.

*Hua La……*

All the barbarian geniuses retreated 300 meters away from the scene.

The Great Sovereign from Jiateng Family thrust his palm forward.

*Hong Long……*

Countless cracks appeared on the formation and with a rumble, it crumbled.


An ancient and stale qi drifted out from the inside. A black door that gradually turned golden red appeared in the void. The qi of purest Yang emanated from it was invigorating.

“This is the unique qi of the Dragon-Horse Race. It’s the qi of Big Yellow.”

Jiang Chen’s eyes sparkled. He was feeling both excited and nervous. Although the formation had been opened, he was afraid that it wouldn’t be easy to directly take Big Yellow away.

The barbarians, however, were disgusted by the qi emitted from the door. Even the five Great Sovereigns couldn’t help but frown as though sensing some unpleasantness in the qi.

Undoubtedly, just like the devils, the barbarians hated the qi of purest Yang the most. Such qi was their greatest bane. They would have won the great war if it hadn’t been for the experts with the Golden Crow Bloodline, because the experts of the Immortal World with ordinary bloodline were no match for them.

“The rest of you stay where you are. We’ll go in and have a look.”

The Great Sovereign from Jiateng Family spoke to the geniuses before heading into the interior of the spatial zone.

Upon seeing this, Jiang Chen’s facial expression changed drastically. He didn’t expect that the barbarian geniuses would be asked to stay outside. Initially, he thought of joining in the stream of geniuses as they went into the spatial zone and save Big Yellow the moment he found the chance. He and his comrades would only raise suspicion if they went in with the Great Sovereigns, but if they didn’t, Big Yellow would be in tremendous danger. Perhaps, Big Yellow would be taken back to the Barbarian World before they could even save him.

Moreover, Big Yellow was still in the process of integrating with his previous body, which was the most critical and important moment. The consequences of being taken to the Barbarian World was beyond imagination.

“Senior, do it now,” said Jiang Chen firmly. He didn’t want to gamble with Big Yellow’s life because he couldn’t afford to.

“What’s your plan?” asked Yang Junlong.

“You will stop the five Fourth Grade Great Sovereigns, and I’ll go into the spatial zone. Big Yellow definitely won’t reject me. So it should be very easy to take him away,” said Jiang Chen.


Yang Junlong nodded in agreement without hesitation. Although this was the worst situation, he had to give it a try because there was no other way.


A wave of extremely strong qi was immediately released from Yang Junlong’s body. Thick and dense Great Sovereign Law appeared above his head. The mighty qi of Great Sovereign spread across the void, instantly drawing the attention of everyone. The five Great Sovereigns who were about to step into the door instantaneously turned to the source of the commotion.

“Go now!”

Yang Junlong shouted. Unleas.h.i.+ng his qi of Great Sovereign at this time was a very dangerous act. Due to the difference between the Great Sovereign qi of the Immortal World and Barbarian World, he would be easily discovered by the experts of the Barbarian World.


Casting the Great Void Technique, Jiang Chen rushed into the door in the void like a specter.

“Someone went into the door. He’s also from the Immortal World.” A Great Sovereign detected Jiang Chen’s qi.

“Go in and catch him. Can’t believe that a Great Sovereign has actually come to our land.” The Great Sovereign from Jiateng Family spoke gloomily.

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