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Give me Back my Grandson!

He’s not a sore loser. In fact, he could feel how powerful his opponent was. Jiang Chen thoroughly put him down, no matter if it was in terms of alchemy or control over the true flame. It was something that he couldn’t even compare against.

“I’ve said it before, you’re not my match.” Jiang Chen said confidently.

Jiang Hao bitterly smiled and nodded silently. Jiang Chen was right, it looked like he was obnoxious before but it was actually confidence. Only Jiang Chen possessed such confidence.

At this moment, Jiang Chen was under the limelight. He became a leader, helping the sect in defeating the challenger from the Yellow Flame Sect. He was the hero of the sect.

“I will remember this moment. One day, I shall surpa.s.s you.” Jiang Hao clenched his fist.

The prodigy of the Yellow Flame Sect lost, utterly and thoroughly lost. However, he didn’t feel ashamed, and as a matter of fact, he thought Jiang Chen won fair and square, and he lost without a doubt. His Heavenly Fire Great Rejuvenating Pill was a High-Grade pill, but it was still a flawed product. Only those below Heavenly G.o.d could benefit from it, for those above Heavenly G.o.d… it won’t have much effect on them.

Whereas Jiang Chen’s Heavenly Fire Great Rejuvenating Pill was much more potent, Divine Kings could even use it. A Supreme Grade Heavenly Fire Great Rejuvenating Pill was not something that the current Jiang Hao could make. In his opinion, a supreme grade pill could only be done by a real master and Jiang Chen was qualified to be a master.

Even though Jiang Chen’s cultivation base was not as great as his but in terms of alchemy, Jiang Chen had surpa.s.sed him far and wide.

“Master Jiang, I shall take my leave now. In the whole Profound Feng Sect, I will only submit to you. I hope to see you in the Hidden Secret Realm. I may not defeat you in terms of alchemy but I will surpa.s.s you in terms of cultivation base.” Jiang Hao said seriously.

“Alright. Hidden Secret Realm. I will be there.” Jiang Chen nodded with a smile.

Currently, Jiang Hao has lost face completely and could not stay here any longer.

“Yellow Flame Sect’s prodigy… a Mid Void G.o.d that has a superior alchemy art, plus with his unparalleled cultivation method… why is a genius like him not in my Profound Feng Sect.”

Even though Ling Zhongqiang had lost to Jiang Hao, he was still a person who values talented people. This Jiang Hao’s cultivation and alchemy art were one of a kind. He did not slack on both categories, a true prodigy.

But what truly made Ling Zhongqiang lose face was Jiang Chen, as Jiang Chen was his target to be eliminated. But now, that person managed to gain back the sect’s honour in his stead. Jiang Chen will certainly be a monster in the future. Yet, in terms of strength, he was still quite lacking compared to Jiang Hao. Maybe, that would be his weakness.

“Senior Jiang Chen is formidable! We’re proud of you. Hahaha.”

“Senior Jiang Chen. Unparalleled!”

Jiang Chen’s expression was calm amidst the cheering from the crowd. This was expected. No one else within the sect was Jiang Hao’s match. Even Elder Ling Zhongqiang was sub-par.

Yet, at this moment, a terrifying aura was raised within the sect, something or someone was closing onto Jiang Chen with terrifying speed.

“Sinner! Give me back my grandson!” An ear-piercing voice resounded through the plaza.

None of them expected that the great elder would come at such a moment and with his weapon in his hand that he used to slash towards Jiang Chen at a tremendous speed.

It was so sudden that Jiang Chen could not react to Yan Jun’s attack which was inching closer to terminate his life. Yan Jun was a Peak Late True G.o.d, his attack was not any weaker. A surprise attack such as this would even give a Heavenly G.o.d expert a jumpscare.

However, when the attack was inching towards Jiang Chen, Ling Yun intervened, blocking Yan Jun’s blade in its path with both her hands. At this moment, both of them were looking at each other’s eyes.

“Such a powerful lady. To think there’s such an expert in my Profound Feng Sect and I do not know about it.” Xuan Qingming was shocked.

This lady’s strength was on par with the Great Elder, seeing that she even managed to save Jiang Chen the instant the elder attacked and with such ease to boot.

“Mad dog.” Jiang Chen squinted his eyes and his expression became extremely cold.

The audience was in an uproar. No one could imagine that the Great Elder would suddenly attack the great benefactor of the sect, a lethal strike nonetheless. It would’ve been bad if Ling Yun did not intervene.

“This lady is pretty strong, even I am deceived by you. Extraordinary. ” Xuan Qingming said while looking coldly at Ling Yun.

Such a powerful expert managed to sneak into the sect and he did not know about it… He needed to investigate. Otherwise, how could he explain it to his disciples?

Currently, Xuan Qingming couldn’t help but think of what Gu Wanfeng said before he died, Jiang Chen is a spy. But Xuan Qingming did not see both of them as a person with ulterior motives. Since Jiang Chen had never done anything that has harmed the sect, and had even saved the sect by defeating the Yellow Flame Sect’s prodigy.

“I hope you’ll give us an explanation. I hope my guess is wrong.” Xuan Qingming looked at Ling Yun.

The whole sect became silent. Thousands of disciples suddenly became obedient, there wasn’t any silent chatter. Because the Sect Lord became extremely serious, who would dare cause a scene?

“Heavenly Lightning moves the Earthly Fire, only I shall hail supreme. Sect Leader, I bet you know it right?” Ling Yun said indifferently.

Xuan Qingming’s expression became extremely solemn, and his pupil contracted.

Heavenly Lightning moves the Earthly Fire, only I shall hail supreme. It was the Earthly Fire Heavenly Lightning Sect’s slogan. The said sect was one of the strongest sects in the Northern Cold Divine Region. Since it was a sect that once had a Hierarch expert.

Others may not know but Xuan Qingming was well aware of it. The four brotherly sects (Heavenly, Earth, Profound and Yellow) had received help from the Earthly Fire Heavenly Lightning Sect. The pioneers of the four sects were experts that have left that sect in the past and this secret was only known to each sect lord. Even though the Earthly Fire Heavenly Lightning Sect was mighty, there was an ancestral teaching that said that if the sect was in danger, they have to bring all four sects to protect and save the Earthy Fire Heavenly Lightning Sect.

“I am originally a Heavenly G.o.d but was heavily injured by a demonic beast. Jiang Chen saved my life. Do I need to show Sect Lord Xuan the Thunderfire Seal? My master is Reverend Heavenly Lightning.” Ling Yun sent a message secretly and said.

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