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“A peak Divine Tool. Just another step to reach the Heavenly Divine Tool grade.” Jiang Chen said with a smile.

Are you joking? Only G.o.d knows what would happen if you guys knew that this is a primal origin treasure. You’ll be envious to death and think about me every single day.

“Great. Fantastic. I had wondered why you regarded those Divine Tools in that manner.” w.a.n.g Chongyang said and did not ask another word about Jiang Chen’s background.

Because this was a person’s secret. Jiang Chen had given them respect by telling them the truth about the sword. They are not fools, some words are not meant to be spoken.

“Look. The beast’s body melted. Why?” Somebody shouted in surprise.

A triangular crystal emerged from the yellow sand of the melted beast corpse.

“This must be the beast’s crystal. It should be a great item. The divine origin energy within the crystal is thick. The same energy that could be found from a demonic crystal of a demonic beast,” Jiang Chen said.

Yang Jian looked at the crystal with a hint of envy.

“This crystal is yours, Yang Jian. This beast had an ability similar to your Shredding Heavenly Eye.”

No one objected to Pan Hong’s suggestion because Yang Jian definitely made a great contribution in this battle. Plus, the three-eyed beast was similar to Yang Jian’s Shredding Heavenly Eye. Yang Jian will surely use it more effectively if the crystal was given to him.

The twelve-man squad finally continued their journey. They were now extremely careful as they were led by Man Shuai and Yang Jian. The two of them would check their path beforehand and would only move forward when it’s safe.

The group was currently in a place where the desert and forest are connected. Hence, they were suddenly surrounded by giant ancient trees that are a few hundred metres tall, as tall as a mountain with sharp beastly roars coming from within the forest. It’s a place where no one would dare stay a second longer as it was scary.

Along the way, they found several corpses lying on the ground. Several people have fallen in less than 24 hours… How many more would fall after 365 days? n.o.body knew… Looks like the rumours of the 10% survival rate was not a joke.

“Look. It looks like someone is coming towards us.” w.a.n.g Chongyang spotted something.

Seven or eight people were running towards their group from afar.

At this moment, Jiang Chen and the others felt shocked, because the ground under them started to tremble.

“c.r.a.p. Those people are running from something. Run. I bet the things behind them must be some terrifying stuff.” Pan Hong stood in front of the group and said, and then ordered them to run away.

Jiang Chen and the group turned around and found out that when some of those people tumbled down, only white bones were left. It was terrifying. Instantly, their distance between that group was less than 500 metres.

“That… that… that… is an ant wave?” A Profound Feng Sect disciple stuttered.

Because those eight people had all become white skeletons, they did not even have the opportunity to shoot out their SOS mark. Those bunch of people were Late Void G.o.ds and Early True G.o.ds, but at this moment, none of those mattered as they were easily devoured by millions of ants.

“I don’t want to die. I don’t want to die!” Somebody screamed.

At this moment, their rationality snapped. Jiang Chen did not expect that the white ants could instantly devour a person clean. It was instant.

“What are we going to do?” Bai Yunfei said, a bit stunned.

He had now placed all his hopes on Jiang Chen. In his eyes, Jiang Chen was on-par or even stronger than Yang Jian and Pan Hong. After all, even Helian Wushuang, a prodigy of the Taichi Sect, was killed by Jiang Chen.

“It’s too late to run now. Let’s fly.”

Three inner sect disciples flew towards the sky.


Jiang Chen was just in the middle of speaking but the three were already devoured by those flying ants and their skeletons dropped from the sky. It was a horrifying sight. Those three that were still speaking a minute ago had become a pile of white skeletons. Countless flying ants had spotted Jiang Chen’s group and started to rush towards them.

“F*ck it.” Jiang Chen roared furiously.

With the Qilin Saint Fire, he drew a circle and created a flame barrier. When the countless ants and flying ants rushed towards them, the ants got charred from the flame. Each of their palms become sweaty just by watching those terrifying numbers of ants rus.h.i.+ng towards them. If Jiang Chen was a millisecond late, they would’ve ended up like their three brothers, a pile of skeletons waiting to nourish this land.

Especially Bai Yunfei, his face, arms, and palms were all sweaty. Jiang Chen stood there without revealing any emotion. Yang Jian and Pan Hong looked at Jiang Chen as the latter frowned deeply as if he was thinking of something.

White skeleton and ant wave, these two things came up in their hearts while the smell of charred meat rose up into their surroundings. Millions of ants died under Jiang Chen’s Qilin Saint Fire and more ants started to divert their path, avoiding the flame perimeter set up by Jiang Chen and continued moving forward at extreme speed.

Half an hour later, only G.o.d knew how many millions of ants had pa.s.sed by. The sharp voice was now gone and the place had finally become quiet.

Everyone sat down and looked at the surrounding burnt ants that were piled up with their thumping heart. Jiang Chen had saved them once again but the other three could not witness it. The flying ants were much more terrifying. Otherwise, the other group would have been able to fly away from the ant wave. Those that chose to fly would end up as a pile of white skeletal corpses.

Jiang Chen’s expression became extremely ugly. Another three fell, forever. He wanted all of them to calm down but those three did not choose to believe him and chose to try to do things themselves, and in the end killed themselves.

“Another three.” Pan Hong’s voice felt pressured.

In just a single day, not a full day even, four have died, without a complete body to boot. Such a terrifying place. A man-eating h.e.l.l. Now they all knew why so little people managed to walk out of the Hidden Secret Realm in the past.

Jiang Chen was no saviour, he just had no other choice. At that moment, that was all that he could do. Only nine remained from the original 13 person group. They did not know what danger they might encounter later.

Jiang Chen now realized that what he thought before going to this place was wrong. He originally thought he could protect his teammates, but now it looked like he would even have trouble protecting himself, this was no Hidden Secret Realm, but an Avici!

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