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Chapter 2327

Ancient Divine Tool, Great Yu Soul Forming Light

Jiang Chen’s words made Xue Qianying somewhat angry and she harrumphed.

“This Reincarnated Datura, does it really need to be grounded into dust and applied on the skin?” Xue Qianying asked quietly.

“Yes. Even though Li Yanchao is a nasty guy, he’s right. Moreover, you need spiritual water, the higher the grade the better. Then, it’ll be better for the effect to be absorbed.” Jiang Chen did not joke further and said seriously.

“You’re not telling me to help you apply it for you right? I’m not that shameless.”


“If you really want me to apply it for you, then I shall reluctantly accept the task. But we’re still lacking spiritual water. I advise that you keep it safe for now.”

“Shameless!” Xue Qianying said coldly as she turned away and left.

“Is this how you treat your benefactor?”

Xue Qianying stopped moving, she then asked without turning back, “Then, what do you want?”

“Nevermind. Women and despicable men are hard to deal with. This Spirit Severing Life Prolonging Pill should help you alleviate most of your internal injuries. You don’t need to look for spiritual water urgently now.”

Jiang Chen said as he rolled his eyes. It’s pretty hurtful when a person is doing something out of goodwill and the other party rejects it.

“Go forward for 20,000 li towards the North-Western side. The people of the four sects are all there. But they are in a pretty bad spot.”

Xue Qianying disappeared within the dark after that.

Jiang Chen’s expression changed. The Heavenly, Earthly, Profound and Yellow sect disciples must be in a tough spot. Looks like I have to go and check it out. Yang Jian and the others may possibly be there too.

On a majestic mountain range that stretches over all four directions, mountains as tall as the clouds, and stones as dark as chinese ink could be seen. It was a mysterious place.

Within the mountain, the irritating smell of blood was hovering over the place, countless men had pa.s.sed through this place and many had died, yet still many people chose to continue forward.

“This is Qi Ling Mountain. I’ve heard from my Senior Uncle who had entered this place a hundred years ago and said that this place is filled with countless dead souls. This place is unpredictable. Countless experts died here. Their motives for coming here? An unprecedented divine tool is located here, the Great Yu Soul Forming Light.” Li Quanchao said in a serious tone.

The thirty over people behind were the disciples of the four brotherly sect. He was the leader, and Zhang Lei and the others were behind him.

Man Shuai was pretty lucky. He reached the Peak Early True G.o.d Realm and he could go toe-to-toe against a Mid True G.o.d.

“I heard a senior from our sect mentioned about it. If we could find the legendary Mount Qi Ling then we must go and check it out. However, it’ll depend on our luck as to what we’ll get in the end. Because they kept reminding us to enter with caution!” Zhang Lei said. Everyone knew what he was trying to convey.

If even the prodigy of the Earthly Hades Sect was this careful, who dares to act out of line?

“The Great Yu Soul Forming Light? What kind of divine tool is that?” Jiang Hao asked in a serious manner.

“It’s an ancient divine tool. It is said to have surpa.s.sed the grade of Heavenly Divine Tool Grade,” Liu Quanchao said quietly.

Everyone gasped. At this moment, these people, who had gone through a few days of battle, were dead tired. Plus, a third of them had died. But, their fighting spirit? It’s still at the top. They were dead set on getting out from this place alive, out of the Hidden Secret Realm. Then they will surely shock the world and become one of the best in the Linhe Boundary.

“An ancient divine tool that gathers millions of souls and forms into the Soul Forming Light. It’s a little demonic but it’s still a peerless divine tool nonetheless. This Qi Ling Mountain is filled with resentment. Almost all the souls gathered in this place for millions of years were nurturing the Great Yu Soul Forming Light. The Great Yu Soul Forming Light was sighted here 1,300 years ago. But n.o.body knows whether it’s still here after so many years has pa.s.sed.” Zhang Lei said.

“It’s probably still here. There’s no news about the Great Yu Soul Forming Light in the outside world. Otherwise, no matter how secretive that person was, there’s bound to be some whispers. I think it is still in Mount Qi Ling. ” Liu Quanchao said with confidence.

“Actually this Mount Qi Ling is quite scary. There’s this gloomy and chilly air surrounding it. We also suffered an attack from a pack of flying praying mantis. We must not let down our guard.” Jiang Hao said.

“You’re right. Those flying praying mantis killed a dozen of us. Their numbers are too much. We’ll certainly be devoured one by one if we were to face them.” Liu Quanchao was helpless.

They had to retreat for the sake of the group and they kept on retreating. But that group of flying praying mantis disappeared after they entered Mount Qi Ling. Those pests did not pursue them further. They were obviously scared of something here.

“Then we gotta be extra careful. This Mount Qi Ling is not a safe place. If the Great Yu Soul Forming Light is here. Then there’s bound to be demons and beasts here.” Zhang Lei said.

He could not guarantee everyone’s safety and he did not give any promises. n.o.body will be able to support the others in this place. Every one was for themselves. n.o.body would care about you when sh*t hits the fan. Everyone knew it, too. Hence after Zhang Lei finished talking they became extremely serious.

After the battle they had with the flying praying mantis, they do not feel like they’re lucky anymore. Any encounter will surely be a battle of life-and-death. In this Hidden Secret Realm there’s never a safe haven here.

“I wonder how Jiang Chen is now. This place is really scary. A man’s life is worthless here.” Man Shuai murmured as complicated feelings intertwined his heart.

Everybody underwent a great change after entering this place. Especially their mentality. They became much more matured because they’d certainly be killed if you’re naive. Your only belief is to continue living. Brother love, morality are like s.h.i.+t. They will betray you in front of Lady Death and possibly your very own blood brother will stab you in the back too.

“Look! There’s a purple ray on the summit of that mountain.”

“Yeah. Scary. My eyes are going to be blinded by it.”

“Yes. I think there’s something special going on over there.”

Their hearts were tightly clutched.

“There must be something weird happening. Everyone, be wary of your surroundings.”

Liu Quanchao led the group as the vanguard towards the said mountain.

The sun was setting but the light on top of that mountain was glittering, sometimes s.h.i.+ning, sometimes fading. It was truly dazzling.


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