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Chapter 2433

We Would Be Brothers Again in The Next Life

While his spiritual strength was advancing unceasingly, Jiang Chen’s battle strength became stronger and stronger. The terrifying spiritual strength covered up the entire Hidden Secret Realm, and completely overcame Xuanyuan Canglan who was already finding it hard to breathe right now.

“My Great Soul Derivation Technique has become more powerful now.”

Even Jiang Chen did not expect that his spiritual strength would become this powerful after those myriad creatures sacrificed themselves for him with their strength of faith.

Hundreds and thousands of souls were all combined into one, and formed an enormous power to Jiang Chen. Now, his spiritual strength had reached the peak of the Divine King Realm. However, as the spiritual strength still kept on pouring into his body like waves, Jiang Chen’s spiritual strength finally stopped at the peak of Hierarch Realm. It was a great step, from Divine King Realm to the Hierarch Realm.

Jiang Chen was well aware that he might not be able to afford the amount of spiritual strength needed to reach the Divine Emperor Realm right now. All of the spiritual strength from the myriad of creatures were very formidable as they were the essence of their souls.

The strength of faith had helped Jiang Chen achieve great advancement in his strength. Although his spiritual strength was only at the peak of Hierarch Realm, he obtained great potential right now with the empowerment of the strength of faith. Only a true ancient Hierarch who was an unparalleled, and well-respected emperor could possess the strength of faith. However, Jiang Chen already managed to reach the Hierarch Realm with the myriad spirits’ strength of faith.

“I am going to eliminate you! Your soul is filthy as you have devoured your own mother and intend to kill your own father. Your heart is full of slaughtering and devouring. You shall cease to exist in this world.”

Jiang Chen’s eyes gave out an extraordinary radiance as his spiritual advancement made him invincible now. It was just a piece of cake for him to eliminate Xuanyuan Canglan.

With the strength of faith, Jiang Chen felt that he could simply take down the stars and moon, and devastate the heavens and earth. However, this strength of faith was only available in the Hidden Secret Realm. When his spiritual strength stopped combining with the souls, the strength of faith would abate as well. However, killing Xuanyuan Canglan would be just a piece of cake now for Jiang Chen.

Although Xuanyuan Canglan also kept devouring the broken souls unceasingly, he was still unable to surpa.s.s Jiang Chen’s realm. Jiang Chen had become invincible with the additional spiritual strength and the strength of faith. Even though Xuanyuan Canglan used up all of his strength to devour hundreds and thousands of souls, he was still under Jiang Chen’s suppression.

“I won’t yield. Not at all!”

Xuanyuan Canglan roared loudly to let off some steam. Why did Jiang Chen manage to obtain the strength of faith from the myriad spirits? Why were those souls willing to become his slave? This was not devour but genuine combination.

Jiang Chen was like an invincible Divine King, stepping on the void . His palm spread across the sky while Xuanyuan Canglan was under great suppression. He kneeled down on the ground with both knees, and his eyes were incomparably b.l.o.o.d.y.

“Since you have become the Tao Tie, then you have already pa.s.sed away. Even if you are still alive, you are only a walking dead.”

Jiang Chen stared at Xuanyuan Canglan without blinking. He was not going to show any mercy this time. He must get rid of Xuanyuan Canglan, otherwise he would rise again in the future, like how a fire would be ignited again on the field with wind.

“Great Soul Derivation Technique, shatter him!”

Jiang Chen moved his huge palm, and strikes poured down from the heavens fiercely. Xuanyuan Canglan kneeled on the ground and blood spurted out from his mouth madly. His eyes were full of unwillingness and regret.

“Jiang Chen, spare him some mercy!”

Tang Zhen stepped out and approached Xuanyuan Canglan. He resisted Jiang Chen’s spiritual palm, looking extremely pale because Jiang Chen’s spiritual palm was too powerful.

Xuanyuan Canglan and Tang Zhen were both in great pain right now. Jiang Chen’s dreadfulness made Xuanyuan Canglan suffer and feel desperate, but Tang Zhen’s arrival somehow rekindled Xuanyuan Canglan’s hope and fighting spirit.

“Why are you here?”

Jiang Chen took a deep breath and his eyes looked cold. However, he could not continue his attack anymore because he would kill Tang Zhen along if he continued.

Jiang Chen was hesitant for a second yet he still chose to stop his strike otherwise he could not imagine the consequence.

“I am sorry, Jiang Chen.”

Tang Zhen said while looking at Jiang Chen and his heart was filled with bitterness.

“Don’t say sorry to me. Xuanyuan Canglan deserves this but you’re different from him. Don’t let me look down upon you.”

Jiang Chen said coldly.

“No matter how, he is still my eldest brother. I, Tang Zhen, have never begged anyone before. But now, I beg you to spare my brother’s life.”

Tang Zhen knew his request was very ridiculous to Jiang Chen because Xuanyuan Canglan had killed so many people before. However, they had been brothers for many years so Tang Zhen still begged Jiang Chen for his brother.

Jiang Chen took a deep breath and shook his head lightly.

“If this is only our grudge, I might still consider it. However, do you know how many people he has killed? Do you know how many innocent beasts were sacrificed because of him? He made the myriad of spiritual creatures die for him. If I let him go today, how am I going to handle those innocent beasts’ condemnations? Who’s going to forgive me?”

Jiang Chen sighed because it’s not him who was unwilling. The hundreds and thousands of creatures were unwilling.

Tang Zhen kept silent because he knew that Xuanyuan Canglan’s crime was unforgivable. What he had done had irritated both humans and G.o.ds. Who would help him say something now? Nevertheless, they had been brothers for many years, so Tang Zhen could not be indifferent.

Tang Zhen turned his head around and looked at Xuanyuan Canglan who was dying.

“Don’t beg him, brother. This happened because of me. Even if I have to die, I will fight until the end.”


Tang Zhen’s eyes were filled with tears. Although a man should not shed tears easily, how could he look at his brother being killed by Jiang Chen and not do anything? On the other side, Jiang Chen was also his friend. They only met each other and fought their enemy together once, but they both actually appreciated each other very much.

“What’s the point of begging him? Even if I die, I will fight until the end.”

Jiang Chen gave Xuanyuan Canglan a glance.

“I am sorry, Tang Zhen. I must kill him today.”

Jiang Chen said firmly.

Tang Zhen smiled and nodded. He decided to give up a friend.

“We will be brothers again in the next life. Today, I am going to fight with my brother.”

Tang Zhen’s eyes were filled with battle spirit which made Jiang Chen feel sad. What could he do since things had already come to this stage.

His determination was as unshakable as Tang Zhen’s decision.


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