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Chapter 2879 The Influence of a Blacksmith

“Of course, we will support each other when we’re in trouble. However, are you saying that I, Ling Yanyu, should submit to you?” Ling Yanyu’s dominating qi instantly burst forth.

The elders and Chu w.a.n.g’s expression became ugly. They could not measure up against Ling Yanyu’s strength.

“Hehe, Lord Ling must be joking. Well then, why don’t we set a date? Ling Yun is peerlessly talented and beautiful, my grandson is powerful and great in his blacksmithing skills. Even our Sect Lord lost to him.” Chu w.a.n.g gave a hollow laugh.

When it came to his grandson, his face was filled with pride and confidence.

“What? Not even the Lord of the Blood Tool Sect’s blacksmithing skill could compare against him?” Ling Yanyu’s expression became extremely heavy, same as the other elders.

They heard that Chu Yunji was powerful, he’s able to put on additional effects on a divine tool, and his blacksmithing skills rivaled those of the lord himself. Everyone wanted to b.u.t.ter-up against such a prodigy. To put in an additional effect to a divine tool, only those people in the Central Region Divine Land could do such a thing. Thanks to that the Blood Tool Sect was able to rise and the other nine sects to b.u.t.ter-up to them.

Chu w.a.n.g’s words made Ling Yanyu and others’ breathing become heavy. The Lord of the Blood Tool Sect was able to create Origin Divine Tools, although the probability of success was small and the quality might not be great. His skill was pretty good as he’s able to create one. People like him were pretty popular in the Central Region Divine Land too and could easily join a powerful sect. Alchemists and blacksmiths had very good connections and influence in the Divine World as many sought to ask for their service.

Still, Chu Yunji was just a junior. Could he really rival the Blood Tool Sect’s Lord? This meant that he possessed the same influence as that of the Lord, he would certainly achieve a greater glory in the future. Probably even become the greatest in the Tian Xing Boundary.

“Is Elder Chu’s words true?” Qi Transformation Sect’s elder asked with a solemn expression.

“Of course. Would I joke about this kind of thing? It’s a great thing that Lord Ling is willing to accept this marriage. Lord Ling, you will certainly know that in the future my grandson is worthy of being together with your sect’s prodigy,” Chu w.a.n.g said solemnly.

The others started to re-evaluate the Blood Tool Sect’s capabilities. Looks like they had moved up another level now. Their sect was one that specialises in blacksmithing. Now that there were two experts that could create Origin Divine Tools, the sect was now pretty impressive! Most importantly, from Chu w.a.n.g’s words, Chu Yunji’s even better than their lord.

Ling Yanyu became silent. At this moment, he had no idea whether this decision was correct or wrong. It might be as Chu w.a.n.g says, it might not be wrong for Chu Yunji and Ling Yun to get married as Chu Yunji’s future was going to be bright.

“Chu Yunji is here to visit Lord Ling and fellow elders.”

At this moment, outside of the Earthly Fire Heavenly Lightning Sect, a loud voice reverberated through the air, reaching half of the sect.

“What? Chu Yunji’s here?”

“Is that Chu Yunji? Talented indeed.”

“Yeah. I wonder how did Senior Ling Yun get that kind of luck, to marry a young and talented prodigy like Chu Yunji.”

“Chu Yunji is truly a role model for us, reaching the Divine King Realm at such a young age, peerlessly strong and possessing a great blacksmithing skill, his future is bright!”

The disciples of the Earthly Fire Heavenly Lightning Sect were jealous of Chu Yunji. The men were filled with flames of compet.i.tiveness and girls fawning over him.

Chu Yunji was wearing a scarlet robe, possessing long hair, bright fiery eyes. He arrived at the Earthly Fire Heavenly Lightning Sect with scarlet red clouds beneath him.

“Chu Yunji!” Ling Yanyu squinted his eyes as everyone looked out from the grand hall.

Truly… the most talented prodigy of the Blood Tool Sect. Looks like the top ten sects ranking will have to change. Ling Yanyu thought.

Mid Divine King! As powerful as Ling Yun, and he possessed great blacksmithing skills. An expert that could create Origin Divine Tool, enough to move Half-Step Hierarchs to do his bidding. Of course, that would require him to create a genuine Origin Divine Tool. The Lord of the Blood Tool Sect only made one Origin Divine Tool weapon, this allowed him to open his own sect, therefore, the value of a blacksmith was much more than that.

“A true prodigy of this current generation, Nephew Yunji.” Ling Yanyu said as he stared at Chu Yunji.

This fella’s gaze is filled with cold murderous qi, this fella must’ve gone through alot, unlike those greenhouse flowers.

“Lord Ling is overpraising, we’re going to be families in the future. Today, Yunji shall overstep his boundaries and ask to see Lady Ling Yun, would you approve? After the test for the Profound Connection Divine Palace, I’ve been thinking about her day and night. I hope the lord approves.” Chu Yunji smiled.

“You’ll have to get through me if you want to see Junior Ling Yun.” Ling Changsu said coldly.

He and Ling Yun were a pair since they were little, how could Ling Changsu not be angry now that she’s going to be married off to an outsider? From his point of view, this fella in front of him does not have what it takes to protect her.

This time, Ling Yanyu did not stop him, because he too wanted to see how powerful the fella was.

Ling Changsu was a Peak Early Divine King, pretty much comparable to Chu Yunji, it’s going to be a tight battle!


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