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Messy, fast-paced and b.l.o.o.d.y. This was that kind of fight that awaited Alina.

She was outnumbered and isolated. She had to protect Beth and try to cover for her and Jax to retreat safely to the town.

“Master Alina! I called for help but I couldn’t reach!”

It seemed that Beth was trying to reach anyone in the city via Telepathy but her efforts were useless as if she was being jammed. She knew this feeling from that time in Hammerfell when there was an interference from the Soul Snare spell.

“Careful! They are using the Soul Trap spells.” Alina on the other hand was aware of the disadvantage.

At that moment, a Sorcerer standing behind the group of the attackers cast Dark Magic which released a dozen dark chains towards Alina and the other two. Jax carried Beth in one arm, cast [Bound Flaming Wings] by the other and took the air while attacking anyone chasing him by [Lava Whip]. Thankfully, he could protect Beth giving Alina the s.p.a.ce she needs to worry about herself and the enemies.

At first, she attempted to Conjure a number of Atronachs to aid her in the fight but no matter what she did, the Dark Sorcerer in the back countered it. He even managed to Turn some of the Atronachs against her while the others were sent back to Oblivion.

“b.a.s.t.a.r.d!” Alina cast an overcharged [Ice Spike] to get rid of the annoying mage but he warded it off almost effortlessly.

“Get her! The Lord will have great use of her.” One the other, the man who led the warriors surrounding her shouted at the others.

Alina rolled her eyes and fried three of the warriors who were walking towards her with Lightning. She then faced the man and spoke.

“You know what… FUS RO DAH!”

Her shout was very accurate as it left the man no leeway to even be surprised. Once the shout landed, it blasted the man far away and tore off his arm.

Alina then gave off the best [Chain Lightning] spell she could use with the [Staff of Jyrik] paralyzing more of the enemies that were chasing Jax and Beth, now she was facing the annoying Sorcerer.

“You and me!” She called for a duel but the man didn’t even react. It was as if his hidden face under the large hood was sunk in the abyss without even the hint of him breathing.

Maybe it was an Undead Mage but Alina cared less. She cast a [Sun Fire] spell and teleported away as a few arrows landed on her location. Instantly, she appeared behind the Archer and with her [Bloodscythe], she cut the man’s arm, leg, gutted him and split his skull. [A/n: I started playing For Honor sooo…]

Her eyes landed on the mage who seemed unfazed by the Sun spell she cast at him meaning that this foul evil Aura surrounding him is not Undeath. Yet whatever it was, it is just as evil.

Alina was now free from restrictions as Jax and Beth had successfully escaped, she aimed her attention at the Sorcerer and he cast multiple Flame spells towards her. Once a spell hit her, she disappeared as if she was made of illusion and appeared behind the Sorcerer with her blade aimed at his heart.

It hit, stabbed, tore skin, muscle and bone and went from the other side but the man cared even less. Alina’s instincts screamed as she let go of the sword and moved her hand quickly to hold a dagger that was aimed at her side by that Sorcerer.

Her hand held it from the blade but it injured her ignoring how strong her skin was. The dagger didn’t stop at this point and started digging its teeth in her palms as if it was growing thorns causing a strange black substance to spread through the veins of her hand.

It was unforeseeable to be injured this easily and to even be poisoned with her Clan’s bloodline that is very resistant to poison. Alina jumped off her place, kicked with her two feet at the Dark Sorcerer sending him a few meters away and landing badly.


The man who led the party of attackers, the one who lost his arm by her shout, came towards her while carrying his torn arm and a disgusting smile forming on his face.

“That’s a naughty girl!” He said as he placed his torn arm where it should have been as if he is putting himself back together.

In a bizarre scene, his arm started to reattach itself back where it was torn as if the man was no mortal. This crazy scene frightened Alina but her anger was far greater at the moment. She took out the dagger that dug itself in her right palm and puked a mouthful of Dark poisonous blood all of a sudden. The man saw that and froze as he couldn’t understand how she managed to take the poison of her bloodstream and puke it from her mouth but as mysterious as he was, as mysterious as she is.

And a Glare!

Alina’s red devastating glare.

No Man, Mer, Beast, Undead or even Daedra can survive that.

“AAAH! AAAAAAAH!” The man wailed and screamed from the pain that caused his veins to pop out and burst open gushing out blood from even his eyes.

“GRAA*voice transformation*AAAAH!”

The screams of the man changed from the normal voice of a human to the shriek of an evil being. The man was still screaming but something else was screaming inside him, Alina focused on that and put all her focus on it as she screamed as well then… it disappeared!

Whatever was screaming inside that man, it was purged by Alina’s Glare.

The man who stood in front of her suddenly lost his power and died on the spot.

*Swoosh* *Swoosh*

Two arrows were shot at Alina, one hit her right shoulder and she rolled on the ground before the other would hit her. In fear of poisoning, she took out the arrow almost immediately groaning from the pain but managed to take a look at the Archer.

It was that Archer… the one she butchered just a minute ago. He was standing with no cut limbs or split skull, even though there were blood traces and cut marks where she hacked him, that man didn’t only get miraculously healed but was revived.


Alina didn’t seem to understand what was going on but two things were certain. First, these men are not humans anymore and neither undead, they do not smell like wet dogs either so they are not like the werebeasts who have a supernatural healthcare insurance. Second, they are possessed by something evil as when she purged that thing by her glare, both it and its hosts died.

That’s a new threat she never even heard about.

Even the Dark Sorcerer that annoyed Oblivion out of her was standing up and taking out the sword she drove through his heart.

Alina wasn’t sure of what creatures she was fighting but one thing she is sure of…

“You b.i.t.c.hes messed with the wrong b.i.t.c.h!” She spoke in rage as she turned towards the sky “KYNE, HEAR MY PLEA!”

Her voice tore through the wind and reached the heavens. She didn’t shout the [Storm Call] shout but as the Child of Kyne just pleaded, a storm was brewed.

The Staff of Jyrik was a legendary artifact and it suited the Daughter of the Storm very well. Alina conjured a dozen Cyclones around her making the Archer’s arrows all useless. The Dark Sorcerer started using magic to revive the Fallen Allies Alina took down but the Storm’s Frost and Lighting struck them down and kept killing them.

The raging cyclones roamed across the battlefield rampaging and taking down anything in their wake. Alina was carried by the wind as the staff in her hand acted as the punishing whip of the scourge. She would take the revived enemies one after another up to her level by [Telekinesis], purge the ent.i.ties inside them with her eyes letting them experience the most terrible death there is.

Pushing her to a corner had its limits as Alina is a Monster that is second only to Jon around these parts. Above all that, she was insanely powered with the Amulet around her rest. The Amulet that is the axis of a Forbidden Legend.

Who was left standing was the Dark Sorcerer and a few of the Elites who were barely fending for their lives. They didn’t scream or beg for mercy but rather, they groaned in their demonic voices that were almost like the sound of the grinding of metal.

“We will come back for you, Red Witch! Next time, our Master shall make you his bride and will scotch this land back to the ruins it rose from!” The Dark Sorcerer announced the most infuriating thing that Alina didn’t really need to hear at the moment.

Alina’s storm settled down gradually until it was no more but the thickening gloomy sky could clearly reflect her mood. In her wake were the corpses of those whom she purged each in a b.l.o.o.d.y mess. The battle was so one-sided that Alina’s red and black made her more like a villainess queen from Oblivion rather than the lady who was just under attack.

She finally spoke.

“You know how angry those words of yours made me feel, whatever you are. But know this… you are a being of pain and this land… the land you want scorched, and this woman… the woman you so brazenly declared to belong to some man she never heard off, they can cause you pain more than whatever you experienced in your d.a.m.nedest lowly life.”

“Curse you, Red Witch! I am immortal.” The Dark Mage said.

“You think so?” She asked, “Alright, you are even more stupid than I thought you are. An advice on my part… you may want to say less stupid things when that person is standing right behind you.”

As Alina pointed, the man didn’t simply turn his head as he was certain she was trying to trick him.

But that wasn’t the case.

There was a very angry person right behind him.

All of a sudden, two rows of teeth bit on that man’s left ear and tore it away like a beast. The man hardly flinched from this level of pain but as he turned back, two daggers were driven into his guts. One went up, the other went down.

The person who did that simply grabbed the sorcerer’s intestines and rounded them around his neck then dragged the sorcerer by them and slammed him on the ground.

“You! Don’t! Get! To! Speak! Like! This! To! My! Daughter!” Hilda spoke every word while serving a punch to the sorcerer’s face whose hood was torn away revealing his semi-Daedric appearance.

The other Elites saw the champion of their Lord taken down and all rushed at Hilda with their blades high but there was another… something… greeting them.

Jon would call that a Dwarven Locomotive if he saw it from the same angle those people did but this was simply a large man wearing a full Dwarven suit of Armor and carrying an oversized shield that looked like the face of a train.

The men were all swooped in one charge by Wulfur. Those who didn’t get disabled were done by the full might or a dreadful Warhammer that he swung around like a maniac. Once he was done, he stomped on the undamaged limbs of these men completely crushing them.

“Those f.u.c.kers! They even came after Alina!” Wulfur was so annoyed to the point where he shouted out his frustration.

“Even?” Alina questioned as she walked over to Hilda, “Mother, what’s going on?”

Hilda stood up as she stomped on the sorcerer’s head burying it in the snow and breaking it open.

“Attacks! They are attacking everywhere around Winterhold. It is like a War!” Hilda replied.

“A War?”

Wulfur came over dragging a survivor for questioning.

“These bandits appeared from nowhere. An army of them rushed over Winterhold from the East through the Ice Wastes. No Heraldry, no Flag. We just fended them off Whispering Town an hour ago while the rest escaped south.” Wulfur said.

“Bandits? Army? Hold up, guys. These are no bandits.” Alina denied.

“What… do you mean?” Hilda questioned but Alina didn’t need to answer.


An evil laughter came from under Hilda’s feet. She moved away quickly only to see that the Sorcerer whom she just mercilessly ma.s.sacred was laughing like a freak. Truthfully, Hilda was scared.

“What… what in the world?!”

Alina sighed as she was already past that shock. She held the man from the head, grabbed her other sword and decapitated his head from the neck then stuck the sword into the body.

“AAARGH! Red Witch! That’s painful!”

The head screamed at her causing Hilda to go even paler and Wulfur to remove his helmet in awe.

“How did you do that?” Wulfur asked Alina.

“I didn’t do it. These b.a.s.t.a.r.ds are semi-eternals and from the looks of this one, they are some sort of Daedra… heh! A human body but it was possessed by a Daedra. I understand now.”

As Alina took a closer look, she was able to determine the strangeness of this sorcerer. It is almost impossible for a human to host a Daedra by normal means other than curses like Vampirism and Lycanthropy. However, this was something even darker.

“So! Who is the Master you spoke of? A Daedric Prince who has a grudge against my Husband?” Alina asked.

“Hmph! I won’t answer anything, Red Witch. You can’t kill me! You can’t harm me!”

Alina’s face hardened.

“I just purged your friends.”

“Hehehe! Weaklings! They are lowly weaklings but don’t worry, my Master has more powerful servants like me. If I wasn’t enough, then an army of my equals will scotch this land back to ruin!”

“Hmmm… so evil!” Alina commented as she verified the truth with her eyes, “We will have more questions for you but let’s purge the rest of your friends first then preserve your head in a jar filled with Blessed Oil!”

“Bl… Blessed Oil!”

Blessed objects were the bane of dark creatures, such an oil exists and if a Daedra’s head for example was trapped in one, it will be forever a torturous prison for the being.

Alina gagged the head and gave it to Wulfur then instantly vaporized the rest of the possessed bodies with her eyes. They finally have a prisoner they can extract information from.

As they were about to move to Winterhold, a Storm Atronach Horse interrupted them in the way and its rider was no other than Isha.

“Alina, here you are.” She jumped off the Atronach.

“Don’t worry, I am fine.” Alina a.s.sured her.

“Good. But there is news, bad ones!” Isha replied, “Fort Kastav was overrun by the bandits that just attacked the south. The Stormcloak Commander was killed and the survivors reported treason in the ranks.”

“You say what?” Alina freaked out.

“That’s not just it.” Isha said, “Vampires… Vampires were sighted a.s.sisting the Bandits.”

This situation turned even darker on this horribly eventful day., Daedra, Bandits and now Vampires; whoever after this has brought War to Winterhold.

Alina’s eyes finally showed anger she can no longer hold. She turned to the head of the Daedra and grabbed it from Wulfur.

“Wulf, you go to Kastav. Mother, tell father Jonrad that there are Vampires. Isha, find Jullanar and tell her to meet me at the College.” Alina said.

“Why will you go to the College?” Hilda asked.

“We need answers and I think we all know just the person who can make the Daedra sing.”


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