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“Don’t worry, it’s only a type of chronic type of nerve-poison. It has no smell and no taste so it’s guaranteed that it won’t be found. On top of that, it won’t be lethal to your brother. It will only slowly reduce his physical capabilities.” Zheng Wenbing had an indifferent face, “I know, your life in your family isn’t perfect. All the resources in the family is given to Jiang Tao and therefore you could never succeed. Now, I will give you a chance to succeed, how about it?”“If you don’t agree, it doesn’t matter.” Zhang Yue said, “I heard you have a little sister and she is still in secondary college?”“You’re thinking of doing something to my sister!”Jiang Li’s face changed as an overwhelming anger burned inside him but he endured. Long periods of training had allowed his spirit to not be impulsive. He calmly thought of his next step, “Zheng Wenbing, this is a modern legal society. Wealthy people can’t do whatever they want. Your actions will only lead to your demise.”“Modern legal society?” Zheng Wenbing acted as if heard the biggest joke in the world, “If it was still in the country era 200 hundred years ago, I would believe it is a legal society. But now, some people can live a few hundred years while other people can only live a hundred years. The essence of life isn’t even equal anymore. Legality? What a joke.”Yang Wu waved his hand and smirked, “Jiang Li, you’re too naïve. The more technology advances the more advantage wealthy people have. Later on, wealthy people will be able to live long but poor people can only wait for their death. Why would anyone care about legality? We rich people are naturally n.o.bler than people like you.”“It’s pointless to say this. Don’t forget, compared to the people in the elite district, we’re all poor people. You are not yet the elite.” Jiang Li took a step forward, “Zheng Wenbing, there’s no way I will help you in dealing to my brother even if you give me 100,000, 1,000,000 star coins. And I warn you, if you try anything with my sister, I won’t let you go.”“Hahahaha…..” Zheng Wenbing had his hands behind his back, “If these words came from Jiang Tao, they would weigh something but coming from you, it’s just a big joke. Actually, I don’t need to make things so complicated, all I need is one sentence and I can make your parents lose their jobs. The company your parents are at is a branch company of the Xue Corporation and one of my good mates coincidentally is a high level manager in the Xue Corporation.This was another significant threat.It would be a significant blow to Jiang Li’s family if both of his parents lost their jobs. After all, all the living expenses in the family such as study, food, clothes and other expenditures were all substantiated by his parent’s income.“My parents work too a.s.siduously, it’s good for them to take a break.” Jiang Li wasn’t threatened, “My brother and I will earn money for the family.”“Looks like, you want to lead yourself into your demise.”Zheng Wenbing sighed, “Then I won’t be able to help you.”“Don’t you dare!” Jiang Li’s eyes burned with fury, “If I call the police, you won’t do yourself any good.”“Call the police? I was only joking with you just then, just testing the relationship between you and your brother. Looks like you’re not jealous of your brother at all?” Zheng Wenbing said slowly and suddenly his tone changed. He smiled a cunning smile, “Hehe, you have a deep relationship with your brother.” “Joking with me?” Jiang Li paused. He really couldn’t discern what Zheng Wenbing wanted to do. Normally, this would be against the law and if Zheng Wenbing really did it, he would destroy his own future. This could possibly be a threat and Zheng Wenbing’s intentions were clear. Zheng Wenbing had many ways to play with Jiang Li and his brother. Maybe without noticing, Jiang Li and Jiang Tao would be poisoned. The poison could be those undetectable nerve poison. Zheng Wenbing was also trying to create conflict between Jiang Li and his brother.“Bing bro, don’t waste time talking to him.” Zhang Yue was impatient, “Let’s give this kid a lesson first. Then he’ll know what’s good and listen to us.”“Zhang Yue, you wish to take revenge on me from last time?” Jiang Li asked calmly.“So what if I am?” Zhang Yue’s face appeared fierce, “Last time I didn’t think you would improve that fast so I underestimated you. You won’t have the same luck today. We should have combat training. That won’t count as brawling.” “Bro, you should fight him, this kid doesn’t like the hard way nor the easy way.” Yang Wu folded his arms as if looking on at a spectacle, “I’ll hold the line for you, you should go play with him first. I don’t believe a poor kid can do anything.”“Zhang Yue, best not to fight in the school. We’re all civilized people, what’s the point of beating him? There are many ways to play with him and violence is the lowest type.” Zheng Wenbing shook his head, “Jiang Li, think carefully, if you have a way for your little brother to control himself a little, I can agree not to do anything to you. However, if your brother is still that, then I really wouldn’t mind using some other ways to deal with him. If you hit someone, you don’t hit their face. That day, he smacked my face really hard and now, you’re not showing due respect to me. Tell me, what should I do?”As he talked, Zheng Wenbing’s tone was flat. He felt his face as if reminiscing the moment he was humiliated. His eyes were bleak like a deadly snake.“Turns out that little brother smacked him in the face!” Jiang Li was stunned. This was something serious, no wonder Zheng Wenbing was so hateful.These wealthy kids were really popular in the school. They would do anything after being hit in the face in front of everyone. Yet he could still stay calm now which means he wasn’t someone to be messed with easily. He would be more troublesome later on.“Bing bro, I’ll avenge you.” Zhang Yu suddenly attacked.Peng!Zhang Yue extended his fingers and used a subjugation hand technique. It was the [Twisting Arm Locking Shoulder] move of the [Capture and Brawl Art] and he already grabbed onto Jiang Li’s shoulder.Zhang Yue’s was swift like the wind, his hands were long like a monkey. As they penetrated through the air, a sharp howling sound of the wind was created. Using it with a life force of 0.9, only the military instructors in the army could stop it.Zhang Yue had improved a lot compared to when they fought in the gymnasium.It seemed like that after Jiang Li injured his arm, he trained diligently and used some advanced supplements to boost his physical capabilities.Pang!Jiang Li’s shoulder shifted up and the bones appeared as though they were live dragon snakes. He dodged slightly and Zhang Yue missed.“Hmm?”“Hmm?”……A series of surprised voices sounded. Not only Zhang Yue was shocked but even Zheng Wenbing and his cronies found it inconceivable.Zhang Yue was strong of the strong. When he grabbed, even excelling students with a life force of 0.8 couldn’t stop it and could only submit themselves to subjugation.“Damm it!”Zhang Yue missed his move and was embarra.s.sed. Killing intent emitted from his body and he was about to use his killing blow to attack with his full strength.“What are you guys doing?” At this moment, a sound came from the door. It was unknown when the gym doors were opened and a girl stood in front of the entrance.“Lara Luo?”“Lara Luo……”It was one of the four G.o.ddesses of the school, Lara Luo.“What are you guys doing? Bullying students?” Lara Luo walked in. She scanned the scene and knew immediately what had occurred. She walked to Jiang Li, “Are you okay?”“I’m fine.” Jiang Li smiled. “Zhang Yue, you are the cla.s.s captain of Jiang Li’s cla.s.s. Why are you helping Zheng Wenbing bully students from your cla.s.s?” Lara Luo interrogated.“Um……” Zhang Yue spread out his hands in an unconcerned manner, “I’m only giving him a few pointers on his fighting techniques. You call this bullying?”“Yea Lara Luo, Zhang Yue was only giving him a few pointers. Look, Jiang Li does not have a single injury. This isn’t bullying.” Zheng Wenbing smiled with ease.Lara Luo looked at Jiang Li. Indeed there wasn’t a single bit of injury on him and there weren’t any signs of being beaten. She frowned. She was very intelligent and already guessed what had happened.“Schoolmate Jiang Li, your brawling techniques are very bad, you still need plenty of practice. As your cla.s.s captain, I will come for you frequently. I must get your grades up so you don’t drag the cla.s.s behind.” Zhang Yue said allegorically.“Jiang Li, go back first.” Lara Luo protected, “When there’s the opportunity I can help you with your cultivation and battle techniques. You don’t need them.”Upon hearing this, Zhang Yue, Zheng Wenbing and the others had a spasm on their face. As one of the four G.o.ddesses of the school, Lara Luo had countless guys who wanted to be close with her. Never before had it been seen of her taking the initiative to be close with a guy especially a guy who was a very normal.“That won’t be necessary.” Jiang Li stepped up lightly, “Cla.s.s captain Zhang Yue wishes to give me pointers on my fighting techniques. This is good will, how can I reject him?”“Don’t be impulsive.” Lara Luo hurried to stop him, “Jiang Li, you’re no match for Zhang Yue. Don’t let your emotions dictate what you do.”“Hahaha…..” Zhang Yue laughed, “Since schoolmate Jiang Li insists so strongly, I will help you out. Lara Luo, you saw it this time. Schoolmate Jiang Li personally asked for my help.”“Don’t worry.” Jiang Li shrugged his shoulders and looked at Lara Luo. There was confidence and power in his eyes.“Okay, I’ll look on from here.” Although Lara Luo was concerned, she was confident to hold the line for him and control the situation in the nick of time so she nodded.“Cla.s.s captain Zhang Yue, be careful.”Jiang Li raised his hands and held them into a fist raising it above his head. The hand sign formed a circle. There were full of openings in this stance and was completely useless in combat. But the instance he formed the stance, his whole temperament changed as if he was a sun in the sky illuminating the earth. This was a starting hand position in the [Spirit Emperor Seal]. Accompanied with contemplation, Jiang Li’s spirit was suddenly more focused. “What is this? There are this many openings?” Zhang Yue had a smirk on his face and suddenly took a step forward. The ground shook and he used consecutive elbow strikes. It was the [Consecutive Fist Thrust of the [Military Exploding Fist Thrust].Bang, bang bang, the fist struck across the air accompanied with footstep techniques. It was a killing move as soon as Zhang Yue attacked.Fast! Fast! Fast!There were elbow strikes from the upper body and swoops, stomps, kicks, uppercuts from the lower body. Even if they connected slightly, it would result in broken bones and torn tendons. He approached Jiang Li like a humanoid beast in the matter of a moment.D rank martial art, [Capture and Brawl Art]!This was a prevalent ferocious move in the military. It used both the arms and legs and required the person to use everything to attack the enemy. Its aim was to kill the enemy or beat them to they were debilitated.Jiang Li kept his smile on his face as he watched Zhang Yue approach.Pang!When Zhang Yue approached, Jiang Li suddenly blinked as if he disappeared, [Twisting Bone Attack]!He went around to Zhang Yue’s side and reached out with a grab, [Dragon Claw Subjugation], [Fire Dragon Scorching the Plains]! Many fiery claw shaped images blinked and reached for every single vital points of Zhang Yue’s body.“Damm it!” When Zhang Yue saw a fury of claws reach to enclose upon him from his side, he immediately bit his teeth and twisted his body too.“Lay down!”Jiang Li sneered as his body went forward. A fist exploded out like a shark breaking the surface of water to bite people.The two people clashed together.Zhang Yue howled in pain as he flew back.As soon as he touched Jiang Li’s body, his force was miraculously eradicated by Jiang Li’s twisting arm as the arm continued to knock him flying.Crack crack…. Zhang Yue fell to the floor. The bones in his body seemed like they were cracking. His eyes turned white as he fainted.An influential person of the school with a life force of 0.9 was sent flying and unconscious with just one move…Not long before, Jiang Li was still on par with Zhang Yue. But after the battle with Illusory Fox which resulted in the activation of the [Spiritual Emperor Seal] in the Great Dream Heart Sutra, Jiang Li trained in this seal and his physical capabilities skyrocketed. Zhang Yue was completely outmatched.


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