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Though many experts frantically tried to kill him, Aotian was insanely powerful. His grand completion physique was virtually untouchable as he put down one enemy after another.

Bones piled up on the battle stage after waves of a.s.sault, leaving others with no room to stand. Blood stained this region as this battle shocked the very soul.

After ten days and ten nights, Aotian killed too many Virtuous Paragons to count with five G.o.dkings among them. One of the five was the strongest ancestor of the sea monsters, a Nine Worlds’ G.o.dking!

Such an invincible existence was still no match for Aotian!

A Nine Worlds’ G.o.dking was a supreme existence in the mind of many cultivators. Just a flip of their hand could take down a lineage but this person was still killed by Aotian!

No one tried to attack him anymore after this. All of the enemies that had yet to attack were frightened by him.

Because of this battle, his brilliant self became even more radiating and dazzling. People started calling him the Denary King after the drawn-out fight.

Mind fluttered after hearing this story again. Yulian – who was smitten by him at first sight – viewed this battle accomplishment as her pride.

With her rippling eyes, she said: “Brother Long is not only the Denary King, he has also reached the eleventh step. Who else can be as great as him in this world?”

Her suitors became even more dejected. They were eclipsed by Long Aotian, the heaven’s favorite child.

“Long Aotian isn’t the strongest. Remember, there is someone on the twelfth step.” An unhappy youth snorted and had to state.

With that, many turned their attention towards the final step. There was someone with a gray robe. The shadow was very faint so it was hard to see his face.

This shadow stood there without the imperious temperament of Long Aotian. It wasn’t as gallant either but even time itself couldn’t erase the mark of the shadow.

“That’s Ancestor Gu Zun.” Even Yulian quietly sighed after this man was brought up.

“Ancestor Gu Zun? The legendary ancestor from heaven Suppression? I think people say that he is Ye Jiuzhou’s master.” Not too many youths here understood Gu Zun because, in this generation, he has maintained a low-profile. His disciple, Ye Jiuzhou, was much more famous.

Only the people from the last generation who knew more about him understood how frightening he was.

“Yes, the strongest in Heaven Suppression, one of the ten eonic geniuses, the greatest talent in the world, and the only person who can compare to my ancestral grandmother.” Yulian said proudly.

The Yu Clan and Heaven Suppression had many ties. Their ancestral grandmother was the strongest general in the Black Dragon Legion. Though their clan was not under Heaven Suppression’s jurisdiction, many disciples from this sect still viewed the clan as part of the legion.

Because of this, Yulian has heard about Heaven Suppression from her seniors so she knew more about Gu Zun compared to the other youths.

“One of the ten eonic geniuses!” Some jumped from shock after hearing this.

Such a t.i.tle was quite frightening. Even Long Aotian didn’t dare to claim this t.i.tle. However, the fact that Gu Zun’s shadow was up on the twelfth step showed his amazing ability.

In a short time, the crowd was completely stunned while thinking about an eonic genius. Would a person be completely flawless? No one dared to question her statement. Heaven Suppression was too prestigious in this region.

At the same time, Yulian said that he was on the same level as Matriarch Yu. This was enough to show his power. Matriarch Yu’s a.s.sailant t.i.tle wasn’t a boast. Immortal Emperor Yin Tian himself said so, thus, there was no need to question it.

Of course, some were curious about why such a great man like him was so unknown. They didn’t dare to ask though.

The disciples of the city, on the other hand, became quite proud since their ancestor has made his mark on the twelfth step. 

“Lin Hao is here.” Someone said during this moment of silence. The crowd turned right away.

A handsome young man with the bearing of a n.o.ble came about. His looks alone made him look quite exceptional.

The young cultivators here quickly said hi to him with a blatant servile intent. They couldn’t be blamed for doing so. Lin Hao was from the Soaring Immortal Sect. He was the disciple of an elder, responsible as a messenger.

Though his status was far inferior to Long Aotian, a difference of the heaven and earth, he was still from the soaring sect. His status and cultivation were much stronger than many successors of the great powers.

He was quite arrogant, being the disciple of an elder, so when others came to greet him, he simply nodded back.

He finally let go of this prideful act after seeing Yu Yulian and amicably spoke: “Princess, I’m here to support you after hearing about your climb.”

He could show off his ident.i.ty before others but not Yu Yulian. The Soaring Immortal Sect was great indeed but they still needed to give the Yu Clan some respect, or more importantly, Matriarch Yu.

Yulian was very friendly as well after seeing Lin Hao: “Brother Lin, it is our pleasure to have you here. May I ask where Brother Long is?”

“Princess, Eldest Brother is leading the troops to wipe out the remnants. He’s deep undersea right now, I’m afraid he can’t come.” Lin Hao answered right away.

“Young Emperor Long is unstoppable for real. He destroyed the sea monsters’ armies and made them run back to their lair. Even their G.o.dkings would run for their lives after hearing his name.” Someone quickly flattered.

For many experts here, being able to curry favor with Soaring Immortal was a great honor. If these youths could form some ties with Soaring Immortal, their sect would even promote them.

“That’s right, Young Emperor Long is the Immortal Emperor in this generation.” Someone else chimed in.

Lin Hao became smug after hearing all the praises. He agreed with all the comments too. Spring came on Yulian’s charming face. She viewed her crush as her pride especially when others praised him.

“Brother Long is the son of the high heaven. It’s no problem for him to take down those losers.” Yulian smiled and said: “No matter what it is, if Brother Long requires my clan’s help, just say the word. Our clan will do our best and won’t refuse even if it is jumping into the fire.”

“I will tell Eldest Brother about your kind words.” Lin Hao busily said.

“How can you make such a thoughtless statement when it comes to the honor and well-being of the Yu Clan?” A leisurely voice came right after Yulian expressed her loyalty to her sweetheart.

A young man slowly came forward. There was nothing special about him and no one would give him a second glance. There was a servant on his side. These two were naturally Li Qiye and the Peac.o.c.k Bright Monarch.

Of course, Li Qiye normally wouldn’t care about the young ones. However, it was not a trivial matter when Yulian is speaking for the Yu Clan about pledging their allegiance to Soaring Immortal.


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