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Chapter 1606: Yulian’s Choice

While Yulian was opening her mouth, Ancestor Yu hurried interjected: “Ancestor, the successor of Soaring Immortal is a grand completion Immortal Physique, one of the strongest candidates for the throne with the arts from five emperors. Quite a rare talent.” He gave a quick glance at Li Qiye without daring to say more.

“What is this about being one of the strongest candidates, it is only fleeting like the early morning dew or the moon on the river’s surface.” The matriarch said coldly: “A grand completion Soaring Immortal Physique still won’t do.”

Her juniors weren’t aware but she knew that all of this was still useless. Moreover, as the first general of the Black Dragon Legion, she understood the result of those who would compete against Li Qiye. Even if the boy was from Soaring Immortal, he would only serve as bones on Li Qiye’s path in the future.

Yulian still kept her head low. The seniors knew that she liked Long Aotian but no one explicitly stated it. A young girl like her felt quite shy at this moment.

The matriarch went on: “I shouldn’t interfere with the younger generation’s love. However, is it a one-sided affair or does he like you back?”

Yulian trembled a bit after hearing this. Aotian didn’t know of her crush at all. It was her one-sided crush since she had never expressed it.

Her expression couldn’t elude the matriarch’s eyes. The matriarch spoke: “So it’s one-sided.”

The girl was pale and didn’t dare to respond.

“Reflect on this for me.” The monarch elaborated: “If he’s the successor of Soaring Immortal with the arts of five emperors and a grand completion physique, so many princesses in the world will adore him. Even though you shouldn’t belittle yourself, some self-awareness is necessary. In terms of talents and beauty, can you compete with all the other women? Can you make him love you?”

Her head tilted down even more. She knew full well that her conditions were good but there were more exceptional women in this world. Long Aotian wouldn’t necessarily like her which was why she had never confessed.

“Even if you have the chance to marry into that sect, it’s already pus.h.i.+ng it for you to be a concubine. There are too many disciples there at the same level as you.” The experienced matriarch explained: “If that’s the case, why should the sect take you in? It is simply to win our clan’s influence in the Grand Sea. They want to take advantage of your ancestors. Outside of that, they don’t care for our clan nor you. We’ll just be used as tools.”

She shuddered again after hearing the a.s.sessment. Every girl had some dreams, more or less, in their heart. But now, the frank a.s.sessment cruelly pierced through these dreams. She clenched her fists and tried her best to stop trembling.

“Love is human nature so that’s not a criticism on you. However, you are still young, yet to see the real world and the resplendent grand dao.” The matriarch continued.

“Your talents are fine but now, you are given the chance. Make up your mind and polish your dao heart then your life will change. Once you reach that particular level, you can live for several tens of thousand years while maintaining your youthfulness. At that point when you stand at the apex, your vision will become even broader and you will come to understand that there are even more wondrous and scintillating things in the world. You will meet even more exceptional talents. That is when you will know what you truly want!” 

Her sonorous guidance reached the heart. All of the clan members were carefully listening.

Even Ancestor Yu sighed in his mind. A G.o.dking like him could be considered to be an experienced man and had a different interpretation of her words. In the past, he failed to understand this until he was older. Alas, it was too late then since he didn’t become a G.o.dking till old age. At this particular level, one had a different perspective on the world.

Perhaps this perspective would change even more at the Emperor a.s.sailant level. That’s not something he would dare to imagine, however. He knew that Yulian was the most hopeful child in their clan as well. If she could be groomed, then her future would be quite promising.

“If you sever romance now, you will be able to pick a different path! Do you want to be an ordinary woman or a master smiling down on the world? This is your choice!” The matriarch asked.

A conflict waged in her mind. In the end, she gritted her teeth and said solemnly: “Ancestor, I accept the training and guidance!”

“Very good.” The matriarch nodded approvingly while looking at Yulian. She turned towards Li Qiye and said: “Your Excellency, what do you think?”

“I can’t stay long so I can’t personally teach her.” Li Qiye shook his head: “But it is very suitable for you to teach your own descendant. In my view, she’s suitable to cultivate the Step Scripture so I’ll allow for you to teach her that.”

The matriarch was slightly disappointed until she heard the latter part. Li Qiye had guidelines for his followers. Certain merit laws were pa.s.sable to their descendants and some weren’t.

As someone who had cultivated the Step Scripture, she knew better than anyone just how powerful it was. Thus, his permission was a very big deal.

“Thank His Excellency already, others couldn’t ask for such a fortune.” The matriarch told Yulian instantly.

Yulian regained her wits and hurriedly bowed towards Li Qiye. Nevertheless, she had no fitting words for this occasion.

“No need for formality.” Li Qiye waved his sleeve: “Your ancestor seized this fortune for you, do not let her down.”

“Yes.” She quietly affirmed.

“From today on, you will stay in the courtyard so I can teach you.” The matriarch told her.

This was a glimmer of hope for the matriarch. She couldn’t teach all the children at her age but now, she could plant the seed for their future successor.

Yulian bowed again without speaking. Meanwhile, Clan Master Yu was very excited for his daughter. Being taught by the matriarch meant that she would be the next successor. No one would be able to take this away from her.

“Everyone, leave now.” The matriarch ordered: “Zongying, you stay.”

They followed her command and everyone left, outside of Zongying.

Zongying was still shaken all the same. The other disciples didn’t know who they were looking at but he did. This was the supreme ruler of the nine worlds. Ordinary people weren’t qualified to know his ident.i.ty.

“To see you again, sacred teacher, is beyond my wildest dream.” Zongying said excitedly.

“You have a good memory since you were only learning how to speak back then.” Li Qiye couldn’t help but laugh.

The old man smiled awkwardly. He seemed like a child before someone as old as Li Qiye: “Sacred teacher, I have always looked up to you.”

“The boy never forgot about you and even wanted to join the Black Dragon Legion but the old man didn’t let him.” The matriarch smiled and shook her head.

The past embarra.s.sed him so he let out a hollow laugh: “The Black Dragon Legion threatened the world for three generations with the hallowed Black Dragon King. Sacred teacher also reigned eternally so I really dreamt about leading the troops to battle back then.”

“It’s good that your father didn’t let you or I wouldn’t know what to do. The Yu Clan only has you so if anything bad were to happen, how can I face your parents?” Li Qiye laughed.

“The children didn’t try hard enough.” The matriarch let out a long sigh: “Otherwise, we would have let him train in the legion.”

The couple didn’t only have one child but Zongying was the only successful one. His other brothers and sisters have already died before him due to their weaker cultivation.

Because of this, the Yu Clan only had him to take care of everything so his dad didn’t permit him to join the legion since any mishap might end their lineage.


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