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After blowing Hai Lin’s group away, a buzzing noise came from Aotian’s body as his body became resplendent just like the blinding sun.

In this split second, he had pushed his physique to its limit and soared for Pearl City. He wanted to use this extraordinary speed to cross through the defensive barrier.

“Boom!” Long Aotian was imperceptibly fast. When the two sides collided, the barrier sank far down but he still couldn’t break through it.

“Boom!” Next, he went flying from the resulting push-back.

“That barrier is too strong, even Aotian isn’t fast enough to get past it?” Many people were astounded to see this.

Aotian glanced at the barrier before turning to leave into the crevice of the sky.

“What is he doing?” One cultivator couldn’t believe it: “Is he giving up?”

He didn’t think this was right. Aotian wasn’t someone who gives up so easily, same with Soaring Immortal.

“More, he needs a bigger distance.” A G.o.dking used his heavenly gaze to look at the sky. Only people of this level were able to understand.

“It’s starting.” Another old G.o.dking murmured after knowing Aotian’s intention.

The rest of the crowd couldn’t see anything so they were lost.

The old G.o.dking was right. Long Aotian wanted to use an extremely long distance since it was no problem for his physique. As long as he had enough s.p.a.ce, he would be able to exert the ultimate speed in this world, capable of surpa.s.sing everything, even time itself.

Though many cultivators didn’t know what he was doing, they could sense it because time seemed to have skipped a beat in this particular instance.

In the blink of an eye, everything in the world became slow. Everyone could see a faint shadow but they knew it was Aotian.

Next, the stagnation disappeared. Time was flowing normally again but the situation was different.

People could see Long Aotian was grabbing the monarch by the neck. Without a doubt, the supreme genius had found a clue and knew that the barrier was closely related to the monarch. Only by capturing her would they be able to solve the barrier problem.

“Whoos.h.!.+ Bang!” Finally, the sound of him crossing through the area finally caught up with remnant shadows. Many finally saw Aotian piercing through the barrier but this had happened a while ago.

He was unreasonably fast. The monarch was quite powerful but she couldn’t evade him. Being gripped by the neck rendered her out of breath with her blood energy running amok. The light in Pearl Tower turned dim immediately. 

“Bang!” The eight giants finally broke through the defensive barrier. The dome broke down into little pieces of light.

“Kill!” The members from Soaring Immortal roared after seeing this rare opportunity and immediately jumped into the city.

“Fight!” The disciples from Pearl didn’t relent and also maintained their position to fend off the enemies.

“Pearl is finished.” Aotian sneered.

Alas, in a split second, the pendant in front of the monarch’s chest exuded a boundless light. People couldn’t keep their eyes opened.

Her forehead flashed and a little tower appeared with a terrible storm. Even someone like Aotian couldn’t imprison her any longer. His five fingers were aching and had to let go of the prince. A split second later, the monarch used an unbelievable speed to retreat.

He snorted and used his Immortal Physique again to leap towards her. In his mind, she was no match for him in terms of agility even if she was faster.

However, he only took the first step before hastily running backward. At this second, his intuition was telling him that something dangerous was coming. He fortified his stance and crushed the earth behind him.

He looked up and saw a woman standing before the monarch. She was supreme and transcending just like the G.o.ddess of the sea!

Zi Cuining stood there with a spear in her hand. It was red with a flas.h.i.+ng b.l.o.o.d.y glow. Even a character like Aotian was horrified by its appearance as if it could pierce through his neck at any moment.

Keep in mind that very few things could scare him to this level but this spear managed to do so. It didn’t matter how strong he was, the tip of this weapon could still easily pierce his throat.

He suddenly had a thought – this spear wasn’t only capable of piercing him. Even an Immortal Emperor would become its victim.

The spectators in the horizon felt a chill by their throat. It didn’t matter that they were so far away. The moment they saw the flas.h.i.+ng tip of the spear, they still became suffocated with their legs turning weak.

This spear was simply too horrifying especially when Zi Cuining was the user. It seemed as if nothing could stop it. It was a sure-kill weapon!

“What is that weapon?” An old G.o.dking murmured in a daze.

Immortal’s Blood Spear, once known as the Black Dragon Spear. No one could stare at this weapon and remain composed. The blood there seemed to be from an Immortal Emperor.

After stopping Long Aotian, Zi Cuining told the monarch: “Go protect the city, leave this to me.”

The monarch acknowledged the order and turned to leave. With a buzz, the Pearl Tower lit up again with its dazzling light.

“Ahh!” Miserable screams resounded. During the skirmish, the Soaring Immortal Sect still had the upper hand. Even though Pearl had the number advantage, it couldn’t stop this sect. Many disciples were forced back while the city lost many key areas.

Blood stained the earth. So many pavilions were broken with holes appearing on the walls.

“Go!” At this moment, Hai Lin’s group of three joined the battle. Hai Lin had his trident and fought against a G.o.dking. The golden dragon roared and tore apart the enemies. Ding Yuanhou in his bull form rampaged everywhere and crushed groups of combatants.

Because of their presence, the situation turned for the better for Pearl City. The survivors from the demon race and sea monster faction fought together with the Pearl disciples. In their mind, Pearl was their last haven. If Pearl were to fall, there would be nowhere left for them to go in the Grand Sea.

“Whoos.h.!.+” The monarch was controlling the tower again with its boundless light. Rays poured down on each of the disciples from Pearl. In a short time, it looked as if they had a new armor made out of light. This was the protective blessing from the tower.

“Kill!” They regained their morale and battle intent. Even though they were no match for the enemies, they still rushed forward and wished to take down as many as possible before dying.

Meanwhile, Zi Cuining was stopping Long Aotian on the city wall. With the spear in her hand, a murderous aura was born as she stood upright like a general that had killed countless enemies. The spear continued to instill fear into its enemies.

“Clank!” The heaven’s favorite didn’t dare to underestimate the enemy. A sword hymn echoed in the sky. He slowly unsheathed the Virtuous Sword with an austere expression.


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