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The moment Aotian’s supreme grand dao emerged, the figures of five emperors appeared as well – Fei, Can Long, Tun Ri, Ba Mie, and Ren Xian.

Their own grand dao took form as well. They wove together before fusing into Aotian’s.

One Dao Shouldering Five Emperors, this was Aotian’s supreme grand dao. It shouldered the will and laws of five emperors. He wanted to become the sixth emperor of Soaring Immortal and surpa.s.s his forefathers!

A terrible imperial aura ravaged the world as if five emperors have appeared. This scene made the spectators’ legs grow weak.

“Only Aotian would be able to create such a grand dao.” Even G.o.dkings were respectful of his achievement.

“A good idea. Unfortunately, it is still walking on the same path paved by your forefathers. Even if you become an emperor, you won’t be able to surpa.s.s them, let alone your progenitor, Immortal Emperor Fei.” Li Qiye smiled and commented.

“I heard my Junior Brother talk about your ultimate fists. I also want to see it today.” Long Aotian was completely confident with his unyielding dao heart.

He had heard of Heavenly Emperor Lin’s defeat in the past. In fact, Li Qiye’s dao wasn’t completed back then. It was much better now.

“I shall entertain you out of consideration for your achievements and power. You may die without regrets.” Li Qiye felt generous enough.

“Whoos.h.!.+” One palace after another emerged for a total of thirteen. An expanse of boundless primordial chaos took form.

“Thirteen palaces!” No one would miss the chance to watch this scene, the miracle of the ages. This was the first time for many people despite their old age.

“I’ll never get bored of seeing this.” Even some sealed undyings got up from their coffins and commented.

Aotian’s expression dimmed down after seeing the thirteen palaces. Regardless of his current mood, he had to admit that thirteen palaces were incredible. He had many wondrous achievements and accolades but they truly paled in comparison.

His own could be repeated by other people. Some people in the past were even more excellent and brilliant than him.

However, Li Qiye’s palaces were a miracle and completely unique. This feat alone would guarantee his name being recorded in the historical annals even if he didn’t become an emperor!

At this time, a figure slowly walked forward in the primordial chaos. The myriad worlds became bleak with his coming. The heavenly grand dao had to submit. This was the ruler of the world. He represented everything in this world – life and death, yin and yang, heaven and earth… All were beneath his reign; all were created by him. The world could be freed from heavenly laws, yin and yang, and the five elements… However, it needed him!

Nirvana Heavens, created by the thirteen palaces. Everyone was speechless before this magnificent figure.

“Want to see my grand dao? Look all you want.” Li Qiye spoke in his ultimate form.

“Whoos.h.!.+” Li Qiye’s supreme grand dao emerged, the Seven Nights Dao! Eternity, time, creation, G.o.ds, all beings were being derived…

When this grand dao started, the world didn’t exist, the high heaven didn’t exist, only Li Qiye was around. With his presence, the world had everything – the cycles of life, yin and yang, and the six dao…

Li Qiye and his grand dao represented and ruled everything at this moment!

When this dao showed itself, everyone felt total despair and became breathless. They came to realize the gap between themselves and Li Qiye. It was impossible to catch up.

Their cultivation was predicated on understanding and grasping laws. However, Li Qiye was the creator of laws. How could this disparity ever be bridged?

Even Aotian’s expression turned for the worst. Even his unyielding dao heart and incredible confidence shared the same depressing sentiment. He inevitably became pale.

This was no longer a gap between grand dao. It was a gap in the level of existence. If cultivators were people, Li Qiye was already the heaven. They felt insignificant like insects under his gaze.

“Kill!” Despite despair rearing its ugly head inside him, Aotian still didn’t falter or became afraid. He roared and boosted his grand dao with the treasure.

“Boom!” Five emperors took action. Immortal Emperor Fei waved his Missing Feather; Immortal Emperor Can Long wore the Silk Dragon Robe; Immortal Emperor Tun Ri wielded the Sun Devourer Spear; Immortal Emperor Ba Mie grasped his Tyrannical Destruction Saber; Immortal Emperor Ren Xian had his Virtuous Sword!

The nine worlds quaked because of the emperors and their personal weapons. Their auras ravaged Mortal Emperor and its inhabitants. The people trembled in fear and dropped to the ground. Doomsday was approaching in their mind.

“Unfortunately, they’re not real emperors.” Li Qiye smiled and used his dao. All power in the nine worlds became his for the taking.

“Boom!” A blast reverberated to every corner of the nine worlds after Li Qiye punched once! This punch blasted everything in the world back to the origin. One punch to destroy the emperors and G.o.ds. All beings were aghast and couldn’t regain their sanity.

Heaven Suppression Fist! The world became quiet under this attack outside of the high heaven with its thunderous tribulation gathering in the sky. Crackles came crazily and bolts aimed for Li Qiye. However, the bolts couldn’t touch him for some unknown reasons.

Everyone lost their focus at this moment and couldn’t see anything. Despair ran amok as all progress made in the past were gone.

“Boom!” When people calmed down, they saw Long Aotian being blown away while vomiting blood. All the bones on his body were shattered.

However, Aotian was still a tough man and persevered through the damage. He still stood up straight while gathering his blood energy to recreate his body.

The crowd had no comment. Long Aotian had lost again and this one was an utter defeat. However, they would have suffered the same fate under that attack.

“Do you know why I still haven’t killed you?” Li Qiye chuckled at Aotian and said: “I want to see who will come and save you right now.”

Aotian was expressionless and didn’t utter a single word as he stood there.

“Boom!” At this time, the sky above Heaven Suppression City was penetrated. A person was thrown by something directly into the city.

It was Gu Zun flying down. At this time, he was feeble and couldn’t stand straight. His pale complexion made it clear that he had expended a great amount of blood energy on top of being grievously wounded.

“Clank.” A clattering of weapons came about with blades hanging by his neck. He was imprisoned by the ancestors from the city.

“Ancestor, excuse me.” Zi Cuining appeared in front of Gu Zun and said.

After the conclusion at Pearl, Zi Cuining had returned to Heaven Suppression City to preside over the situation. Strange enough, Gu Zun wasn’t the only one who was gone. His entire branch and Ye Jiuzhou have disappeared. Because of this, Zi Cuining was ready to face the enemy.

Gu Zun didn’t become angry at all. He stared at the sky and chuckled: “People win and lose, my loss was well-deserved.”

Zi Cuining still had an austere expression. Even if Gu Zun was helpless at this moment, she still wouldn’t underestimate the enemy since Gu Zun couldn’t be so easily dealt with.

“Watch him, not a second of carelessness.” Zi Cuining ordered the ancestors before looking up in the sky.

Gu Zun, as a prisoner, wasn’t tense at all. He stared towards the direction of Soaring Immortal with a smile on his face.

Back at the battlefield, Li Qiye also glanced at the sky and smiled as well: “Time for me to reel in the net. Can’t wait any longer.”

Having said that, he slowly walked towards Long Aotian.

Aotian’s expression changed as he instinctively took one step back. However, he took a deep, composing breath afterward and straightened his body. He stopped faltering and was no longer afraid.


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