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The ancestors on the steps perused this ordinary brat. In fact, some of them were not happy to see him.

They have heard about how he crushed the divine intent of Southern Sun High G.o.d. It didn’t matter whether it was him or a big shot behind him. Daring to do so was not showing Southern Sun High G.o.d any face.

It was one thing if the High G.o.d was already dead. But if he was alive, this was a blatant declaration of war due to the insulting nature of the act.

People didn’t know where this brat was from and how it emboldened him enough to challenge a High G.o.d. Even the most arrogant and invincible wouldn’t dare to do so. It showed that either he was unbelievably powerful or the person behind him was.

After Li Qiye made his entrance, the sleepy old man next to the two High G.o.d finally opened his eyes.

With an amicable laughter, he greeted: “Young n.o.ble Li, thank you for visiting our humble abode. My name is Jilin Guanjin, in charge of today’s event, hoping to resolve many issues.”

This eminent old man was an ancestor of the clan. Even though he wasn’t the strongest, he made quite a name for himself while traveling outside during his youth. He made friends and foes while accomplis.h.i.+ng many feats.

Rumor has it that he had reached Dao Celestial a very long time ago and currently had 300,000,000 chaos units!

This was a frightening number, boundless even. This meant that he was at the door of the High G.o.d level.

Some even believed that he had fused his grand dao with his fate palaces, meaning that he was already a High G.o.d.

Regardless of whether he was a High G.o.d or not, someone as famous and experienced like him had no problem sitting next to Shrouding Sun and Southern Sun High G.o.ds.

The two High G.o.ds stared intensely at Li Qiye with fire in their eyes. The glares were capable of destroying the myriad laws and moving the celestials. Some experts, even certain ancestors, felt the urge to kneel down before their divine aura.

These were terrorizing existences that could create clouds with one wave and rains with the next. They could burn the sky with one thought and boil the ocean with a second.

Their suppressive aura made the ancestors here shudder from realizing their own lacking. There was an uncrossable gap between them and the two High G.o.ds.

The two finally looked away after a thorough search and became quite perplexed. There was no trace of power in Li Qiye. His cultivation was very obvious, only a new cultivator with several hundred chaos units.

The two were discerning enough to tell. It would be exceedingly difficult for Li Qiye to hide a heaven-defying cultivation in front of these two.

In terms of cultivation, Li Qiye was only a trivial cultivator at the Dao Ant realm. There were too many of them to count in Pure.

In theory, it was impossible for someone like him to destroy the divine intent of Southern Sun. Thus, this pointed to someone else being involved.

“Brat, tell your High G.o.d to come out.” Southern Sun uttered coldly with an awe-inspiring fury.

It was understandable for the High G.o.d to be angry. His divine intent was crushed by someone else. It was a different story if he was already dead but no, doing this to a living High G.o.d was the same as slapping his face.

Even the calmest and graceful High G.o.d wouldn’t be able to endure a slap to the face.

A descendant being killed wasn’t a big deal for a High G.o.d since they had a thousand or even more. However, a slap was a different story.

Li Qiye smiled and shook his head: “I’m all alone, there’s no High G.o.d. Looks like you have wasted all your years living, only a bunch of senile fools.”

The ancestors here were stunned by this arrogant and domineering insult.

“How presumptuous!” Grand Rule instantly shouted.

“Boom!” Endless waves of destructive divinity ravaged the sky with enough force to instantly kill many ancestors.

Big shots like Dao Sages and Dao Saints would instantly turn to ashes, unable to stop this terrorizing divinity. Even ancestors at the Dao Celestial realm would have trouble resisting it.

“Rumble!” A series of explosion occurred. The annihilative divinity still halted right in front of Li Qiye with no chance of touching him.

One Thought To Reign, one of the six in the Thought Scripture. Li Qiye’s will was strong enough to stop Grand Rule’s divinity from harming him.

Both the High G.o.ds surveyed the area but found no one powerful hiding in the shadows. This confused them even more. How did this junior stop that level of divinity? Did he have a supreme artifact on his body?

But if that was the case, only the mythical True Immortal Armament could allow for a Dao Ant to stop the divinity attack earlier. However, only five armaments of this level have appeared since the dawn of time. How could a no-name junior have one of them?!

“Hmph.” Southern Sun High G.o.d snorted after seeing the successful defense.

At this time, both High G.o.ds emitted a blinding radiance. Their divine aura swept through the myriad realms, proving the fact that they were deities that could rule over all the living beings. In the next second, they soared to the sky and poured down streams of laws. Marks only available to G.o.ds appeared but not their totem yet. This allowed them to control all the origin powers in this world.

This astounded the ancestors sitting on the stone steps because they could feel their grand dao being suppressed by those two. Both their chaos and primal energies were repressed as well. This meant that they were completely helpless; those two High G.o.ds could do whatever they wanted in a fight. Even though the majority of ancestors here were Dao Celestial with some even referred to as “Supreme” by their own disciples, the disparity between them and true deities was too great. 

“A bit capable.” Southern Sun High G.o.d looked down at Li Qiye from above with a profound pair of eyes. They were deep just like an endless abyss, stirring fear into the souls of the enemies.

The High G.o.ds didn’t need to attack since their auras could do all the work by interfering with the dao heart and mentally imprisoning Li Qiye.

Alas, the reality was that mental attacks were useless against Li Qiye due to his matchless mental fort.i.tude.

“Just child’s play.” Li Qiye smiled freely, unaffected by the High G.o.ds’ attack.

“Rumble!” With loud explosions, Li Qiye had a pa.s.sing thought and golden liquid emerged from the ground. These golden springs gushed out and raised Li Qiye into the sky.

“Rawr!” A gigantic golden dragon also flew out from the spring.

It wasn’t just an image of a dragon. This was a real creature, seemingly made of gold. There was a primal draconic aura to it, showing that it used to be the lord of the ancient eras!


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