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“Junior, come, one of us shall go down today!” Grand Rule stood up with lightning coursing through his eyes as he glared at Li Qiye. He didn’t try to hide his bloodthirst at all.

Grand Rule no longer cared at this moment after telling Guanlu that this was a personal feud. It had nothing to do with their sects.

The ancestors here watched with bated breath. A High G.o.d was about to take action; here comes the ultimate bout.

Li Qiye was nonchalant on his throne even before the challenge of a High G.o.d. He said flatly: “If you want to be reunited with your son down at the Yellow River, I’ll help you. How do you want to die?”

“You’re the one dying!” Grand Rule roared with a force that shattered the sun and moon. He became livid after his son was brought up.

He took one step and crossed through an entire world. The celestials moved with his pace while the universe was reversed. He instantly appeared before Li Qiye with a punch thrown.

“Bang!” Explosions detonated even before any connection with the punch. The six dao and reincarnation cycle were gone with the wind.

“Boom!” It was inches away from connecting with Li Qiye’s head. Keep in mind that the divinity of this punch was as immense as the myriad realms, capable of shattering everything. The crowd was astonished by this power.

Alas, the last inches were unsurpa.s.sable as if there was a boundless invisible hand stopping the punch and made it dispersed.

“Activate!” Grand Rule didn’t give up and roared. His divinity erupted with all the chaos energy gus.h.i.+ng into the sky.

“Rumble!” Gus.h.i.+ng was not enough to describe this eruption. It was as if a world of chaos energy had exploded. The result was a flood-like shockwave that could end the world.

Three totems appeared behind Grand Rule, each resembled a separate world with a unique grand dao, empowered by vast chaos energy.

Earlier, Golden Python Sovereign’s 135,000,000 chaos units were frightening enough but it seemed too tiny compared to Grand Rule’s power. His three totems were three worlds with their own chaos energies. It was hard to measure the quant.i.ty with just number.

“Three totems!” An ancestor shouted in dismay.

Everyone knew that Grand Rule had become a High G.o.d since long ago but no one knew the exact level. Some were surprised to see three totems.

“Boom!” His fist became resplendent after being blessed with the forces of three worlds. The resulting attack was two times as strong as before.

“Rumble!” In the end, he broke through the invisible defense and tried to connect the punch.

“Not good.” The first reaction for many was to scream, not out of worries for Li Qiye. It was just a natural reaction of the shocking spectacle.

“Boom!” The punch failed again since Li Qiye was nowhere to be found but the remnant shockwaves broke many statues on the battlefield. A deep hole in the shape of a fist was left in the center.

Keep in mind that every corner of the Jilin Clan had been reinforced by wise sages and monarchs. Nevertheless, the High G.o.d’s punch still did some damage.

Li Qiye suddenly appeared in a different location, still with the throne and the golden dragon.

s.p.a.ce and Thought Scriptures allowed him to do whatever he wished. He could appear in any coordinates of time and s.p.a.ce without the slightest mistake!

“Only three non-set totems yet you want to challenge me? So weak.” He nonchalantly declared.

The ancestors stared at each other after hearing this. Even a High G.o.d with three totems wasn’t enough to challenge him? This was quite a domineering statement.

A High G.o.d fused their dao, palace, and chaos energy into a single totem. It allowed them to jump out of the celestial realm and gave them the ability to challenge emperors.

A G.o.d with twelve totems belonged to the ancient realm. An Ancient G.o.d was the top existence of this particular cultivation path while an emperor with twelve wills was the top of the other.

However, number alone wasn’t enough for High G.o.ds against an emperor. What would a High G.o.d with three totems need to do to contend against an emperor with three wills?

Very simple, they need to form a set, meaning that they could support each other. Of course, a set of three was the most basic. The number of totems in a set could be greater.

There was all kind of rumors as to why only High G.o.ds with sets were capable of challenging emperors. Only by reaching that level would people actually know the reasons why.

Rumor has it that with a set, a High G.o.d could learn about the mysteries of the four images in the fate palace. Through understanding them, their true power would come out.

The power of the four images was unique in this world and to the individual. This type of power was called anima. [1]

Normally, a cultivator would never be able to grasp this power. Even emperors, in the beginning, weren’t aware of it, not until they had three wills.

Same with High G.o.ds, they needed a set of three totems before grasping the anima.

With the power of the inner soul, High G.o.ds would finally be able to challenge emperors. Just having the same number of totems to wills wasn’t enough.

“I can still kill you without the anima!” Grand Rule was still as confident as before, completely h.e.l.lbent on taking the guy down.

“Gentlemen, please enter the ancient battlefield.” Jilin Guanlu immediately requested.

This level of a fight was too destructive for even the Jilin Clan. Grand Rule ascended to the stage and pointed at Li Qiye: “Come, I will not stop until you are dead!”

“Very well.” Li Qiye smiled and said. He stopped looking at Grand Rule and gazed towards the distance with his eyes becoming blurred.

“Buzz.” At this time, a person came out of the Jilin Clan and stepped onto the stage.

Everyone stared intensely since this was only a faint figure. No one could see clearly but they could tell that it was a woman, judging by the shapely contours.

Jilin Guanlu’s heart skipped a beat after seeing this figure while feeling unrest.

“This is…” Southern Sun raised his brows as well. He was much older than Grand Rule so he had experienced many generations. Despite not being at the top of the High G.o.d’s hierarchy, he had seen the three monarchs of the Jilin Clan.

“Hmph. You won’t fight yourself?” Grand Rule snorted while staring at Li Qiye with derision.

He naturally wanted to take down Li Qiye’s real body in order to avenge his son. 

“Fight against you?” Li Qiye’s muddled eyes became clear again as he answered insipidly: “Just one thought of mine is enough. Kill it first if you are capable, then I shall fight you with my real form.”

Everyone took a deep breath after hearing this. One thought to fight against a G.o.d? Only a twelve-will emperor could do something like this in this world and defeat a three-totem High G.o.d.

“Fine, I’ll kill her first!” Grand Rule roared.

“You won’t have this chance.” Li Qiye’s eyes became extremely hot just like two suns. No one could open their eyes before this blinding flash.

In this split second, Li Qiye’s dao heart exerted the most unbreakable will, meaning the strength of his will was proportional to the power of the beautiful figure!

1. The word is atman in Hinduism, meaning inner-self or soul. Using soul to describe a type of power is strange and I might have to use the word soul for the actual soul in another pa.s.sage, so I tried to find something else that means soul yet will never be used in that same context on top of sounding cool. Anima is concise and sounds cool; its origin might be problematic to be used in a xianxia


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