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“If there’s nothing else, then I’ll bid you goodbye.” Li Qiye chuckled and casually pointed forward. Tamedragon Child was instantly crushed into a mist of blood.

He thought he was smart and had been coming up with schemes ever since Li Qiye got the treasure from Hope. He decided to carry out the plan at the Buddhist Plain.

In his mind, as long as his plan was successful, Li Qiye would be public enemy number one. At that point, Li Qiye would need to rely on their master in order to survive. Thus, his treasures would no longer belong to him.

But the plan he was so proud of was only a joke in Li Qiye’s eyes. It was meaningless before absolute power, just like a speck of dust.

Li Qiye withdrew his gaze and glanced at the chests of treasures on the ground: “Take back what belongs to you. They are only, not enough to get in my sight. Any treasure from the Golden Shrine is superior than these things here.” 

No one dared to retort to the rather rude comment. Even Yin Huali was completely silent. They understood that it was only a scheme from Tamedragon Child earlier. Plus, someone of Li Qiye’s level had no need for their treasure. As he said, he could randomly pick anything out of the Golden Shrine and it would still be much superior.

After Li Qiye and the princess left, they quickly took back their treasures. No one dared to grab anything that didn’t belong to them because Li Qiye’s authoritative comment was still lingering in their mind. If Li Qiye were to find out of any wrongdoing, they would be dead for sure.

Thus, a nonchalant comment from him became the inviolable words of laws.

When the two pa.s.sed by the location of the Buddhist bell, Li Qiye gave it another look. It was still hanging in the sky with experts still hiding in the broken s.p.a.ce. They were biding their time for the right moment to take it.

Li Qiye simply reached out for the bell. “Clank!” The bell ringed but it didn’t attack Li Qiye. It emitted a Buddhist light with an indescribable sense of harmonization.

He easily obtained the bell after the ring like the plucking of a fruit. This astounded the hiding experts and High G.o.ds nearby.

Everyone knew that the bell was quite powerful, not inferior to any imperial dao weapon. That’s the reason why so many coveted it.

Alas, all failed, including low-level High G.o.ds, hence the astonishment of the crowd.

“That’s the man who turned into a Buddha.” Anyone else taking the bell would instantly be surrounded by the experts here. However, after noticing that it was Li Qiye, they could only bemoan their own fortune. Some even waited for several thousand years here, only for this to happen.

This was because they saw the scene at Buddhist Plain earlier when Li Qiye killed G.o.ds like crus.h.i.+ng ants. Messing with him was simply suicidal.

Eventually, these experts dispersed since there was no more chance of taking this bell.

Li Qiye gently flicked the bell to remove the a.s.sociated karma and gave it to Jilin Princess. He said insipidly: “You have a fateful connection with Buddhism, so keep this with you. It will be beneficial.”

“What about the karma?” The princess blurted out. Even though Li Qiye had removed it, the karma wouldn’t disappear just like that and had entered his karmic fate.

“The karma I shoulder is beyond your imagination, this little bit can’t reach the apex.” Li Qiye said: “Plus, I can also leave the Buddhist embryo whenever.” 

There was no karma greater than the one in the Buddhist seed in the entire plain, same with the karma of this bell.

“Thank you, Young n.o.ble.” The princess regained her wits and accepted the bell. She bowed deeply towards him without refusing the gift.

“Hahaha, Virtuous Niece, I didn’t expect to see you here at Buddhist Plain.” At this time, a boisterous laughter came about.

A burly old man landed from above. His eyes were large like a spirit bull; beard long like a horse’s mane, but made from steel. This resulted in a mighty package. His gray hair indicated his old age but he was still as vigorous like a tiger. This was definitely a fierce cultivator.

“Uncle Lin.” The princess was surprised to see a senior at the plain: “You’re here as well?” 

“Ha, little la.s.s. I haven’t seen you in a couple of years but you’re so big now. I’ll go have a drink at your house later.” The old man laughed and said.

“Why are you here, uncle?” She asked.

“Sigh, don’t ask.” The old man looked at Li Qiye and smacked his lips: “For a few years now, I’ve been wanting this Buddhist bell because I do lack a suitable weapon. Unfortunately, I couldn’t take it at all. Looks like a waste of time now.”

The princess understood right away. So it turned out that the guy was hiding in the sky and waiting for the bell.

“Young n.o.ble, this is my Uncle Lin, a High G.o.d.” The princess introduced the two of them.

“Little la.s.s, don’t call me a G.o.d. A minor one like me can’t get into this Dao Brother’s sight.” The old man laughed and cupped his fist towards Li Qiye: “This little old man is s.h.i.+ Hunlin, born in Pure. To be able to meet you in the fortune acc.u.mulated from three lifetimes.”

The princess chortled after hearing the old man’s humble tone but she wasn’t surprised. s.h.i.+ Hunlin wasn’t much in the presence of an overlord like Li Qiye.

s.h.i.+ Hunlin was a friend of the Jilin Clan and was especially close to the princess’ father since they got along at first meeting just like old drinking buddies. He was very strong with a set of three totems.

He was an unreachable existence in the eyes of others. However, he was still humble as ever when talking to Li Qiye despite his old age and great power. He even referred to Li Qiye as Dao Brother while calling himself little old man. [1]

He had seen Li Qiye’s Buddhist transformation process with his own eyes. This was a being capable of meeting G.o.d, slaying G.o.d. He wasn’t much compared to the group of Tamedragon High G.o.d, who himself had eleven totems.

Their avatars got instantly annihilated. Thus, Hunlin didn’t dare to be disrespectful with his verbal formalities. 

Li Qiye only glanced at him and slightly nodded. 

Others might view this as a lack of courtesy but s.h.i.+ Hunlin didn’t think so. Someone who was capable of turning into a grand Buddha with a golden avatar was qualified to act so imperiously.

“Virtuous Niece, where are you two heading off to?” s.h.i.+ Hunlin smiled and said.

“Remote Wildland.” She answered.

His eyes lit up in response: “I just happen to have nothing to do anyway, mind if I tag along?”

Despite asking the princess, his eyes were still on Li Qiye because he knew that Li Qiye was the decider.

The princess also looked at Li Qiye, not daring to respond.

“That’s fine.” Li Qiye chuckled and continued forward.

s.h.i.+ Hunlin immediately got closer, acting like a young servant instead of a High G.o.d. He laughed and said: “Someone like me is not enough to be an appetizer to a ferocious place like Remote Wildland. To be able to follow Brother to this place to broaden my horizon is truly a blessing.” 

The comment was slightly exaggerated but the wildland was indeed quite perilous. Even High G.o.ds wouldn’t dare to go there recklessly. Once, a Grand Emperor with eleven wills had fallen in that place.

The group didn’t take long before returning to Eternal. The s.h.i.+p captain was standing there and waiting for Li Qiye.

“Go now.” After seeing his expression, Li Qiye gently waved his sleeve and the princess took her leave.

“Sir, this is the VIP guest list.” When they were finally alone, the captain bowed deeply before handing Li Qiye a list.

Li Qiye flipped the pages and smiled: “Looks like quite a few of these monstrosities are coming to go all out at Remote Wildland.”

“They’re taking a coffin with them but I don’t dare to guess what is inside.” The captain respectfully said.

“It’s useless, whatever they’re taking along.” Li Qiye freely said: “The things in the wildland can’t be obtained by the likes of them. If they keep on thinking that they’ll be able to get stuff from there just because of a little connection due to their origin, they’ll die so fast.”

The captain stood there without daring to ask more. Despite being quite mighty himself, this matter far exceeded him. It was at the level of emperors.

1. Not jarring in Chinese


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