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Li Qiye pulled back his hand to reveal the meat paste that is Lucidity King, fate unknown.

The crowd suffocated at this scary sight, feeling their chest heaving up and down in astonishment.

Not many would dare to claim superiority over Lucidity King. Even Venerable Deer Merchant wouldn’t do so. Previously, only Gu Yifei of the Li was considered a superior combatant.

Alas, this master was annihilated by a single slap from Li Qiye. 

“Your Majesty…” Lengying successfully struggled his way out of the pinning blade and rushed over.

“Buzz.” Bright particles surfaced as the broken king rebuilt his body.

He was pale now, grievously injured with depleted vitality.

“Go!” Lengying grabbed him and started fleeing towards the Mu.

The king no longer stood firm like before. The two of them have prepared for death before carrying out this plan.

In their opinion, this risky venture was worth it. Plus, they didn’t mind dying if it meant that their overarching plan could come to fruition. They have lived for three generations already and accomplished plenty of things. Their death should be just as glorious as their lives.

This was no longer the case as fear reared its ugly head because Li Qiye was insanely monstrous.

Lucidity King knew that he wasn’t a match for Li Qiye but he didn’t expect to lose in this swift manner, being turned into meat paste from a single slap.

From this, one could see that Li Qiye was furious. The two of them have crossed his line so he didn’t show mercy. Of course, he still didn’t go all out either or the king wouldn’t be alive right now.

Nevertheless, this was a great blow to these two. They wanted a glorious death, not one where they would be crushed like mere insects – that’s the thing they feared the most.

Just imagine, being invincible for a lifetime yet dying like insects one day? That’s true hopelessness and despair. Lucidity King wasn’t afraid of death, but he was afraid of dying like an insignificant n.o.body!

Li Qiye suddenly stopped attacking and postured with both hands behind his back while slowly following those two.

“Run as far as you can but I will ma.s.sacre anyone who dares to grant you asylum.” Li Qiye calmly said.

Everyone shuddered since this looked like a cat and mouse game now. What a pitiful situation for these two great masters to be in.

Even their enemies didn’t gloat at this moment. In fact, it was a feeling of sadness and sympathy since they would be just as helpless as these two. No, it might be worse for them since they were weaker. The realization of self-insignificance afflicted the crowd. Li Qiye’s slow pursuit only exacerbated this terrible feeling. 

The two of them actually made it to the Mu System since they were already very close by. They were met by a majestic aura and could sense the immensity of this dao land. It was akin to be on the ocean and feeling tiny in comparison.

“The Mu Clan…” Most couldn’t help but become amazed by this system and feel a sense of respect.

This system created by Progenitor Mu Yun was boundless and unfathomable. It used to be at the immortal level, very famous during its golden age.

From success came arrogance, they started thinking that they were invincible and looked down on Magnificence True Emperor. [1]

Magnificence True Emperor originated from Myriad Lineage but eventually managed to reach Immortal Lineage through sheer efforts. This feat was indicative of the emperor’s talents.

However, in Immortal Lineage, having a background like this among the emperors seemed a bit embarra.s.sing.

The Mu back then had several True Emperors of their own so they treated Magnificence True Emperor with contempt. 

In their eyes, the emperor was only a n.o.body, just another random emperor who couldn’t accomplish much alone.

This incited Magnificence’s rage. The emperor killed his way into the clan for a full ma.s.sacre. The emperors from the Mu were slaughtered as a result.

According to the legends, oceans of blood filled the land along with mountains of corpses. The entire clan was on the verge of extinction.

In just one night, this system fell down to Imperial Lineage, nearly turning to ashes.

After the long years, they managed to restore some semblance of life and once again rose to prominence. Nevertheless, they still couldn’t come back to Immortal Lineage.

The current system no longer had the sad scenes back then. The place was full of energy and visual phenomena – worthy of being one of the three behemoths. Most would definitely think of the word “behemoth” after stepping into this place.

The spectators watched with bated breath as the duo made their way into the Mu Clan.

“Will the Mu shelter them?” This question popped up.

In the past, the imperious king had numerous confrontations with the Mu. Would they protect an old enemy?

Plus, Fiercest was going to ma.s.sacre anyone who was brave enough to take these two in. A smart person knew that doing so was extremely unwise or even suicidal.

“Yes, the enemy of your enemy is your friend.” One ancestor speculated: “The Mu has no other choice. They need to take the initiative right now anyway because they’re next in line.”

1. The t.i.tle of this emperor is too hard to translate without more context because it has too many possible meanings. 重 chóng- to repeat; repet.i.tion; again; re-; cla.s.sifier: layer; heavy; serious; to attach importance to. 华 huá – magnificent; splendid; flowery. We might have to change it later with more context.


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