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“Boom!” s.p.a.ce crumbled before the all-out blows from three emperors.

Though they have expended the majority of their vitality on top of being grievously wounded, they were still emperors with incredible power not to be trifled with.

The world changed from their attack – the sky turned pale, the winds and clouds dissipated, the sun and moon lost their brilliance. All spectators trembled as a result.

Everyone knew that they would lose for sure. Nevertheless, these attacks from them were still enough to crush any student present.

“As you wish.” Li Qiye chuckled and raised his hand.

This slight movement of his made the area quake. It felt as if this dimension couldn’t withstand his power.

“Boom!” Grand dao hovered around his arm – his own supreme one. It made his arm look like a heavenly pillar with enough might to shoulder the entire world.

“Break!” Li Qiye roared and punched forward with a force resembling a rainbow traveling through the domains, capable to pierce anything.

The world turned dark since the punch reverted everything back to the origin including the grand dao. Only a fuzzy expanse was left behind.

The spectators viewed it as a supreme grand dao residing above, not just a punch breaking through s.p.a.ce. This dao was suppressive and prime to annihilate.

They felt a painful thunk on their chest as if they were the targets.

“Boom!” It crushed everything like dried branches. Defensive measures and other affinities failed to stop it.

“Crack!” The emperors’ weapons, treasures, and armors instantly disintegrated.

“Poof!” The three didn’t even have the chance to scream before being rendered into b.l.o.o.d.y mists by this absolute force.

A while later, the primordial chaos created by the frightening punch dissipated. The b.l.o.o.d.y mists also scattered to the gentle wind.

These breezes were rather refres.h.i.+ng, akin to the coming of autumn. The spectators that have regained their wits pulled down their collars.

Serenity returned to the area as if nothing had happened. The terrible realization of the emperors’ death slowly set in. People started having cold sweat; some sat b.u.t.t-first on the ground.

“That was enough energy to devour everything…” One student murmured. Having said that, he bowed his head towards the battlefield where the emperors were last seen.

The others felt the same way and started showing their respect. The emperors knew that they would die for sure but instead of begging for mercy, they chose to defend their dignity and pride with death.

It didn’t matter whether the emperors were good or bad. This final action of theirs showed that they were exceptional and had qualities not seen in others.

“Dying to my grand dao is not shameful at all.” Li Qiye smiled and pulled his hand back.

The crowd felt suffocated while looking at Li Qiye hovering in the sky. Killing three emperors didn’t move him in the slightest, no different from killing three random people.

“Do you think only progenitors can take him on?” One spectator said.

“Maybe only Orchid Sage and Luminous Master can right now.” Another student stared at Li Qiye in a daze, completely intimidated.

“Not maybe, it’s definitely the truth.” One more took a deep breath and said.

Meanwhile, Li Qiye landed in the valley of the crystal crab.

Everyone else started leaving while having different emotions rampaging in their mind. Too many shocking things happened in such a short time, especially the death of three emperors.

The name, Li Qiye, would definitely frighten people now.

“Something big will happen soon.” One paled student commented.

“Orchid Sage might seek to avenge his fallen disciple, that battle will be apocalyptic.” His friend speculated.

“Nothing will be the same afterward.” The group shuddered after hearing this.


Zhou Qius.h.i.+ and his peers felt extreme reverence after meeting Li Qiye again.

Just think about it, Goldtypha and the others were invincible and unreachable in their eyes. Now, Li Qiye alone easily killed them all.

They shuddered after thinking about how they previously viewed him as a friend or even a little brother a while back.

They didn’t know what to do and could only lament their lack of insight for treating this supreme existence as an equal. Some even tried to look after him. Thus, the sudden change left them awkward.

Fortunately, Li Qiye didn’t mind it at all. Another imperious being would have killed them all long ago.

Their eyes had nothing but respect now while staring at Li Qiye, no longer daring to view him as another student like before.

The black bull was calm, unlike the students. Killing three emperors wasn’t a big deal at all for someone of Li Qiye’s level.

“Sir, you are truly unbeatable.” The crystal crab praised, emotional after witnessing Li Qiye’s power.

The awkward students were saved because the missing Du Wenrui returned just in time.

“We need to leave right now, the ancient courtyard is closing.” He told them.

“Sigh, peace again, I will have to slumber once more.” The crab complained. Nevertheless, it had no intention of leaving this place. It was safe and cozy here with no bothersome intruders.

“The play is over, it’s a shame that no progenitors joined the fun.” The black bull gloated on others’ misery and wanted to see even more chaos.

“You guys go back, it’s time to go our separate ways.” Li Qiye smiled.

“You’re leaving, Student Li?” Du Wenrui asked. This was within his expectations.

He knew that Li Qiye was only a pa.s.serby at Repentance Inst.i.tution and would eventually move on.

“There’s nothing else to do here at Academy of Light.” Li Qiye said.

“Haha, I know other fun areas here with a lot of treasures.” The bull hurriedly said.


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