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“No, he’s right to run away so fast or going broke is inevitable.” Li Qiye smiled and shook his head.

“Sir, you are unfairly accusing me.” The bull protested: “My sleeves flow freely in the breeze, as righteous as can be, always on the side of justice…” [1]

Li Qiye only smiled at this spiel from the bull.

Holyfrost True Emperor walked closer. Not only was she beautiful and holy, but the air around her could also immediately infect others with positivity.

Many cultivators that have yet to leave immediately cupped their fist to greet her.

“Young n.o.ble Li.” Holyfrost bowed her head towards Li Qiye and then greeted the bull: “Senior, we meet again.”

The bull only shrugged in response but didn’t bother teasing her despite its dislike of the academy.

“When we met in the frontier back then, I was blind and couldn’t see your brilliance, resulting in the comedic conversation.” She revealed an enchanting and infectious smile, looking transcending and out of this world.

She introduced him to Repentance Academy back then, not knowing his actual abilities.

“Repentance Inst.i.tution is good, staying there improved my knowledge.” Li Qiye didn’t mind at all.

She bowed again and said: “Academy of Light took pride in being part of your journey. I hope you will come back one day.”

He nodded and she started to leave.

“Academy of Light has a good successor.” The bull commented: “The legacy of Desolate Saint continues.”

“Life is so unpredictable.” The bull laughed: “I guess the world only views him as a supreme saint with a light of salvation, not knowing any of the other c.r.a.p.”

Li Qiye didn’t respond. Regular people normally only got to see the outer layer, none of the hidden mysteries and intricacies buried in the river of time.

With the end of the auction, Li Qiye needed to finish the formalities with Arrogance Enterprise.

Inside a VIP room, the auctioneer brought out his treasures – the robe of Xuan Xiao’s fairy, Stone Orchid Scripture, and the ancestral sword.

“Young n.o.ble, please check the items.” Her gentle eyes had the waves of limpid autumn waters.

The girl from the Stonecarver Race was brought to him too. She kept her head down, not saying a word.

“Young n.o.ble, this is the miss’ official doc.u.ment.” The auctioneer handed Li Qiye a treasure box.

This box contained her official seal. With this seal, one could have full control over her without doing anything else.

Li Qiye only smiled. Finally, the last treasure was displayed before him – the immortal coffin.

He gently touched it and nodded: “Very good indeed.”

Having said that, he prepared the right amount of stones to pay for the auctions.

With the payment done, seven old men came in the door; all covered in a black outfit from top to bottom.

They came in silently like specters and alarmed Bai Jinning. She became frozen due to their impressive power despite their converged aura.

She felt as if there was an invisible hand gripping her throat, stopping her from moving in the slightest along with taking her breath away.

These seven were clearly unbelievably strong and could easily crush her. In fact, they would destroy Eternals without any problem.

One was in the center with the other six standing around him. This wasn’t a formation to protect the man in the center but rather the treasure box in his hands. It seemed to have taken roots there. Nothing could ever take it away from him.

The auctioneer bowed towards these seven. They clearly had high positions in Arrogance Enterprise.

However, both Li Qiye and the bull only cared about the treasure box.

Everyone could tell that the item inside was extremely precious after seeing the old men’s serious expression.

They didn’t say a single word, only showing great respect towards Li Qiye by bowing.

“The rumor is true, this is the foundation of your enterprise.” The bull’s eyes lit up.

The auctioneer had a solemn expression, no longer as lively and talkative as before.

“Taking this box away is the same as ending your enterprise.” It added, looking very evil as it rubbed its nose with its hoof. It was unaffected by the suppressive atmosphere emanating from the old men, unlike the frozen Bai Jinning.

The seven didn’t bother responding.

“Creak!” The one in the center opened the box.

“Buzz.” Immortal rays oozed out, seemingly originating from a world of immortals.

Little particles fell on the ground, painting a galaxy beneath. Jinning was in awe at this beautiful sight.

The content of the box remained unknown but it could actually contain a world there or a portal to the upper realm.

This scene alone would make people palpitate with excitement. One could only imagine the heaven-defying thing inside.

These rays were quite weak right now but Bai Jinning could still feel an ancient and primordial presence from the beginning of time. It was older than anything else in existence right now.

“Young n.o.ble, please guide us.” The auctioneer bowed deeply with great reverence. The seven old men followed suit.

“It’s nothing like that. This is just a transaction and I will carry out my part.” Li Qiye smiled and walked towards the box.

This was the price he paid for the immortal coffin. Everyone wanted to know earlier since it managed to defeat the promise of Luminous Master.

Arrogance Enterprise didn’t reveal the bid, not only because of Li Qiye’s request but they also didn’t want others to know too much.

“Jiao Heng is indeed brilliant. Being a merchant is a bit of a waste of his talents but I suppose, only someone like him can create this longlasting enterprise. No other geniuses can really compare.” Li Qiye stared at the box and said.

Jiao Heng was naturally the progenitor of Arrogance Enterprise, known to be an unscrupulous businessman. However, his enterprise ended up having a golden reputation – a very strange matter.

Li Qiye performed his dao and imprinted a seal on the box.

“Buzz.” His runes hovered around it just like fog.

For some reason, Jinning suddenly felt as if Li Qiye had just left a seal on the entire world. She herself seemed to be in it but this mystical act was beyond her comprehension.

He eventually pulled back and smiled while looking at his work.

“Everything is easy in a prosperous era but when the calamity comes, who knows about those lucky enough to escape? I can only give you all a direction, the rest is up to yourselves.” Li Qiye said.

1. People carried money in their sleeves back then, so saying that its sleeves are empty/not heavy mean that it is not corrupted


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