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Within the trio, Semi-sword G.o.d must kill Three-eyed Prodigy at all costs. The other two didn’t like the prodigy either, evident by their expression.

Though they have yet to attack, they slowly surrounded him in a triangular formation.

“It’s not looking good for the prodigy.” The spectators could tell that he might not leave this place alive.

The sword G.o.d’s animosity was understandable. He naturally didn’t want to see the prodigy steal his junior brother’s woman. Killing him here would end thi8s.

As for the other two, they have just been tricked and lost to the prodigy. There was no friends.h.i.+p to speak of here.

“All of you want to come together?” The prodigy’s eyes narrowed as he laughed. Nevertheless, he showed no sign of fear, still looking as haughty as ever.

“Not to that extent.” Shen Guzhan smiled: “I have no ill-will towards you but you must hand over the lingzhi and I will leave right away.”

“Haha, and if I don’t?” The prodigy sneered.

“Then you will have to excuse me since I need the lingzhi.” Guzhan’s eyes turned cold and murderous.

“Only Border of G.o.d will make a robbing attempt sounds so righteous.” The prodigy responded.

“The laws of the dao dictate that the weak are prey to the strong.” Shen Guzhan’s expression remained natural.

No one would disagree with this statement since it was indeed the truth. However, many chose to not make this grim reality explicit.

“I’m afraid it won’t be easy to keep me here. I will pay back this debt in the future.” The prodigy uttered coldly.

“You’re right, I know that your golden eye is amazing so I had prepared something for you.” Shen Guzhan laughed.

He raised his hand and a border of light emerged. An invisible wall seemed to be blocking out the area.

All directions have been surrounded by ma.s.sive walls. Climbing up was impossible; the same with attempting to walk around them.

“Sky-sealing Border, a supreme technique of Fardao.” An ancestor was shaken to see this sealing technique.

The crowd naturally became emotional. Fardao was an intimidating t.i.tle so Shen Guzhan must be quite impressive to have learned a move from this great figure.

“I don’t think even your great eye can break my border in a short time. There’s no escaping for you.” Guzhan slowly said.

“Not bad at all.” The prodigy’s golden eye flashed as he scouted the great walls.

Guzhan was right. He had no chance of breaking this technique in a short time.

“So how about it? Hand the lingzhi over and we’ll have nothing to do with each other.” Guzhan smiled.

Everyone watched with bated breath, aware that the prodigy wouldn’t be able to win in a serious fight. Death would be inevitable.

However, with his power and treasure, they might not be able to stop him from running. Alas, this all changed due to the emergence of the invisible walls, making it far more difficult for him to run.

If he wanted to survive, the best course of action would be to acquiesce and hand the lingzhi over to Shen Guzhan.

Thus, Guzhan looked quite pleased with himself. The choice seemed obvious. The lingzhi was as good as theirs now.

Semi-sword G.o.d stood there and didn’t stop the transaction since he didn’t want to antagonize Shen Guzhan. That would deter him from his actual goal.

“Haha, looks like I have no other choice?” The prodigy snorted.

“A smart man knows when to be flexible.” Guzhan said: “It’s not humiliating at all because you have won earlier by trapping us in the lava spring. You win some and lose some, no need to mind it, Dao Brother.”

Guzhan wasn’t in a rush since he was so certain of success by this point.

“Three against one, not quite fair.” Spiritheart Emperor said flatly before spreading her golden wings and moving next to the prodigy.

The prime minister and the sword G.o.d’s expression darkened but there was nothing they could do.

The prodigy looked so happy because she chose to be on his side. His battle spirit rose again, ready to face any enemy!

“Come, come together! I, Three-eyed Prodigy, will take on anyone!” He laughed and heroically declared.

The other side exchanged glances real fast since a battle might start at any moment.

“Fellow Daoist Spiritheart, let these men deal with their stupid issues.” Flying Sword Marvel smiled at Spiritheart and said.

She blocked in front of the emperor, clearly asking for a fight while letting the rest take on the prodigy.

“If it’s a fight you want, that’s what you’ll get.” Spiritheart said sonorously.

“Let’s play then.” Flying Sword Marvel put on a prideful expression.

“Go.” Semi-sword G.o.d released his murderous intent.

The atmosphere became awfully tense. However, the battle seemed one-sided. The prodigy had no chance of winning despite having the emperor as an ally.

“Little brat, you can die for all I care but you’re dragging the little miss down with you too.” The bull suddenly joined in.

The prodigy’s expression became serious. He was satisfied to have her by his side but the bull was right. This might spell trouble for her so he started to hesitate…

“Fool.” The bull laughed: “Do you not see Sir right there? Bow before him and everything will be fine.”

The prodigy looked over at Li Qiye. A proud supreme genius like him would never bow towards someone else, but for the emperor’s sake…

“Come over here. I am taking charge of the matter today. You’re under my protection now.” Li Qiye saw the prodigy’s eyes so he smiled and said.

“Haha, did you hear that? Sir has spoken. You little lovebirds can stop worrying now. There will be nothing but success. If anyone dares to try and break you up, Sir will annihilate them with a single finger.” The bull seemed to be in a good mood.

The other group didn’t like this development.

“Fellow Daoist, this is our personal business and has nothing to do wi-” Semi-Sword G.o.d uttered coldly.

“I have made my decision. Be smart and run and I’ll pretend as if nothing had happened, or I’ll walk over your corpses.” Li Qiye retorted. One could hear the stench of blood despite his casual tone.

“That’s Fiercest for you, so d.a.m.n domineering.” One spectator couldn’t help but give a thumbs-up.

“This is nothing compared to his previous deeds. Plus, he has Five Element G.o.ddess as his backer, Metalkin Divine Court needs to tread carefully.” An ancestor read the situation quite well.

Semi-sword G.o.d and the others found themselves in a difficult situation.


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