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The news regarding the battle between the three Hu spread across Divine Black. Numerous discussions sprung up.

“I knew that this would happen, it was inevitable.” A relatively older disciple didn’t find this surprising, only that it was happening a little too fast.

The feud between them was known by virtually everyone. Li Qiye stomped on Zhan Hu’s face in front of the grave. This was as humiliating as can be.

Few could handle something like this, let alone the First Brother of Jade Bird and the son of Iron Whip Demon King. He lost all face and couldn’t handle being around others.

Many thought that Zhan Hu seeking vengeance was understandable. Everyone else would certainly do the same. It wasn’t something one could forget in their lifetime.

The only exception would be if they were too weak to seek revenge. Thus, Zhan Hu’s murderous intent was not surprising in the slightest.

Huang Ning’s feud was just as big. He lost all face after losing to Li Qiye during the trial at the steps.

In reality, they also knew that he hated Li Qiye because of Gong Qianyue.

He was the heaven’s favorite in Thousand Demons. Everyone knew that he liked Qianyue as well. He tried so hard to win her hand but eventually failed.

However, Li Qiye came later yet she followed all of his orders. Losing this romantic battle resulted in deep hatred. Any petty soul would try to push their love rival towards death.

As long as Li Qiye was around Divine Black, a fight like this would be inevitable.

“Let the one with the bigger fist be the final winner.” A powerful disciple said.

This was the most direct method to solve grievances for cultivators – a fight to the death.

“What will Li Qiye do to deal with those two?” A young disciple found this very interesting.

Long ago, they would make fun of Li Qiye for even trying to fight given the cultivation disparity. They would say that he was tired of living and didn’t know his own limits.

This was no longer the case. Li Qiye was known for doing the impossible. Perhaps he would concoct something magical and easily defeat those two.

“He has too many things up his sleeves. Maybe he’ll summon all the weapons at the grave. The two seniors are at a disadvantage.” The demon disciples were worried.

“Right, Li Qiye got the sword seal. I heard Senior Uncle say that this seal can control all the powerful weapons in our sect. Senior Sister Qianyue received its help and managed to kill the Shu Brothers with a dao lord weapon.” A disciple who saw the fight was left with a deep impression.

“So how can the two senior brothers win against Li Qiye if he pulls out a dao lord weapon?” Another said.

“No, all of you didn’t hear it?” The one spreading the rumor elaborated: “Li Qiye won’t be using any method or weapon, only Tortoise Fist while the two senior brothers can employ everything. This is the agreement.”

“What?!” Jaws dropped to the ground. Demons and humans alike couldn’t believe it.

“Is this true? It sounds so unrealistic.” One skeptic said.

“A hundred percent true, I asked Protector Huang about it first before coming here.” The guy said.

A brief silence came over the group.

“I don’t get it.” A powerful one said.

“Can Tortoise Fist really win? Those two senior brothers have a lot of treasures.” Someone who was bullish on Li Qiye lost some confidence.

Tortoise Fist had limited power, the same with Li Qiye’s cultivation. He wouldn’t be able to exert that much force out of it.

“So how did this insane rule come about?” Someone thought that Zhan Hu and Huang Ning forced this on Li Qiye.

“I heard Li Qiye himself suggested this.” A peer with a good information network said.

They exchanged glances of confusion. None here was stupid enough to agree to such a suicidal deal.

“What is Li Qiye trying to do? There’s no way he thinks he can win with just Tortoise Fist and his current power, right?” No one understood.

“Not necessarily, he’s the son of miracles, there’s no impossible for him.”

“Don’t forget, climbing the heaven steps should have been impossible too.” One human calmed down and became confident.

Many disciples were fans of Li Qiye currently, especially the humans.

Those who saw him help Qianyue during that fight became blinded with admiration for him. Even their number one genius needed his help. There was nothing he couldn’t do.

The listeners were reminded of this. Sure, many things were considered impossible in the past – going up the three hundred steps, summoning the weapons in the grave, reaching the ancestral peak. Li Qiye had accomplished every single one.

“Another miracle? Using Tortoise Fist to sweep through everyone.” One disciple became antic.i.p.ated.

“Hmph, I highly doubt that.” A demon supporting Zhan Hu and Huang Ning snorted.

These demons naturally wanted to see his defeat. “Just wait, this Li guy will definitely taste bitterness and won’t be haughty for much longer.”


“The fight tomorrow will be something.” Even the seniors were looking forward to it.

Normally, a fight between two third-generation disciples wasn’t that interesting. This was the case if Huang Ning and Zhan Hu were involved too.

Now, Li Qiye was about to use Tortoise Fist. Even Ping Suoweng and the others wanted to watch.

They were curious to see whether Li Qiye could change something ordinary into magic, beating the two using just Tortoise Fist.

All in all, this fight became the biggest event in the sect overnight.

Some waited for Li Qiye’s performance. Other demons wanted to see their senior brothers kill Li Qiye since they found him annoying.

The bodhi king summoned Huang Ning and gave him a treasure: “Use your own power to take care of your feud like a man. You are my disciple so I will give you the most suitable treasure and hope for your triumphant return. This is up to you now.”

Huang Ning stood there in a daze. His master didn’t side with him back in the chamber so he felt a little disappointed.

Who would have thought that his master would give him such a powerful weapon now?

“Thank you, Master.” Huang Ning bowed deeply.

“Go now.” The bodhi king waved his sleeve and closed his eyes.


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