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To be exact, the pile consisted of dao lord weapons and treasures of Heavenly Sovereigns. This far exceeded the resources of most countries and sects.

Jaws dropped to the ground as a result. The crowd became completely frozen.

The geniuses, ladies, and golem experts felt as if they have been slapped on the face without being able to bark back.

Most have never seen so many treasures in one place before. Their eyes were as wide open as can be.

Bai Jianchan’s fans looked down on Li Qiye for being utterly inferior to Jianchan. Now, the guy simply raised his hand and Jianchan’s dragon scale looked silly in comparison.

The taunters earlier felt the weight of the pile pressing down on them, akin to their honor and pride being trampled upon. The girls turned red, speechless.

“What the h.e.l.l just happened?” Ancestors from the big sects took a deep breath.

“This is unprecedented… even Celestial Stone Dao Lord didn’t do something like this.” A high elder murmured: “No, this is ten thousand times more devilish.”

This completely overshadowed the dao lord’s achievement back then, let alone one item like Jianchan.

“This Li Qiye, devilish back in Fire Domain, devilish here too.” A wise cultivator from the last generation said: “Trying to fathom his depth is impossible.”

The ancestors from Ancestral calmed down and started thinking. None of them could do something like this. Celestial Stone Dao Lord returning here after his attainment wouldn’t be able to do so either.

After all, the hall was built during the era of Golem Ancestor. Stone Monarch Dao Lord and others blessed this area. Its power was beyond imagination. What Li Qiye had done couldn’t be replicated by a dao lord.

“See?” Li Qiye stared at Bai Jianchan who had an unnatural expression.

This was as illogical as can be. Bai Jianchan didn’t know what to say. He even questioned if this was reality.

Meanwhile, the unfriendly crowd didn’t dare to let out a fart, let alone words of derision.

“Well, he was right. Just one dragon scale is nothing.” One member said with a hushed tone.

Normally, a whisper like this couldn’t be heard in an area with Bai Jianchan around. Why? Because his fans would be screaming in excitement.

However, because of the current circ.u.mstances, everyone heard it clearly. His fans found this unbearable.

No one retorted because this was obvious. They took pride in him obtaining the dragon scale earlier, especially the female fans.

Now, the pile far exceeded the value of the dragon scale. This was putting it mildly.

Bai Jianchan himself knew how pitiful his harvest was when compared to Li Qiye’s. Thus, he put away the dragon scale to avoid further humiliation.

Of course, some in the audience also celebrated because they were jealous of Bai Jianchan’s luck with the ladies. They kept it to themselves since he was too strong.

Thus, Li Qiye’s ruthless takedown allowed them to gloat while looking at Jianchan’s awkward expression.

“If you don’t scram within three days, I’ll hang your head on the city gate.” Li Qiye said then left, not bothering to look at the pile of treasures.

His declaration struck everyone like sudden thunder. They quickly exchanged glances after calming down.

A long time ago, some still challenged Bai Jianchan since he didn’t have the current fame and reputation.

Today, not to mention the young generation, even the older cultivators didn’t dare to do so. The guy was sitting firmly on a throne. To challenge him was asking for humiliation. Moreover, he had a behemoth in Yin Yang Gate backing him up as well.

Thus, Li Qiye’s strong declaration felt so strange. He spoke with such triviality as well.

No one would dare to say something like this. Some ancestors who were stronger than Bai Jianchan wouldn’t do so because that would be declaring war against Yin Yang Gate.

Bai Jianchan was groomed to be the next dao lord of Yin Yang. If someone were to kill him, Yin Yang would do everything in their power to seek vengeance. This might result in a total ma.s.sacre.

Li Qiye didn’t seem to mind the consequences before speaking before everyone.

Most shockingly, he left the pile of treasures behind him without looking back. They definitely could drive anyone crazy with greed yet he thought nothing of them. No one here would be able to do this.

“I, Bai Jianchan, has never been intimidated by anyone.” Jianchan regained his wits as Li Qiye was walking down the steps: “I’ll never back down. We’ll see who’s the better in three days. If I lose, I’ll leave. If you lose, do the same.”

He spoke with enough confidence to show the crowd his courage. The girls couldn’t help cheering. Their hero was still as cool as ever.

“Your head is mine in three days.” Li Qiye answered without looking back, leaving behind Bai Jianchan with an ugly expression.


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