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Chapter 3595: Suicidal

After leaving the valley, he was met with gazes filled with hatred and anger.

Their seniors and friends have all died in the valley. Though he didn’t personally carry out the deed, they certainly died because of him.

No one said a thing but many powers began walking towards Li Qiye. He stood there with a smile and didn’t bother escaping.

“What do you want?” He was neither fl.u.s.tered nor anxious.

“The brat is as devilish as can be.” One teacher commented while watching.

“More people are courting death.” Teacher Du wasn’t worried about Li Qiye at all.

“The punishment for murder is death!” Zhui Xueyun furiously roared. He was designated as a supporter by his seniors.

Now, thousands in his sect were dead in the valley including his master. His hatred for Li Qiye was bone-deep so he led the remaining members to surround Li Qiye.

“It has nothing to do with me.” Li Qiye waved his hand and nonchalantly responded: “I told all of them that the egg was dangerous yet they insisted.”

“Haha, I agree completely. They died because they were blinded by greed, it’s not Young n.o.ble Li’s fault.” Teacher Du in the distance laughed and clapped his hands.

This was a logical answer yet the crowd didn’t care for it. The only thing on their mind was vengeance.

“You didn’t personally kill them but you watched them die without doing anything, that warrants death as well. You led them there and must be held responsible for their death!” One expert said.

“Oh? How?” Li Qiye smiled.

“We’ll flay your skin and drink your blood!” One ancestor from a clan roared: “Your head will be an offering for my dead clan members!”

“Wow, amazing idea but a little hard to carry out. Be smart and get out of Myriad Beast Mountains with your tail tucked between your legs or I’ll send you down there to see your clan members.” Li Qiye replied.

“b.a.s.t.a.r.d, I’ll kill you!” Zhui Xueyun roared.

“Clank!” He unsheathed his blade in a flashy manner and slashed forward.

Unfortunately, the sword didn’t make contact because a hairy hand appeared out of nowhere and gripped his arm.

This ma.s.sive figure stood behind Li Qiye. Its shadow engulfed Zhui Xueyun.

The frightened youth looked up and saw a gigantic chaos primal beast. Its hand had a firm grasp on him.

“Whoos.h.!.+” It immediately tore his arm off. Blood gushed everywhere.

“Ahh!” He naturally bellowed in pain. Bean-size sweat dripped down his forehead.

Loud bangs occurred in the next second as numerous top beasts descended – lion kings, eagles, gigantic serpents…

Behind them were tens of thousands more of their kind. They completely surrounded the hostile cultivators.

The latter turned pale; they thought that these beasts were far away now. How did they return so fast?

“Raaa!” One beast howled wildly and the rest of them did the same. Their howls had the intensity of a tsunami, causing everyone’s knees to buckle.

“Run!” Someone shouted and forgot all about getting revenge.

He leaped backward in order to get away. The next thing he saw was a ma.s.sive palm from a beast, reducing him to a meat paste.

Another rushed out with lightning speed, darting back and forth through the beasts. Alas, another beast just happened to be faster than lighting. Its claw pierced through his chest.

“We have to kill and break out!” One ancestor roared and rallied the cultivators nearby.

“Boom!” He took out a blood hammer and aimed for the closest beast.

“Kill them!” Other cultivators took out their best treasure and utilized their strongest merit laws in order to break the blockade.

“Raaa!” The wild beasts returned the gesture and launched their a.s.sault.

Screams and blood filled the area in no time at all. Though there were many cultivators waiting outside, they were too weak compared to the chaos primal beasts.

It became a one-sided ma.s.sacre. Body parts and blood rained down. A thick stench of blood took over.

Some were torn apart or stomped down to a pulp; others became meals for the beasts.

“Get him!” One high elder realized something and wanted to capture Li Qiye. This guy was the one controlling the beasts so by capturing him, he would be able to escape.

This was a good idea but he didn’t get far enough to even touch Li Qiye’s sleeve before being smashed to the ground, pulverized. He was an influential character at the sacred level yet he couldn’t block that attack.

“World draconic king…” Someone saw the majestic creature standing behind Li Qiye. It easily killed the high elder just now.

“No…” Despair overwhelmed them.

Just the high-level heaven beasts alone made the situation hopeless. Now, a king was here to push them off the cliff.

“That’s the end, no one will be able to escape.” One teacher shook his head and said.

“The brat is really the king of Myriad Beast Mountains.” His peer became emotional and added: “He doesn’t need a throne since he’s a crownless king. No wonder why he wasn’t afraid from start to finish. Others were nothing more than ants crawling in his domain.”

“Yes, with that creature on his side, provoking him is asking for it.” Teacher Du replied.

The students in the back had overflowing cold sweat because they looked down on Li Qiye earlier. They especially disliked his att.i.tude.

Some even thought about secretly teaching Li Qiye a lesson later on. Now, they celebrated the fact that they didn’t get the chance to do so yet. Otherwise, the scene ahead might be the result, being torn apart by the chaos primal beasts.

The teachers were right. Not a single cultivator managed to escape. The world draconic king swept through like a storm and ma.s.sacred the rest.

A while ago, some powerful ancestors managed to struggle for a bit. This completely changed once this creature got involved.

Blood gathered together to form red creeks to the horror of the spectators.

“Ugh…” Some female students couldn’t help but vomit.


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