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Chapter 3710: The Capital’s Defense

The eight paG.o.das and the two temples harmonized into one group to the astonishment of the crowd.

“Those are the scouting paG.o.das, right?” One cultivator from the capital asked.

In his impression, the eight paG.o.das have always been here with no obvious uses. Some said that they were meant for military purposes or just general observance. All in all, no one had a good idea of their exact reason for existence.

“Amitabha, it’s starting.” Untethered Monk saw this and placed his palms together.

“Boom!” The two temples exuded endless light like two springs. The light gushed up for thousands of meters. Dao runes rushed out along with the lights as if they came from the source of the dao.

Warning gongs could also be heard from the eight paG.o.das. The noises echoed throughout the city.

“Rumble!” The entire place trembled as if a great bull was turning its body. The atmosphere s.h.i.+fted as the city entered a battle-ready state.

“Clank! Clank! Clank!” Three sonorous and long bells could be heard across Buddha Holy Ground.

They came from three distinct locations – above the floating city, another from an army camp outside of the capital, and one more from Archaic Sun.

Despite the different sources, they were heard at the same time by everyone.

“Martial Hall, War Camp, and Ancestral Temple. Will Vajra’s three trump cards join in?” The older experts aware of these locations became alarmed.

“It’s just a state of alert right now but it’s quite problematic still.” An ex-official of Vajra’s expression changed.

“Vajra is dragged into this mess too.” Other big shots felt the same way.

Vajra was in charge of the holy ground for a reason. Though its current power was inferior compared to its golden days, it was still enough to make ancient clans like the Li and the Zhang to serve as subjects.

Being recognized by Sacred Mountain and the other divisions was one thing, its power was extremely important along with these trump cards.

The three trump cards have kept the dynasty going all this time. Normally, they would never use it outside of an existential crisis.

“Boom!” The lights from the paG.o.das shot into the two temples, eventually forming a barrier covering the entire capital.

“The rumor is true, this is another line of defense for Buddha Emperor Division.” People looked up at the wondrous barrier.

“So the two mansions had access to this defensive line.” One youth said with admiration.

The mansions were owned by Vajra then given to the commander and chancellor as their residence. Rumor has it that these two mansions served a defensive purpose but most didn’t believe it until today.

“What if they still can’t kill Li Qiye after activating all of these things?” An ancestor took a deep breath.

“It’s time to test their real power.” One civic official replied.

“For generations now, the clans have been adding their members to Martial Hall and War Camp. Is it enough?” The ancestor added.

The commander and chancellor have thrown caution to the wind. They actually activated Vajra’s defensive measures in order to kill Li Qiye.

Keep in mind that these things were solely meant for time of war or when Buddha Emperor Division was in grave danger. It also required the permission of the king.

Today, they did so on their own accord, at least with the defensive line in the mansion. By doing so, the other three trump cards would be alarmed as well, thinking that something was wrong.

The two were confident in mobilizing Martial Hall and War Camp. Ancestral Temple was a different story. Their clans have added men to the former two for generations now and had considerable influence there.

They understood that this was a reckless choice since they have pulled Vajra into this mess. Nonetheless, in the case of success, it would further consolidate their reign over the military branch of Vajra, perhaps able to take it one step higher.

On the contrary, losing meant that their clans would face an unprecedented crisis. Vajra and the royal clan might start oppressing them.

“Boom!” While the crowd was still thinking about the implications, the power gathered at the two temples was immense. It instantly sent Li Qiye outside of the defensive line despite his armor.

“So strong!” The spectators couldn’t believe it.

They all saw the power of his armor a while ago. It easily dominated his foes and flattened the two mansions. Now, this defensive line was able to retaliate.

Of course, Li Qiye was still perfectly fine outside of the barrier.

The dao runes from the two temples continued to twist and combine, eventually culminating in the shape of a vajra.

The item emitted the flames of a dao lord, capable of subduing G.o.ds and devils within the nine firmaments. The aura of this dao lord suppressed everyone. The weak got on their knees, unable to get up.

“The weapon of Vajra Dao Lord?” People were scared out of their minds.

According to the legend, Vajra Dao Lord was an expert in military and weapon crafting. His vajra was placed among the top ten dao lord weapons by some.

“The dao lord really left his vajra here? It’s an unbeatable weapon…” An expert murmured.

Remember, the dynasty considered this dao lord as an ancestor and even changed their name from Archaic Sun to Vajra.

Most thought that the dynasty was overreaching in trying to establish a relations.h.i.+p. The dao lord himself didn’t like the dynasty but if this was the case, why did he leave his weapon to Vajra?


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